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Favorite Podcasts?

Scriptnotes is really good. It's a podcast about screenwriting, but occasionally it ventures into stuff like the film industry or writing or other things.

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Dice Funk spawned off Word Funk and is the reason I'm on this site since its a tabletop podcast. They are on their second season and unlike most campaigns, none of the players (and sometimes the DM) take the game very seriously.
The 2nd season is so damn good. Austin is a great DM, though Johnny is really good too, but Austin's world and NPCs are great, it's one of the best campaigns I've listened to. That, and the PCs are great too, love Vinny.

A highly recommended series to listen to.

I like listening to Clay Jenkinson's "The Thomas Jefferson Hour." In addition to learning more about said Founding Father it also has interesting stuff about the time he lived in, and said historian even uses that information to occasionally meditate on how things are today.

If we can consider youtube videos as being podcasts, I'd also recommend the lecture clips/other videos posted by Philosophy Professor Wes Cecil. Another good podcast on philosphy would be the one made by the BBC, called: "In Our Time"

I recently finished up the History of Rome podcast, and I have to say that about when he got to Diocletian the author really seemed to be losing his luster for the thing. But he ended it at the fall of the western empire, and instead started another podcast called Revolutions where for ~4 months he does a podcast per week on some revolution or other. I've only listened to the first "season", which was on the English Revolution (or, as you like, the English civil wars of the 1600s). Great stuff!

I might have to check out "In Our Time"...

Aside from just putting out podcast suggestions, I wonder if you guys have recommendation on a particular topic: Science History. I've been looking around, and to the extent that podcasts on this stuff exist they're kind of diffuse. There are some episodes on science in Stuff you missed in history class, some of Hardcore History's episodes go over science-related stuff (e.g. "The Destroyer of Worlds"), and it looks like there was a short-lived podcast run by a Historian of Science called The Missing Link (but the files are no longer available...)

I'm going around listening to various science-relevant episodes in history podcasts, but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations that I may have missed.

I'm not sure if anyone's still interested in this thread, but just in case I thought I'd share a couple other interesting podcasts.

I've really been enjoying The Great Books Podcast as a way to either relive classics or add more books to my shelf. Each week the host (an author for The National Review) speaks with a professor of English/Literature/Theatre/Classics to discuss a great work of literature. It puts a lot of works into great context and gives interesting related anecdotes. A relatively young podcast.

I'll also give a tepid recommendation for More Perfect. The show's producers pick out important supreme court cases/decisions throughout U.S. history and discuss what went on, the arguments on either end, and the societal implications. Unfortunately, in the last several episodes they decided to start using a lot more sound-effects that seem almost condescending to the listeners. Like they have to use auditory wingdings to keep our attention. Mostly bugged the crap out of me.

Disclaimer: each of these two podcasts tries to come at issues with a sense of balance. But you can clearly tell that they each have their own ideological slant, which can become annoying. I still think that they're well worth the listen, though.


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