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Character portraits as urls

Character portraits as urls

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I hope this is the correct place to post this.

Secondly, I hope this question hasn't been asked before (I couldn't see a thread that covers this).

I have been struggling to attach portraits to character threads, as it usually requires a url link. Forgive my noob-ness but I do not know how to go from a jpg for example, to a url.

I have Pinterest board with lots of inspiration (username 'craigmacc'), and I would like to be able to use some of it!

Thanks in advance.


Probably would be better in Site Discussion, but no big. If a mod wants it moved, they'll move it.

Okay! So, yeah, you're correct. It requires a URL link. Generally speaking, the Image tag is the one that you'll use. You need to link directly to the image, so your URL should have a .jpg or .png or something after it. I don't know how Pinterest works exactly, but I believe they're somewhat cagey about links. Sometimes (depending on browser) you can right click and select "copy image address" or "open image in new tab" which can give you the direct link. But some websites don't allow external image links.

Code for the above:
You can use the IMG2 tag to resize by width (in pixels) of the image.

Code for the above:
You can even link to the image source within the image tag by combo'ing it with a hyperlink.

Code for the above:
[URL=""][IMG][/IMG] [/URL]

Nice, thanks for the help! That is very useful.

And for resizing images - do they have to be the correct size or will they be cropped or rescaled?

The [IMG2] tag forces the image to display as the pixel width you specify by scaling up or down (in both dimensions). So, if it's an image that's natively 200 pixels wide and you use [img2=100] it'll be half as wide and half as tall. Or [img2=400] it'll be twice as wide/tall (and probably blurry).

Hi, I am sorry but I am still having trouble with this. I have tried setting the file that you linked to above as my avatar, and it worked fine. However, EVERY other picture I have tried from various websites returns an error of 'remote file is too large'.

So if I have a picture I like, how do I reduce the file size so that I can use it?

I am talking about my avatar only here - I will attempt to solve the character portrait issue after!

I think avatars, specifically, have a limit of pixels/file size. They're handled differently than the image links I was discussing above since they're used in every post you make in a variety of ways. They've got stricter rules, basically (avatars on most forum-based websites do actually).

Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 144 by 144 pixels or 32.0 KB (whichever is smaller).

So your best bet would be to save it to your computer, use an image editor (even MS Paint would do it) to scale the image down to a smaller pixel size, or crop it, and then try to upload it again. You want to make sure the file is less than 144 x 144 pixels or smaller than 32kb.

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