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Tasty Creations! A repository for all my Tasty Things!

Tasty Creations! A repository for all my Tasty Things!

Torunn Hammerchant
6th Level CG Dwarven Bard - Archaeologist

"I've been called all manner o' things. Some of 'em none too flatterin' either! Call me what ye want. Archaeologist, adventurer, treasure hunter. I am Torunn Hammerchant, and I be ever at yer service."

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Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Uktena

Concept: A spirit in wolves' clothing

"All the spirits are our brothers and sisters.
They talk to us and if we listen,
we can hear them." ~ Reads-the Smoke

Mikaela of Rasheman

"It's a poor day to die, friend.
You may want to reconsider and put that dagger back in your boot before you find out why that is."

Concept: A Bit of a Witch

Race/Gender: Human, Female
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Mercenary Veteran
The Three is a collective term for the deities worshiped in the land of Rashemen. Originally these were Bhalla (Chauntea), the Hidden One (Mystra) and Khelliara (Mielikki). Sometime after Mystra's "death" and the resulting Spellplague she was replaced by SelŻne in the Rashemi pantheon.
The Three

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Time Zone: Central Standard Time


Speaker for the Past

Race: Human

Class: Ninja//
Ancestor, Speaker for the Past

Alignment: LE

"You would do well to remember your ancestors. The spirits do not take kindly to being forgotten"

Appearance and Personality
"If looks could kill, you'd be lying on the floor, you'd be begging me please please..."

Porcelain skin, long dark hair, and fine features make Tsumai breathtaking in almost every regard. The young speaker's athletic physique only serves to deepen her beauty. Her eyes, however, either cement her ethereal look with others or send shivers down their spines. Tsumai's silver white irises are so pale that they nearly vanish against the whites of her eyes, giving her the look of a seer or even a witch. Behind those pale orbs however, is a look of strength and knowing. Graceful and confident, Tsumai often wears simple robes cut to accentuate her form. Being a conduit to the past allows her some freedom to wear more ornate clothing at times, which she enjoys as well.

Tsumai is cruelly pragmatic. She is absolutely loyal to the clan and devoted to her ancestors, but she feels that many would allow their feelings to influence their actions when it comes to doing what must be done. She understands her nature and likens it to that of the natural order. It may be cruel for a snake to eat the helpless young of a crane, but that is what it must do to survive, and so it is with Tsumai. Willing to do what is necessary for the Clan. Despite this rather harsh outlook, Tsumai is not heartless nor uncaring. She cares for her adoptive siblings and would defend them to her last if necessary. Tsumai is eloquent and charming. Her smile can light up a room or drive a man to shaking knees. When angered her words strike as deeply as any dagger and drip with the honeyed venom of her voice.

"To master yourself you must first listen to the stories of your ancestors."

The Black Tiger Clan did not have to look far to find Tsumai. She was the daughter of a minor family lord beholden to the clan. Tsumai's eyes marked her and though the lord meant to keep it a secret, word of the ill-omened child slowly spread beyond his lands in spite of his efforts. It was only a few years that Tsumai was with her parents, years she could never remember, before The Black Tiger claimed her. Her father begged to keep her, but the clan's will was stronger and he could not refuse. Tsumai was a mischievous child, always testing her limits during her education and training. It wasn't until the spirits began speaking to her that she became the focused young woman she would be. Even as a youth she would catch glimpses of things at the edge of her vision, or hear a voice that seemed to lack a source. As she grew older Tsumai began to see these spirits more clearly and once she made it known to the Clan, she was immediately taken to study with other Speakers of the Black Tiger. Something of a prodigy, Tsumai excelled in her studies and was quickly calling on the divine power of her ancestors. Now as a young adult and agent of the clan she uses her connection to the spirits to guide her fellows and ensure the will of the Black Tiger Clan is made manifest.

Stat Block
F LE Human Ninja//Shaman, Level 3, Init 2, HP 16/16, Speed 30
AC 16, Touch 12, Flat-footed 14, CMD 14, Fort 1, Ref 5, Will 7, CMB +2, Base Attack Bonus 2
MW Wakazashi 5 (1d6+2, 18)
Dagger 4 (1d4, 19)
Shuriken (10) 4 (1d2, 20)
Darkleaf MW Lamellar, Leather (+4 Armor, +2 Dex)
Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 14
Condition None


CG Human Tattooed Sorceress

"There is magic in me, in my very being. It infuses every fiber of my body and colors my soul with its presence. I am descended of sorcery and I am mother to spellcraft. To me using magic is no more unnatural than a warrior swinging his sword or a minstrel singing with all his heart. My magic is in my very breath and etched into my very skin."
"Is there magic in my blood? There is no doubt. Is it evil? I cannot think so. Will I wield it? ...I do not know."



Image is not my own. All credit to the original artist for some impressive work!

Finn MacNeil
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Fianna

Finnegan McNeil arrived in America with parents looking for a better life. They like many Irish immigrants did't find it. Instead they found a tough road filled with abject poverty and folks that would rather spit on an Irishman that look at him. Finn's mother didn't endure it long before she passed due to illness. His father, in an attempt to continue pursuing the dream found work on the railroad which brought he and his son west. It wasn't long before a teenage Finn was working alongside his father toiling away the days. Finn bore it all with stoicism and a quick wit, and once able a stiff drink and a dash of gambling, however something made Finn different, a strange connection and peace with the land, an affinity for animals, an insurmountable distance between he and most people. Oddities certainly but not near as odd as what happened next..

Enginseer ZK-441

Zayin Kaph, "Zeke"

Regiment: Cadian 99th

Specialty: Enginseer

Demeanor: Lateral Thinker

Acolyte Zera

Homeworld: Volg Hive, Fenksworld

Career: Guardsmen

Rank: Conscript

Divination: "A wise man learns from the death of others."

Name: Benji

Clan: Malkavian

Path: Humanity

Appearance: Benji appears to be a young boy close to 10 years old. Typically with his hands in his pockets and hood pulled over his thick brown hair. His defeated posture attests to a troubled nature. His green eyes however tell a different story. The depth of intelligence and emotion speak to a being that is no child but instead a captive in an adolescent cage. Benji wears comfortable clothes and has the look of a skater kid. Baggy pants, over sized t-shirt and hoodie along with a back pack and obligatory mp3 player with head phones are his standard wardrobe. Benji cannot ever be found without a pencil behind his ear and a sketch pad in hand.

Personality: Benji is thrice-damned. He is kindred, a Malkavian, and was embraced as a child. These things have left him scarred psychologically, and emotionally immature. Much like a typical child he struggles to remain calm when provoked or confronted. During times of stress he can be morose and cynical one moment, or be possessed of tremendous energy and enthusiasm the next. As Benji has grown older he made a great effort to rein in his passions and control himself. Though he appears to be 9 or 10, Benji is now nearly 40 years old. Another consequence of his young embrace is a fixation on women. Intellectually he understands passion and romance and sexuality but only in a scholarly way. Too young was he to have ever experienced lust and sexual urges so they are foreign and a mystery to him. Benji has taken to women as his preferred prey and also as the subject for much of his art. Benji was a good kid but his lost childhood and years as a monster have hardened him however there is a deep desire for something more, a path through the horror and tragedy of his life, an opportunity to achieve peace, a heart felt wish to make all the pain go away... Benji is extremely smart and has taken the last two decades to educate himself, he long ago began breaking into the public library and has been reading his way through it since. Behind the veil of issues and emotion is an astute mind desperate to find some meaning to his condition and life.

Background: Benji doesn't remember a whole lot of his time as a mortal, not that there is all that much to remember when you are that small. There are vague recollections of warm blonde hair and a loving voice calling after him, snapshots of a colorful bedroom with scattered toys and crayons on the floor, and green grass around a sandbox and swing set. Sadly the clearest memories of his childhood are from the days surrounding his embrace. Benji was a pretty special kid. He had an obvious talent for art and was drawing at an exceptional level even for a child a few years older. His parents encouraged him and enrolled him in various programs in town and at school. Maybe that was what brought him to HIS attention or maybe it was just the random act of a lunatic, either way Gray took him. Before he left he killed Benji's parents in their bed and glutted on their blood. Another image of that blonde hair only now matted with blood. Gray kept the boy for a few days before he did the deed. Benji didn't ever find out why he embraced him or even why he took him in the first place. It doesn't really matter. He did. Things aren't too clear after that for Benji, the man explained some of what had happened but to a boy of 9, talk of Kindred and Cainites, Vitae and Sects might as well have been calculus or japanese. He wouldn't have long to consider it however as the door to the room they were in burst open and the small room filled with Kindred. Gray had been causing trouble in the area and the local Sheriff and posse were dispatched to deal with him. Gray was a lunatic, a masquerade breaker, and being hunted for destroying a vampire in Chicago. Gray was put to death in that very room for his crimes and Benji should have likely followed suit; instead he was brought before Prince Merik. The prince had no use for Benji and would have ordered his death as well but for his wife. Nabima was taken with the boys seeming innocence and took Benji in as her ward, sheltering and protecting him. She spent years preparing Benji, Nabima had become his mother and mentor teaching him how to function in Kindred society. His embrace was nearly 25 years ago making the eternal child well over 30 years old now. Things are difficult for Benji, but he perseveres. He has been fortunate to have Nabima and her protection and is grateful but he is looking for more. With her recent death, Benji knows it is time to move forward and become active in Milwaukee's kindred society. He has felt her loss greatly and would very much like to find her killer. Benji's art is his outlet, his art reflects his issues and passions. Some is breath-takingly beautiful but some is disturbed, both however are masterfully done. He has spent the better part of the last decade in the public library, reading through the night searching for something...

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