For the next couple hours the view from their communal window had very little to offer in the way of variation. The sky slowly darkened and the cloud layer grew ever more distant and flat but other that the plane noises fading to distant whispers below their feet there was very little to occupy their attention.

She noticed that her long friend Mr Wood had approached the returning Foreigner Secretary Mr Scott and were having a quiet, yet quite animated, conversation in the far corner. Dusa had not spoken to many Martian Colonists before and only met a handful in person so she was unfamiliar with any traits that might be associated with growing up on their sister world. Besides each other the two returning Martian representatives had seemed ordinarily but stood next to her Earther friend the contrast was much more noticable. Mr Wood's figure had earned him the nickname Bamboo during their time working together in East Asia but besides Mr Scott he appeared average height but what was more striking was Mr Scott's incredibly chalky pale complexion. She spent some time looking between the other passengers--already the distinctions were becoming easier and Briefcase, who she had been unsure of earlier, she decided was clearly an Earther.

Mr Gant had taken a seat and was looking at something on his phone, Briefcase was still seated and also on her phone and the young man who had been taking notes was now advancing across the elevator towards her. She smiled but said nothing as he sat down beside her and he clearly took it as an opportunity to start the conversation.

Up close it was evident that beneath the baggy casual clothes the young man was by far the heaviest build here and although not necessarily taught his loose clothes somewhat stretched around his thighs and stomach area. He has a broad face with large cheeks and happy twinkling eyes. He pointed to her carry case smiling jovially.
"You smuggled a puppy on or something Miss?"
"Oh yes. Used my security privileges to bring the first ever Cat into space actually."
"Yeah? It will be useful catching all those lab rats that escaped in the 40's"

There was a brief pause before the young man realized the uniformed officer before him wasn't going to continue the joke further and he held out a hand.
"Samuel Parker, Journalist... sorta."

She took the offered hand and shook it gently.
"Jastra Dusa, Police Commissioner to Mars... sorta"

He smiled and looked out the window before turning back to her.
"Is this your first time in space Jastra? It is mine."
"It will be my first time off-world but I have been to the top of the Tether's a few times."

He clearly wanted a little more but realized he wasn't going to get it.
"Word is that there is going to be some sort of protests on Mars when our friend over there returns."
"And what words might they be then?"
"Just the word. Bloggers, activists, unions and even some coverage on Martian News."
"I am sure it will blow over."
"You not worried? It will be your job to deal with the situation wont it?"
"It will be but there is six months for things to cool down before then."