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Boring Wealth by Level Experiment

Boring Wealth by Level Experiment

This is a weird experiment I'm going to do, to check something in terms of time. The experiment is based on a past character with some minor alterations. I figured if the gather information thread was allowed, this one should be too. Also I'm legit curious how long this will take to reach level 20.

The character this experiment will be played with is this one.

He is a level 1 standard character, created with 25 standard point buy 3.5, and no flaws, traits, etc.

He will level up everytime his total wealth matches that of the next level listed in the DMG1 for edition 3.5 (I.e He will level up at 900 gp to level 2, 2700 gp to level 3, etc).

Due to the Master being a class from a sidebook, and not technically compatible with any guilds, the favored in guild feat and guild membership will do nothing, due to it being so DM reliant. This is based on the campaign in which the original PC was run in. He will still pay monthly guild fees though.

For the sake of the timespan, and to keep things simple. A day in real life is one week in this experiment, and 5 days is one month. Based on the time frame in the campaign in which the original character was played. Checks will be allowed at midnight. For the sake of this experiment, we are assuming he is constantly using his power points to not need to eat. (He IS an Elan).

El Presidente's goal is simple, fill his Amazon Bank account as high as possible.

His current total wealth is 125 gp (average of the master's starting gold of 5d4*10 gp).

As with all great rulers, El Presidente starts out working on a humble farm. At midnight tonight, he will make his first profession (Farming) check to make his weekly wages, to begin the road to greatness.

Spreedsheet for more advanced calculations:

Edit: Putting this FAQ here for future reference. It'll come up around level 20 or so.

Originally Posted by Black_Valor View Post
125gp buys 5 farm hands 25 years.
Well it's more I'm curious at the rate at which games flow on play by post, if you level up via wealth by level how much time it would take to reach 790,000 gp from level 1, via profession checks and such, and if it's in theory faster than actually playing modules and such.

Mercantile Background feat. 300 extra starting gold as well as some long term advantages for purchasing money making devices later. It'll also *really* help when you start poking at the Stronghold rules. Which, if you plan to become obscenely wealthy, you will tap.

Or make a repeating trap of (beneficial spell here). A wagon with a device that heals anyone who pushes a button is gonna be a pretty big hit.

That would rely on DM intervention. This is using the rules of Profession and Business running. Aka rules that have completely pre-set income and expense amounts.

It's also based on how the original character was played.

Taking 10 on profession (farmer). +3 wis, 4 ranks, +2 tools, +2 primary knack = +11, +10 roll = DC 21 roll.

Due to the loyal clientele knack he gets gp equal to his roll, not half. +21 gp for total of 71 GP cash on hand.

Total wealth: 146.

Estimated time til level up. (900-146)/21 round up = 35.9047619048 rounded up to 36 days to level up.

Leveling up using this build and leveling up when you reach wealth by level amounts takes approximately 37 days to reach level 2 from level 1. That number might be a bit low due to needing to pay 5 gp in guild fees every month.

Edit: Okay I think I have the actual time period.

Starting at 125 gp I require 775 gp to level up. I get 21 gp every period, and subtract 5 gp every 5 periods. That means I make 100 gp every 5 periods (21*5)-5 - 100. So it would take around 40 periods to level up.

So in around 40 real-life days or simulation weeks or so I should have reached level 2. One day down, 39 to go.

And I forgot to update this at midnight on the 29th. How silly of me.

Anyway, another 21 gp added from another take 10. We're doing this legit baby.

~Month 1, Week 2~
92 gp on hand.
50 gp in masterwork tools.
25 gp in Guild membership.
Total wealth: 167 gp.

Seeing as this is going to be running for a long time, aren't you better off rolling for an average of 10.5 than taking 10 every time?

Originally Posted by pyrrhicPachyderm View Post
Seeing as this is going to be running for a long time, aren't you better off rolling for an average of 10.5 than taking 10 every time?
In theory, but you need consistency in an experiment. The Profession checks will start to be forgotten around.


250 gp for tools of legend (farming)....1625 gp for the farm....sell the masterwork tools I've got for 25 1850 gp plus my guild membership, minus whatever I blow on guild fees in the meantime.

That is if I've done the numbers right. Once the farm is up, it's 125 gp to upgrade every 15 days....and at that point I think my profession checks will be rolling 32 gp a day thanks to my ultimate tools that the master class makes available.

Not even sure if I actually need the tools. I think I need DC 33-1d4 for the farm. Meanwhile I'll be level 2, and I get....I think I get +4 from generic business bonuses. +1 favored in guild, +2 hours, +1 secondary skills.

Meanwhile my ranks will be 5, my wisdom 3, my knack 2, my tools 2, my dice roll 10, so DC22 +4 = 26 against 33-1d4. Might have to wait til level 3 for the investment so I can have business savvy and another rank. That would make it 26 + 4 = 30 against 33-1d4. Not the most stable business, and has a 50/50 gamble to be in the negatives at first, but still I've survived that, I've done the math.

Hmph. Looks like I either need to take a level in cleric, wait til level 3, or buy the cheesy tools. Either one works. If I take the cleric level I'll just end up taking merchant prince one level later. The original character was gestalt anyway, but I wanted this as generic as possible in terms of rules. I'll probably wait til I break 2700 gp, so as to not be cheap with the tools or cheesy cleric of commerce route. This is a test of time, not a test of min-maxing. The only reason he's an Elan is to avoid any food purchases or such. Not that anyone bothers to track those in real games anyway.

I make 100 gp every 5 days. I need 2700 gp to be level 3 from level 1, so that'll be 27*5 = 135 days.

Still probably faster than leveling up a character from level 1 to 3, playing PROPER play by post.

Edit: Speaking of which, we passed midnight.

~Month 1, Week 3~
113 gp on hand.
50 gp in masterwork tools.
25 gp in Guild membership.
Total wealth: 188 gp.

So I'll level up to level 3 in around 25 5 days and 1 day. Which is around 126 days from now. Which according to google is August 3rd 2017. I seriously have half a mind to jump ahead and start using date calculators to calculate at what date I'd reach level 20, but quite frankly I'd rather do this legit so I can compare it to the various D&D games I join and run in the meantime.

For reference's sake the Amazon Prince game I'm running opened it's application April 3rd 2016, which means as of this post they have gained a total of one level over 362 days. Either I'm the worse DM in terms of giving out experience points, or my pacing is horrible.

Either that or if you have a DM who will level you by wealth by level in a 3.5 game and is using the rate that the Realm Folded Tavern game was using you would be faster to level up by avoiding quests and combat and instead playing the tabletop version of Adventure Capitalist.

Quite frankly the fact that anyone has responded to this thread at all astounds me.

~Month 1, Week 4: April 1st 2017~
134 gp on hand.
50 gp in masterwork tools.
25 gp in Guild membership.
Total wealth: 209 gp.


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