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Who wants to see nerdy knitting??

Who wants to see nerdy knitting??

So, I specialise in completely unmarketable talents and I've been encouraged to put some stuff up in here

This is my pride and joy! It took me months. 17 of the squares were designed by the ladies at GAL. You can find them and their patterns here, the rest are of my own design.

I'll try to post the individual squares too, if I can, as they can be a bit hard to see on the photo.

Wow, very nice designs, I always like looking at things people hand crafted something about how much they put themselves into something.

Thanks everyone! It's such a thrill to have so many things that I love on one blanket

There has GOT to be a place like Etsy where you can sell stuff like that. Heck, just start out making HOT PADS and I think you'd have a business model!

That is so incredibly awesome!

Well done!
Well done, indeed!

I've tried knitting!! It's SO not easy!! You have got awesome talent and this blanket is such an amazing design. Van't ait to see more!


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