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Form DA-E2/012
(supercedes Form 131-A/89)
Victor Planko

Brains: 2
Muscles: 3
Moves: 3
Cool: 4

Zoology 5
Climb 6
Sneak 6
Charm 7

1 x Muscles: OK. 1 x Muscles < Gear < 2 x Muscles: -1 Moves + Cool.
2 x Muscles < Gear < 3 x Muscles: Drag at Moves 1. Gear > 3 x Muscles: No Can Do.

Current Status:
( ) Unhurt None
( ) Banged Up Some -1 from A Trait
( ) Hurt -2 from total Traits
( ) Really Hurt -3 from total Traits
( ) Trashed -4 from total Traits
( ) Basket Case -5 from total Traits; Out Cold
( ) Nearly Dead -6 from total Traits; Out Cold; Hospitalized


Sex: _____Male_________________ Age: _____________34___________
Hair Color: ______Black___________ Eye Color: ____Grey_____________
Height: __________________6'6"___ Weight: ____________200lbs______

Character Information
Name: Kyomi
Race: Kitsune
Class: Empiricist Investigator
Alignment: LN
Age: 32


Benefit: You can take the form of a fox whose appearance is static and cannot be changed each time you assume this form. Your bite attack’s damage is reduced to 1d3 points of damage on a hit, but you gain a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to appear as a fox. Changing from kitsune to fox shape is a standard action. This ability otherwise functions as beast shape II, and your ability scores change accordingly.
Fox Shape (Kitsune),
Benefit:Benefit: With a light weapon, elven curve blade, rapier, whip, or spiked chain made for a creature of your size category, you may use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier on attack rolls. If you carry a shield, its armor check penalty applies to your attack rolls.

Special: Natural weapons are considered light weapons.
Weapon Finesse (Combat),
Benefit:YYou can precisely mimic the physical features of any individual you have encountered. When you use your racial change shape ability, you can attempt to take the form of an individual, granting you a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks made to fool others with your impersonation.

Editor’s Note
The text of this feat states that you can mimic an “individual” which you have encountered, but it likely should specify that Kitsune have the ability to turn into humans, so GMs are encouraged to read the feat as follows: “You can precisely mimic the physical features of any human you have encountered…”
Realistic Likeness (Kitsune),
Benefit:You gain one additional investigator talent. You must meet the prerequisites for this investigator talent.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, you gain another investigator talent.
Extra Investigator Talent

"The rich and powerful believe they are above the law. They take what they want, and crush those beneath them. I provide... "leverage"..."

~ ~

♫Out of Combat Song♫ l ♫ In Combat Song♫

"Hi! Nice to meet you! My name's Yamileth, but everybody just calls me Violet!"

Age: 13-ish
Gender: Female-ish
Height: 4' Variable
Weight: Approx 90 lbs
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Purple
Race: Abiarazi
Class: Mechanic lvl 1. Xenoseeker
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Weydan, The endless Horizon
Yamileth-Zambarau ABIARAZI (Ooze-shapechanger) Mechanic 1 CG HP 12 / 12 RES 5 / 5 STAM 8 / 8 Speed 30ft Init 3 KAC 13 EAC 13 Fort 4 Ref 5 Will 1 CMB 21 BAB 0 Str 08 (-1) Dex 16 (3) Con 15 (2) Wis 12 (1) Int 18 (4) Cha 12 (1)

Just your friendly neighborhood slime monster with a robot body and a penchant for programing computers and performing mechanical repairs from places most species cant reach. Will cook things in the field with a combat knife and a flame pistol because she thinks the petrol adds a spicy kick when she eats it.

A semi-shapeless blob of purple slime with no discernible anatomy. Tendrils extrude from the central mass to gesture or perform tasks before re-absorbing into the main whole. She can form a vestigial mouth to communicate with others, but for all other appearances seems to be a strangely purple and polite slime. Her drone, A.M.I. seems to be cobbled together from parts of other robots and pieces of machinery to give it as distinct of a humanoid appearance as possible. Violet believes that solid species will have an easier time and be more comfortable talking to her if she has a vessel that more closely resembles them.

Friendly and personable, Violet lives by the philosophy that a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. She is innately curious and content to spend hours pouring over dusty diagrams, repairing worn at machines, retrieving data from fried terminals, or just talking to all the new Xeno's about their people, cultures and customs. She heard that the solid species tend to gather for communal meals and to get to know each other better; as such, she has been teaching herself how to cook. She fancies herself a burgeoning culinary artist, but with her lack of a standard sense of taste or palette, opinions on the subject vary.

The Abiarazi community on Vehren have adapted over the centuries to be quite different than most of their kind found elsewhere in the galaxy. Some, more conservative members of their species, might even consider it a sort of cult. Abiarazi on Vehren spend most of their time in "The great Link", a subterranean pool composed of all the members of the communities mingled bodies and minds. Members of the group separate themselves from time to time to perform separate tasks. Hunters go find food and consume it, then bring back nutrients to share with the link. Explorers find new resources and ideas and return to the link to share what the have discovered. All children are children of the link, with their contributing DNA and memories being formed from multiple members of the whole.
Violet was created by the link as an explorer. She was given the skills and curiosity to use the relics of the past to aide her community. While exploring Vehren and gathering the resources the community needed she found information regarding the threat posed by the cult of the crawling chaos. She brought back what she had discovered to the link and waited for them to come to a decision. After weeks of deliberation, a decision was finally made. Violet would go live among the solids. She would help them in their struggles, and in turn learn from them. When her quest was complete and there was no more for her do do, she would return to the link and give her experiences to the whole to learn from. With her path set before her, Violet bartered her way onto a scavengers shuttle to get to Station Paxem. She seeks to join the Blackvine Mercenaries so that she might save the system, and her people.

RP Samples

Interview Questions

Tell us why you'd be a fit for the Blackvine Mercenaries We're a band of mercenaries with a proud reputation of protecting the folk of Cyrollia System. We can't accept anyone less than the best, so you'd best prove that you can pull your weight.

Umm... Ok. So, Im like, um, really good at working with machines and computers and stuff. I built A.M.I. here and all my gear with stuff I salvaged from Vehren. I can help keep your guys gear working... or making upgrades and repairs I guess? Oh yeah! I built A.M.I.'s personality matrix on top of the base code of an old model security droid so I guess we are capable of fighting if you need us too. Lets see. Um... I can cook, in case you get tired of eating standard field rations. I even brought a bunch of supplies with me to help out!

Experience: Blackvine's not the sort to accept fresh faces without knowing that they're approved by our folks. So tell us about a past job, show us what kind of person you are in a real situation.

Past Job? Lemme thing for a minute... OH! I know! So there's a bunch of junked mining gear and junk like that down on the surface of Vehren right? Even a couple of crashed ships that got lost in the Drift I guess. Anyway, so I'm oozing along through one of these old freighters looking for good stuff that I can use. And what do I come across? A stash of Abysium! I know right! Just Hundreds of Ingots of the stuff laying around! So, I'm trying to figure out how to get the stuff without the radiation killing me. That's when I notice that the whole hold is swarming with Khefak. Ugh. Dang creepy crawlies would chew me to droplets if I tried to take their all you can eat radioactive buffet. Thats when I remembered that old freighters like these used thasteron in their thrusters for in system travel. And what do Khefak love to eat more than anything? That's right! Thasteron. So I slip on down to the engineering level, and discover that there's still a little fuel in the thruster reserves. I rig the door to the deck to seal when i trigger them, and for the reactor to ignite. That way it burns all the fuel and all the buggies and I can get that Abysium all to myself. I set a trail of Thasteron for the Khefak to follow. It works like a charm! The whole nest goes after the stuff. I seal them in. Press the button and have A.M.I. high-tale us to minimum safe distance to watch the fireworks... Did you know that an unstable drift drive can go critical when super heated to extreme temperatures? Neither did I. Anyway. In the end I wasn't able to recover any of the Abysium, but I did find out that Khefak shells can be used for armor plating which I used to repair the damage all the debris did to A.M.I. I'd call that a win, right?

Personal Goals If you're going to be here long, it'd be best that we know some things about you, what you want out of Blackvine. Now, we're not talking about getting a position in Blackvine, that's up to us to consider. We want to know what you plan on accomplishing.

Well sir. The Cyrollia system is my home. I know Vehren might not seem like much, but my community lives there. The Blackvine Mercenary company has been protecting this system for over 300 years, and its time that the system gave back and helped out! I want to stop the cult of the crawling chaos from destroying more planets, and ruining any more sentients lives! I want to help preserve the peace and tranquility that once existed in this system so that all species, regardless of genotype can life together in friendship and harmony. I want to help out any way that I can... if you'll let me.

♫Song for the Hive.♫ l ♫Song for my people♫

W̴e̷ ̴a̴r̴e̷ ̸o̵n̸e̷ -o̵f̴-m̷a̸n̴y̷.̸ ̶W̸h̵a̸t̵ ̵y̴o̴u̵ ̵c̷a̶l̵l̸ ̷u̴s̷ ̶m̴a̸t̴t̵e̷r̴s̴ ̷n̷o̸t̴.̴ ̴J̸o̴i̸n̷ ̴u̶s̶.̷.̵.̶

Age: 8
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Red
Race: Cavian
Class: Cryptic 2 / Tactician 1
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: The Overmind
One of Many
Cavian Cryptic (Lost Mind) 2 / Tactician (Commander) 1 LN
HP 24 / 24 Speed ft Init 2
AC 17 Fort 1 Ref 5 Will 7
CMB +0 BAB +1
Bite (1d4, )
Disrupt pattern ranged touch (1d6+4, )
Str 09 (-1) Dex 14 (2) Con 12 (1) Wis 14 (2) Int 18 (4) Cha 7 (-2)

Despite appearing as a flea ridden, near feral example of his species, One-Of-Many is quite intelligent. His impressive telepathic abilities allow hi to link numerous minds into a pseudo-hive to communicate and share information even over great distance. His animalistic stare and mannerisms can be unnerving as well as his constant "thought-speak", but he has proven himself to be a loyal companion to those he trusts, and a terrifying foe to the enemies of the Over-Mind.

One-of-many comes across mangy and disheveled. His gray fur is marked with intricate spiraling tattoos. He is smaller and thinner than other Cavian's and tends to move about in a more hunched and "Rat-Like" manner. His red eyes are constantly in motion, often times examining things that no-one else can see. He will sometimes chitter to himself as if responding to a question or participating in a one sided conversation.

One-of-many serves the Over-Mind above all else. It was the Over-Mind that lifted him up and separated him from the base animals that he once was. It was the Over-Mind that gave him language and purpose. It was the Over-mind that showed him the truth of the world. All that he is, is because the Over-Mind willed it so. He would kill if the Over-Mind ordered. He would die if the Over-Mind asked. One-of-many exist to share the joy of the hive mind, and bring others into the glory of the Over-Mind. One-of-many does not speak, he never really learned how. The Over-Mind gave him the gift of understanding language, but One-of-Many uses his telepathy to communicate almost exclusively.

One-of-many was born and raised a normal rat. That is not to say he WAS a normal rat, but this is what is upbringing was. A newborn Cavian, abandoned in the sewers under the city for an unknown reason, knowing his family as only the thousands of brothers and sisters that scurried back and forth in the murky darkness. He lived as they did for a time; Nursing from his adoptive mothers, scurrying out into the streets under the cover of darkness to raid the bounty that other humanoids so carelessly discarded. Things were good... for a time. However, soon one-of-many started to realize he was not like his brothers and sisters. He was growing much larger than they were, and he seemed smarter too. Things... pictures and ideas started to enter his head. Then the Over-Mind came. The voice of the hive filled one-of-many with a sense of purpose he didn't realize he had been lacking. It put names to the pictures, and words to the ideas. For the first time in his simple life, one-of-many knew what he was, and what he was to do. He had to go into the world of the man-things. The Over-Mind needed his eyes to see through. He needed to invite the worthy into his hive, and punish the unworthy. The Over-Mind had a world of thoughts to judge. One-of-Many was to bear witness for it.

RP Samples

Party Role

Tactical coordinator.
Skill monkey
Creep Factor

♫Warning Theme Song♫ l ♫ Having fun Theme Song♫

"The stench of your sins call out. Tis time to reap what thou hath sown..."

Age: 100
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold
Race: Tiefling
Class: Gestalt lvl 5 - Inquisitor(sin eater) / Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Evil (Lawful Neutral before change)
Deity: Asmodeus, King of Hell
Tiefling (Devil Spawn) Gestalt Inquisitor 5 / cleric 5 LE
HP 67 / 67 Speed 30 ft Init 14
AC 21 Fort 8 Ref 7 Will 10
CMB +8 BAB +3
Slam + Energy Drain (, )
Str 20 (5) Dex 18 (4) Con - (NaN) Wis 22 (6) Int 18 (4) Cha 19 (4)

Hells debt collector or the Devils bounty hunter. Born and raised in the church of Asmodeus. Bred not to be a tempter, contract maker, or a even a simple corrupter, but to actively hunt down those souls that rightfully belong to hell and deliver them to their eternal reward.

An imposing red skinned Tiefling. His well muscled frame stands over 6 feet tall and his horn add to the illusion of that height. He bears a startling resemblance to Lord Asmodeus himself whom considers to be his "Father". He rarely smiles but frequently smirks at the pleas of those damned he has come to collect. His deep voice echoes like the it comes from the throat of the pit itself.

Grim and stoic, Morden knows his purpose and what he was put on this plane to do. He actively seeks those whose sins have grown and "ripened" so that he can send them to the pit to feed his fathers power. Strangely, his code of ethics forbids him from harming the innocent as those who are without sin do not yet belong to hell. That said he will defend himself if he or his allies are attacked by a good aligned creature as "such transgressions demand retribution". He understands that his work upon this plane is preparation for when he dies.He believes he will be reborn in the 9 hells as a true devil, and will spend eternity punishing those souls whom he sent there in life.

Morden was one of many Tiefling children born to the church of Asmodeus, but out of his group he was the only one to survive. All of the others fell short of the expectations that were held of them and died as a result of their caregivers "tender mercies" as a result. Never knowing his true mother and believing his father to be The Archfiend himself, Morden was quickly indoctrinated. Through decades of grueling and painful training he learned how to feed off of the sins of those he was meant to collect, he could taste their gluttony and smell their lust. With each sin consumed he grew stronger and the Prince of Darkness gained another soul.When his training was complete, Morden entered the world at large and began to fulfill his purpose. Finding sinners was easy. The world was filled with greedy politicians who stole from the tax coffers they collected, or bandits who enjoyed hurting the people they robbed a little too much.
Morden was eventually able to find work as a sell sword. Although people were hesitant to trust such an obviously devilish figure and unrepentant servant of Asmodeus, Morden proved to be a loyal ally and valuable asset in a fight. Additionally, since the groups he worked with were typically hired to hut down criminals or some other form of evildoer, such work coincided with Mordens purpose. He began to learn to appreciate the earthly pleasures of this world, although never to the point of excess, and through that came to understand how a being could be drawn into sin by them. Through that he learned how to coax potential sinners faults to the surface, in order to more readily identify whether they were worthy of being added to hells bitter harvest.
Then came the fateful mission. He and a group of allies were sent to exterminate a nest of vampires who had been terrorizing the land of Morath. Morden had no particular hatred of the undead himself, but he knew that vampires would often use their immortality to avoid paying the final price for the sins they committed. Those sins called to him like a succulent feast as he and his allies fought their way deeper and deeper into the stronghold that the vampires had made their home. Then the unthinkable happened. One by one, he and his allies fell, victims of the pale woman. Morden prepared himself to enter the nine hells, and be punished for his shortcomings. But it wasn't death that came for him, but a terrible hunger.
Mordens worldview hasn't particularly changed since becoming a vampire. His faith is too strong to be shaken by a trivial thing such as undeath. Indeed he sees it as an opportunity to harvest an even grander number of sinners souls for his father until his eventual demise.He was already damned, now he is simply stronger for it...

RP Samples

He can serve as kind of a mediator to keep party from descending too far into debauchery. After all, if their sins become too strong... Also can heal / support / tank-light. Good counterbalance to those fighting with what they may perceive as their current state of damnation vs someone who accepted they were damned from birth.

J-0 (Joe)

Class: Technomancer
Race: Android
Theme: Xenoseeker
Character Sheet: coming soon

Galactic Trade Organization's Head of Entertainment Guild

Synthetic life form seeking to quantify "joy" and create the perfect unit of entertainment.

Appearance: (in game)
A human looking android. But his skin is a little too perfect, his teeth too white, hair too perfect, features just a hair too sculpted.


History: (in game)

Malikor the Magnificent
♫Outside of combat Theme Song♫ l ♫ Inside of combatTheme Song♫

"Take heed ne'er-do-wells, for now you face the metaphysical might of MALIKOR THE MAGNIFICENT!"

Age: 52
Gender: Male
Height: 3'4"
Weight: 40 lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Grey
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard (Illusionist) (Mage of the Veil)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Shelyn, The eternal Rose
Malikor the magnificent
Gnome Wizard 1 (Mage of the veil) CG
HP 6 / 6 Speed ft Init 3
AC 14 Fort 0 Ref 3 Will 3
CMB -2 BAB 0
Light crossbow with 10 bolts +3 (d6, 19-20 x2)
quarterstaff -1 (d4, x2)
Str 8 (-1) Dex 16 (3) Con 10 (0) Wis 12 (1) Int 16 (3) Cha 16 (3)

An illusionist wizard with dreams of performing on the big stage. The blood of white witches flows thru his veins, bringing out the more fey aspects of his personality and filling him with an inexplicable desire to head north to the snow topped crown of the world. Studied to become a mage of the veil at a college in Katheer, but soon became bored and dropped out to follow his dream of acting.
Other gnomes probably think that Malikor has already started to undergo the bleaching. Ever since he was young, his skin has been white as the winter snow. His hair is a pale shade of blue that brings to mind mountains of pure ice that never melt, and his eyes are as grey as a cloud filled sky that never lets a ray of sunlight touch the tundra hidden bellow. He carries himself with a certain degree of bravado and arrogance, but that is mainly to cover the gut-twisting fear that seems to gnaw at him almost all of his waking hours. Maybe if he can make enough people believe he is great and powerful, he will start to believe it himself.
Although a coward at heart, Malikor has big dreams. He imagines standing upon the grandest stages of the world and dazzling crowds with his feats of chicanery and Illusions. He fantasizes about cowing vast armies of goblins with a muttered word and gesture as his arcane might blasts them into ash. And at night, he dreams of vast expanses of frozen snow covered tundra that seem to be somehow strangely calling him home.
Malikor is an actor who uses his innate magics, and training as a mage of the veil to pass himself off as both more and less than what he is. At some points he will pretend to be a simple street performer, palming coins and using illusions to augment simple disappearing acts and misdirection's. Other times he will claim to be one of the greatest and most powerful wizards the world has known, one who is capable of smiting any who would dare challenge him.
In combat, he tries to confuse or misdirect the enemy with his illusions, or avoid them all together with the little "real" magic he knows. He will hide behind more capable allies until the danger is passed, then regale them with tales of how his magics assisted them in turning the tides of battle in their favor.
Malikor's father is a Gnome by the name of Merizekiel. Merizekiel was born and raised far in the north in the land of the linnorm kings. He was a merchant by trade, and plied his wares in the city of Iceferry, the gnomish district of the capital Kalsgard. Merizekiel was obsessed with finding new customers, new trade routes, and making even bigger and better deals. In pursuit of his passion, he made an ill advised expedition to the kingdom of Irrisen, seeking to broker deals with the Ulfen peoples of that land.
Tragedy struck nearly as soon as Merizekiels caravan crossed the border into Irrisen. An unseasonably powerful blizzard struck. His traveling companions all perished from the cold and Merizekiel was forced to abandon his merchandise and wander in white out conditions to seek aide. Whether good or bad, luck would have him chance upon a small hut whose windows glowed with warmth from the hearth within. Banging upon the door with the last of his strength Merizekiel was saved by one of the most beautiful women he had seen in his life. She was humanoid, nearly 6 feet tall, and had hair and skin the color of the blizzard outside. She welcomed him inside, fed him, treated his frozen limbs, and then warmed his body in the way that only a woman can warm the body of a man.
The next morning when Merizekiel awoke the woman was gone and the blizzard had ended. Dazed and confused he gathered supplies from the small shack and made his way home Iceferry believing that what he had experienced was a dream brought on by the cold. That was until exactly one year to the day later. Another unseasonable blizzard settled upon Iceferry, but this one brought something with it.
Merizekiel was roused in the middle of the night by a sharp knocking upon his door. Fearing some emergency, he raced to answer and when he opened it and was startled by what he saw. Upon the threshold of his home was the very same woman whom had saved him one year before. She was dressed in only thin silks and seemed to pay no mind to the blistering winds that whipped her long hair around her curvaceous form. With a smile she Handed Merizekiel a small bundle she carried in her arms. In the bundle was a baby gnome with white skin and blue hair. "His name is Malikor." She said before fading into the snow falling outside. These were the only words she had ever spoken to him.
The next day the blizzard passed once more. Fearing what the next storm might bring, Merizikiel sold all his belongings and booked passage with a Caravan heading south into the warmer lands. Years later he wound up in the Taldor capital of Katheer. He was able to once more ply his trade as a merchant and even felt a modicum of safety for himself and his child. After all, it rarely snowed this far south.

At an early age Malikor displayed a penchant for the arcane arts, and although Malikor himself had no interest in attending, his father used his network of contacts to gain him admittance to one of Katheer's prestigious academies of the magical arts. Malikor did well at first, as he was genuinely talented and took well to the school training in the arts of illusion. But as years passed boredom set in. Malikor had no desire to spend another year cooped up in a musty library copying formula from tomes. He wanted to go out and see the world. He needed to ply his trade and make his mark. On the night of his 42nd birthday an unseasonable snowstorm fell on Katheer. Something about it awoke something deep in Malikor and he made a decision. Malikor stole a number of scrolls, wands, and supplies from the college before leaving it for good. He passed himself of as a battlemage and recent graduate from the academy to secure transport as a guard with a carvan heading north to the village of Heldren. He could ply his trade there, practice his act, and earn enough coin to keep heading north. Something was calling him. He didn't know if it was his destiny... or something else...
RP Samples
The Amazing Waddles

Familiar, Pig
N Small animal
Init +1; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +5
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+1 Dex, +2 natural, +1 size)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +1 (1d4)
Str 11, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 6, Wis 13, Cha 4
Base Atk +0; CMB –1; CMD 10 (14 vs. trip)
Feats Great Fortitude
Skills Perception +5

improved evasion
share spells
empathic link

It came to you in a dream. Sitting in a room, seated at a comfortable table with an almost over-cushioned chair with a sense of serene safety. A short and somewhat hefty bespectacled man easily mistaken for a tall Dwarf sits across from you, rustling through sheaves of paper while running the feather of an extravagant quill pen through his beard. He ignores any questions or protests you have but returns with many of his own. Something compels you to answer

"Heh I love your pig"
Malikor shifts a bit in his seat. The chair is comfortable enough, but he cant really seem to remember how he got here. Best to play along for now, until the haze in his mind could clear.
"Thank you sir. Waddles has been my best friend since she was a piglet. All the other students at the academy chose things like ravens, hawks, and monkeys and stuff as their familiars. Something about her sad little eyes from not being chosen just spoke to me, and well. Here we are... uhm... wherever here is, that is..."
"Oink" Waddles added as a finishing punctuation.

1. Who are you and where are you from? What do/did you do there?
"Oh, Im sorry. Have we not been introduced? I had the strangest impression that you were familiar to me..." Malikor glances at Waddles who returns the gnomes confused look with a distinctly porcine shrug.
"Are you a...Patron, perhaps? In that case, allow ,me to introduce myself!" Malikor jumps up to a standing position in the overly stuffed chair. "I am Malikor the magnificent! Thespian extraordinaire and powerful wielder of arcane might!" He pauses for dramatic effect, but when the dwarf seems to be non-plussed at his display, Malikor sheepishly settles back into his seat.
"...Oink..." Waddles says while rolling her eyes.
"Er, well, I mean. I studied magic at the University of Katheer, but my real passion is performance! Most of what I did at school was file books away in the library and copy formula for senor students. I left school to follow my dreams. Maybe you would like to hear a monologue, or see part of the act waddles and I have been working on?"

2. What do you know of Heldren? What does Heldren know of you?
"Heldren?" Malikor shrugs. "It seems like a nice enough town. Friendly people, nice weather... maybe a tad warm of late. A bit small for my tastes... pun intended. See, I can do comedy to, if you dont like the serious stuff. Or maybe.." He listens to the second question.
"Know of me? Pffttt... Not much I'd wager judging by the poor state of earning of late. If they knew how good Waddles and I were, we would be drowning in accolades!"
Waddles nods in agreement

3. I've heard and seen the early winter in Heldren. What do you think of it?
"HA HAH AHAHAH HAH! You call this winter? No offense sir, but My father came from the far north. He would tell me stories of winters that would last for seven months, and snow so deep that 3 gnomes would have to stand on each others shoulders in order to see over the top of it! In all fairness sir, a dusting of frost on the crops one chilly morning does not a winter make."

4. Would you consider yourself an adventurer? A mercenary? A treasure hunter? If none of those things, then what?
"Hmmm. Interesting question. Well at my core, I'm an actor of course But what is an actor? Do we do what we do to hunt the treasure of applause? Do we sell our talents from stage to stage, looking for that next big break? Or are we in it for the adventure? The joy of finding new scripts and new roles to inhabit?... Fascinating..."
"Oink." Waddles prompts after Malikor spends a few moments in thought.
"Very true Waddles, very true..."Malikor agrees. "I think that I do what I do, because it is my calling. My destiny if you will. Something in my soul drives me forward. I do what I do, because, well, I couldn't imagine doing otherwise."

5. The news of a noblewoman being kidnapped is a terrifying occurrence in such a small village. What terrifies you?
"Oh. Is that what the script is about? Fascinating. I've always loved a good piece of dinner mystery theater... A chance to flex the old improv skills and bring the audience into the act. What fun!"
Malikor and Waddles look at each other in excited agreement.
"Terrifies? Me?" Something about the question and the way the dwarves gaze seemed to bore into him makes Malikor start to feel mildly uncomfortable. "Well, um. To be honest... almost everything sir. Bugs, giants, orcs, dark shadows, moonless nights, the sound of children crying, under-cooked eggs... I'm a bit of, um. A bit of um, uh..." Malikor looks to Waddles for support.
"Oink" she offers sympathetically.
"All right, I'll just come out and say it. I'm a coward sir! But I wont let that affect my performance, no sir! I can put on a brave face just like the rest of them! Braver even! The Bravest!"

6. What does it take for you to consider a stranger an ally? A friend? An enemy?
"Well, aren't all strangers just friends you haven't met yet?" Malikor offers another toothy grin, and once more gets no response. "Yeesh, tough crowd... Well, I try to avoid making enemies as a general rule. Don't burn your bridges and all that, right? As for allies... I guess as long as we are all working together to the same goal we are allies. An actor might not get along wel with another one, but they are still working together towards the same goal, and a professional isnt going to let the production falter because of a petty personal squabble."

7. Time for some hypotheticals. As you're walking through town, you take a wrong turn into a small and quiet side street. You hear a rustle behind and suddenly someone is behind you. Before they can say or do anything, what do you do?
Malikor leans down and whispers to Waddles. "This is the strangest audition I have ever been on..."
"Oink", Waddles agrees.
"Well, misdirection is the best weapon if this person means me harm... I might suddenly blind them with a flash from some spark paper, or maybe glamor myself to seem more or less threatening? You know people are much more carefull when they think they are facing a powerfull mage, its one of my favorite rolls... Let's see. Then I would try and find out if the are friend or foe. Maybe blind them so I can make my escape, or distract them with the sounds of onlookers approaching? Hopefully it wasn't just some innocent old lady taking a shortcut home from the market and now I've scared her half to death..."

8. Now let's twist that question. Instead of a small side street, you turn onto the market's main thoroughfare. Same person, but now this woman has an arm around your shoulder and is acting like your best friend.
"Well, I always have time for my fans. Is she pretty? What color hair?"
Waddles looks like she wants to face-palm.
Leonardo Da Vinci is (one of the) best Fate girl.

Allison "Cookie" Keyes
detached, wrecked
hungry eyes
Theme Song: Marilyn Manson & Korn - Redeemer


-1 Hot
Turn someone on

2 Cold
Shut Someone Down, Keep Your Cool

-1 Volatile
Lash Out, Run Away

1 Dark
Gaze into the Abyss


Carry Forward



Harm: [] [] [] []

Experience: [] [] [] [] []



The Hunger

Short Rest for the Wicked



Sex Move

“It was before mountains. It was in the beginning and shall be forever... The first and the last... The world come full circle. Thou thinks thee can fight it, kill it, as thou would a beast? It is not the wheel— It is the hand that turns the wheel. It is Time, the Destroyer. We are bound together in that. It was the wind in the stars before this— Before planets, before Heaven and Hell— And when all's done It will be wind again, to blow the world as dust back into endless space...”

Theme Songs

Ogdru Jahad

Name: Lucius
Clan: Lasombra
Gender: Male
Race: Spaniard

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 lbs
Apparent Age: 30
Actual Age: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Place of Death: Unknown


Sydney by Night

Abyss Mystic / Gehenna Prophet

Lucius has no memory of his embrace.







Animal Ken







You can see and interpret signs and omens. You are
able to draw advice from these omens, for they provide
hints of the future and warnings of the present.
When the Storyteller feels that you are in position to
see an omen, you will be required to make a Perception
+ Awareness roll, with the difficulty relative to how
well the omen is concealed. If successful, you may then
roll Intelligence + Occult to interpret what you have
seen; the difficulty is again relative to the complexity
of the omen.
Oracular Ability (3pt. Merit)
You have dreams during your daylight sleep. Dreams
you remember. Sometimes, they even come true. By
spending a Willpower point upon rising for the evening,
you may have the Storyteller give your character a lucid
dream featuring foreshadowing about upcoming events,
characters, and situations.
Prophetic Dreams (2pt. Merit)
Language (1pt. Merit)
Language (1pt. Merit)

You experience horrendous nightmares every time
you sleep, and memories of them haunt you during
your waking hours. Upon awakening, you must make
a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) or lose a die on all actions
for that night. A botched Willpower roll indicates
that, even when awake, you still believe that you
are locked in a nightmare.
Nightmares (1pt. Flaw)
You are unable to remember anything about your
past, yourself, or your family (whether mortal or vampiric),
though your past might well come back to haunt
you. Your origins and the circumstances behind your
amnesia are for the Storyteller to determine, and she is
encouraged to make it as interesting as possible.
Amnesia (2pt. Flaw)
You are a defector. You turned traitor to the Camarilla,
Sabbat, or other Sect, and you still have much to
prove before you are accepted by the Kindred you have
defected to. Other vampires treat you with distrust and
even hostility, and your reputation might even sully
those whom you regularly associate with.
Probationary Sect Member (4pt. Flaw)

Lasombra vampires cast no reflections.
Whether in a mirror, in a body of water, on a polished
surface, or in the rear-view of a taxicab, the image of
the Keeper does not reflect.
Clan Weakness

●●●●● ○○○○○
Bearing: (No Modifier)

●●●●● ○○○○○
□□□□□ □□□□□

■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■■□□□
Blood Per Turn: ■■■
Camarilla Lore ●
Lasombra Lore ●
Garou Lore ●
Sabbat Lore ●

Lvl 1 Abyss Mysticism ritual
One of the first powers a savant of darkness learns is
the ability to see in darkness. Using this ritual, the mystic
summons up a ball of shadow and stares into it for so long
that her eyes permanently attune themselves to the dark.
System: Upon successful casting this ritual, the Lasombra
summons into her hand a sphere of pure shadow. As she
stares into the sphere, she makes a Perception + Occult
(difficulty 8) roll. If the roll is successful, she permanently
gains the Controllable Night Sight Merit (see p. 122). If
they fail, they may try again the next night, but if they
botch they permanently gain the Uncontrollable Night
Sight Flaw (p. 123).
Side Effect: Whenever the vampire uses her new vision,
her eyes become disturbing inky black pits of shadow.
If she has no control over her sight, her eyes will always
look like this.
Light within Shadow
(Level One Ritual)

English, Latin, Spanish

StatisticsName: Rupert P.
pronounced Sm-eye-thee.
Race: Human
Class: Tough Hero
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250 lbs
Occupation: Criminal
Hometown: London, England.

"'Ello there poppet... Now wha's a sweet li'il thing like you doin' all alone out 'ere..."

Description Imagine a gorilla. Now shave that gorilla, put it in a flapjack hat, teach it to speak english in a thick cockney accent and then you have a pretty good idea of what Smythe looks like. He is large and muscular. His hands are calloused and he has numerous scars all over his body including a very pronounced set of scars on one side of his face. Even if he tried to give you a friendly smile, it would be unsettling. It's like his face wasn't made with kindness in mind. He has a gruff demeanor and gravelly voice.

PersonalityRupert is a criminal through and through. He has never really known any other life. He believes that the strong survive and ultimately will take advantage of those weaker than themselves. He realizes he is not smart, but also knows he is tougher than most. As such he will use this to his advantage. Rupert doesn't really know how to live or survive outside of the world of criminality, and isn't even sure that with his diminished facilities and particular attributes that he would be able to do so. He has a soft spot for animals and children, but with his gruff demeanor, and toughen em up attitude such a fondness might not be readily apparent.

Background Found abandoned Christmas morning on the doorstep of an orphanage wrapped in a filthy blanket. The only thing included with the newborn was a hand-scrawled note that the nuns presumed to be the the childs name: Rupert P. Smythe. Rupert was always a bit slower than the other children growing up, but he made up for that by being bigger, stronger, and meaner... While many expected him to be a bully, Rupert actually found a way to earn money by protecting the smaller kids from the bullies. For only half the money that the bullies would take from the other children, Rupert would beat up the bullies and make sure they never bothered the smaller kids again.
At the age of 13, Rupert decided he had learned enough at the school the nuns ran, and ran away from the orphanage to live life on the streets of London. This quickly led to him becoming involved in various criminal activities and numerous stints in jail, both Juvenile and Adult. By the time Rupert was 30, he had found steady work as an Enforcer with several Loan sharks in London. When people fell behind on their payments, Rupert would pay them a visit and give them a "friendly reminder" as to why they should make sure that the made their next payment on time. Everything was going well until one day Rupert took things to far. He was supposed to set an example on a guy name Joseph Maxwell who was six months late on his payment to a loan shark by the name of Mac the Train. Rupert was supposed to beat Joseph within an inch of his life and leave him in a public place so that people got the message to not mess with Mac's money. Rupert accidentally beat him a few inches too far, and by the time Joseph was found he was dead.
Rupert had done time for assault, arson, breaking and entering, robbery, and assorted other crimes; but murder was a different deal entirely. With his record Scotland yard would be looking to hang him. Not seeing any other options available to him, Rupert boarded a ship headed to America. At least there the long arm of the law wouldn't be able to reach him, and he would be able to try and start over again. The ship docked in Boston, and Rupert quickly learned that he was not going to have an easy time making a go of it in the new world. For one thing, the meager amount of quid he had managed to bring with him was worthless in the U.S. Banks would accept the money for conversion without a passport or ID and Smythe hadn't brought any of those kinds of things with him for fear of being found out. What was worse, none of the diners he tried to eat at had ever even heard of bangers and mash! The best breakfast he could hope to find were stacks of flapjacks drenched in sickly sweet syrup and served with paper thin slices of bacon.
Rupert was forced to sleep in the hobo encampments that dotted the area around Bostons ports and rail lines. It was while staying in one of these camps that he met Mickey Valentino, or as he liked to be called, Mickey Valentine. Mickey had tried to pick the pockets of some drunk college kids and gotten caught. He had run away, and made it as far as the Hobo camp before the three college kids caught up to him and started beating him into the ground. Normally Rupert wouldn't care less about some punk getting what he deserved. But the way Mickey was crying and blubbering for help, and the way the college kids threatened to do the same to anyone who tried to stop them rubbed him the wrong way. Plus Rubert had been looking for a way to vent some of the pent up frustration he had been dealing with since first stepping foot off the boat. Rupert beat the tar out of the three kids so bad that one of them ended up having to get his jaw wired shut. In the process he saved Mickey and earned a new "best friend".
As a thank you for saving him, Mickey treated Rubert to the best meal he had had in the states, something called chicken fried steak, and told him all about his plans to make it to Hollywood. Rupert told Mickey some of the problems he had had since arriving and Mickey proposed a solution. Mickey had a few cousins and Uncles living in Chicago who were "in the business" as Mickey put it. If Rupert rode the rails with him there, and helped him pull a couple of jobs along the way, Mickey would introduce Rupert to them. He was sure he would be able to find work with an outfit in the windy city.
Not having many other options, Rupert agreed to this plan and were soon riding the rails westward. Mickey told Rupert about a plan he had. Mickey had read in the newspaper about some college in Amberridge, Massachusetts that has having some big party in a week or so to celebrate some sort of archaeological find. Apparently, almost everyone involved was being invited. If they hit the party, they should be able to get enough cash to get almost all the way to Chicago. Mickey could work the crowds and get wallets and purses while Rupert could hit the dorm rooms and faculty offices to get jewelry, watches and anything else that might be of value. Heck, the two of them could also roll any drunks who wander to far away from the crowd as well. It would be a buffet! And with all the people coming and going and most people not knowing each other, it should be a cinch to get it all done without being noticed and getting away without anyone the wiser.

Notable Associates Mac the Train. Mac is a loan shark based in London England. He is a small bespectacled black man, with a penchant for sweater vests. He earned his nickname due to his obsession with model trains. It is rumored that he even started his loan making business with the sole purpose of funding his hobby. While Mac might look like a pushover he is no joke. Once, one of his collectors decided to start skimming money, because the collector figured Mac would be too much of a priss to do anything about it. Mac learned about this and called a meeting of all his collectors and employees. Then in front of everyone, Mac bashed the errant collectors skull in with a 1:76.2 scale locomotive and finished him off by shoving a section of railing down his throat till he was coughing up blood. Rupert had almost felt sorry for the guy, but no-one else messed with Mac's money again. Unbeknownst to Rupert Mac has hired some people to find and ... silence him. Mac actually liked Rupert. He was good at his job, never questioned orders, and never tried to rise above his station. All exceptional qualities in a henchman. However, Mac believes that no matter how loyal Rupert might have been in the past, with him facing the Gallows, Rupert might spill information about Macs operation. Something he can't have...

Mickey Valentino (Valentine): Mickey is a young pickpocket and two-bit hustler from New York who has dreams of making his way to Hollywood to become a movie star. He is very handsome, with stylish hair and clothes. He speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent. He and Rupert have become close friends since Rupert saved him from a well deserved beating. He knows many ins and outs of the American criminal underworld and always seems to "Know a guy" in whichever town the stop in. He was even able to get Rupert's quid exchanged for American Currency to help fund their travels. He has promised to help Rupert find work with one of his relatives in Chicago.

Investigator Derrick Mason, Scotland Yard: Inevestigator Mason arrested Rupert his very first time for shoplifting. This also happened to be Masons first collar as a fresh faced rookie. Since then the two have crossed paths numerous times, and Mason has clapped Irons on Rupert for at least half of his convictions. Ever since the start, Mason knew their was something wrong with the the sullen, burly, Smythe. Even as teenager, Mason saw that the common spark of decency that existed in most people was absent in Rupert. As such, after his every arrest he would demand that the magistrates throw the book at Smythe, and lock him up for the maximum sentence to set an example. The magistrates never listened... Unbeknownst to Rupert, the man he murdered, Joseph Maxwell, was actually a close personal friend of Investigator Mason. Learning that Smythe is likely responsible for the crime, and has also likely fled the country, Mason has taken a temporary leave of absence from Scotland Yard. He is leaving his badge in London, and taking a boat to America. He will find Rupert and make him face justice. One way or another...


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