The Forgotten Skins - Monsterhearts 2nd Edition

The Forgotten Skins
A collection of 15 skins for Monsterhearts 2nd Edition

What is this?
Very proud to announce my project The Forgotten Skins are now complete. Completely free, the Forgotten Skins are a collection of reupdates and rebalances of fan favorite third parties skin that unfortunately never got reupdated when Monsterhearts 2nd Edition released. Add a splash of variety into your next Monsterhearts game with 15 new skins including the Skins for the Skinless originally designed by Topher Gerkey, and others including The Reaper, The Succubus, The Faithful and The Believer.

What did you do?
Every skin has come rebalanced and redesigned over the course of countless hours of playtesting in order to fix the problems that original skins pose while still keeping to their original designs. Some skins have only been slightly altered, while some skins have entirely new moves and new mechanics to them.

How much is it?
Completely free, all the work of converting and the layout design were done by yours truly. If you wish to support or donate, you can do so at but you are never required to. This project was something I did mainly for fun and to practice my own craft on.

Why didn't you update "INSERT SKIN HERE"?
Other than the Skins for the Skinless, I tried to pick skins that I myself had an attachment to and that weren't already updated. Skins like The Oni, The Kitsune, The Prometheus have all been updated and either available to buy or download freely. Same thing goes for the Second Skins designed by Jackson Tegu.

I hope you enjoy this personal little project and that you get alot of use from it! Special thanks to Avery Alder and the folks over at Buried Without Ceremony for making Monsterhearts and creating such a unique style of play, Jackson Tegu whose reupdate ultimately served as the starting point, and Topher Gerkey whose original collection Skins for the Skinless were my main inspiration and focus.

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