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Reboots we actually need and want

Reboots we actually need and want

I keep seeing the calvalcade of reboots that has consumed Hollywood (more than usual, because there have always been reboots) and I wondered what reboots would I actually want to see. So I thought I'd start a discussion about that.

First, I think it's time to reboot Star Wars from the beginning. And by that I mean Eps 1,2 and 3. It's been a while now. Take the lore of a new hope on and imagine a different world that led to them, perhaps one that people imagined existed when hearing about The Clone Wars and Anakin and Obiwan being friends and pilots before any Jedi training occurred. It shouldn't even affect any of the new movies going on. Probably too much nerd rage for this to happen though.

Wild Wild West. Because James West must be avenged. It should be a campy, buddy movie because the TV show was never serious and really only was a semi-spoof of James Bond. Let the Jump Street people do it. Girls, gadgets and guns. Or make it a Kingsman prequel

Space 1999 - an massive accident wrests the moon from Earth's orbit and carries the lunar population into adventure. Only this time, it is a dimensional rift that takes the moon to another solar system, one with strange new worlds to explore.

The Firefly universe. It's been too long for Serenity to fly again. Actors have moved on, and gotten old and wrinkly. And I wouldn't try to recast her crew either. But there were many Firefly class ships in the 'verse.

What do you think? What would you reboot?


Or, I hear there's a Gargoyles reboot in the works...

Rebooting Freakazoid might be unwise; given that Freakazoid is supposed to have the power of the internet or something like that, it might end up being ruined by shoehorned-in memes.

Gargoyles would be great. Any time you cast grownup stories that are still safe as children's cartoons, you tend to get good stuff. It makes kids smarter.

Animaniacs... I don't know if they could get it right. That show was mostly an accident for when you leave writers unsupervised. I feel like any Animaniacs continuation/reboot would just be a show focusing on pop-culture references without any attached jokes or commentary.

Well, as it's just an idea by Spielberg right now we shall have to see what we get. They are rebooting Ducktales already.

Teen oriented or more mature?

I would also like to see the Ron Perlman Beauty and the Beast rebooted. It was a great world and I think better done than many contemporary rehashings of the idea.

To be perfectly honest I think reboots are cancer and we should stop doing it.

Nah, you got it all wrong. Rebooting great shows will, by definition, always fail. Fans of the original will only be disappointed, and people who haven't been exposed to the original won't get all the references or be as forgiving of the inevitable plotholes that arise.

What you need to do is reboot god awful shows. The ones that were silly, trite, or just plain boring. That way, there's no need to pander- the people who liked the original *know* it was bad, and are willing to give the reboot a chance to stand on its own, and the newcomers won't have to worry about references flying over their heads because the original isn't worth clinging to.

Because it's an order of magnitude easier to bulldoze a condemned building and erect a new structure than it is to renovate and update a dilapidated historical site. And bulldozing a historic site only serves to piss people off.

That's why Battlestar Galactica worked... well, for the first couple seasons, at least... it ultimately fell prey to the same desperate attempt to shock audiences that Lost did.

Ocean's 11 as another example. Although I rather liked the original... yes, it was campy as hell, relied almost solely on star power for a selling point, and did not age well at all... but it was fun, and the actors were clearly having fun making it.

And that's where you go to find reboot material. Go find works that people either generally agree suck, or agree weren't all that special. Do *not* bulldoze beloved properties. Instead bulldoze properties nobody gives a damn about.


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