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podcast episode about how to pbp

podcast episode about how to pbp

I thought it was really cool to have one of my favourite podcasts cover play-by-post. It has some great advice. You should definitely give it a listen!



Total Party Thrill is a podcast for GMs and players where we discuss our campaigns in order to inspire yours. Hosts I-Hsien and Shane draw heavily from a 3-year, level 1-20 D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) 5th Edition Eberron campaign. Each episode covers a particular aspect of game planning and playing, and we share tips and advice drawn from our own experience. Then follow us into the Character Creation Forge, where we build iconic character archetypes from outside traditional D&D using the D&D 5E rules.

I meant to ask for the main takeaways from the episode. If they are compelling, I'd be willing to sit down and listen.

They talk about picking your character's abilities so that they lend well to asynchronous play, what works well and what doesn't. Also about applying to games that will be a good fit for you.

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