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Creating Monster Musume species in D&D 5e

Originally Posted by TheReptileKing View Post
Nice, think you can continue this using the monster girl encyclopedia?
Unfortunately, they haven't worked on this for nearly two years and haven't been active on the site for nearly a month after archiving all of their games. Plus the MGE would be a massive undertaking what with over 100 entries in it.

I've considered taking over this little project, but have little interest in 5e. I've considered doing 3.5/PF versions, but never really dug into it.

Not to impose, but if I may offer a suggestion regarding the balance issues of high level monster races at low player level. In D&D, Dragons abilities vary depending on their age. ie, a young dragon is much weaker than an ancient dragon. Perhaps add in racial leveling for certain abilities. ie, at level one, you have these racial bonuses. At level five, gain these.

It could quickly become very powerful if you dont nix it with debuffs, but afaik thats the point of these races.

Anyways, love what you have so far! Cant wait to see what this leads to!

You could also make some of the abilities variable. Gain 1 per X levels, or X number of times per day based on level.

This is relevant to my interests...


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