Recruiting For the Haunted Force

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Recruiting For the Haunted Force

Haunted Mansion - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Wanted: Players for a D+D 5e game based off Disney's The Haunted Mansion. See Description Below for details.

Game Description:

Theme Song

Welcome Curious Mortals to the Haunted Mansion

I am SMARTAgentKC and I'll be your host, your ghost host *chuckles*

As you can see I'm in the mood for a, as it is said, ghoulishly delightful game within the boundless realm of the supernatural and you my friends are going to be the players of this game. The game will be broken down into chapters with each chapter focusing on a particular event of the story.

We are going to be using the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition System as that is the system I am most familiar with and while I prefer sticking to official material for most things like the rules and such there are a few things I will consider given proper information for it and, of course, if you are not familiar with the system but still want to play, I can help guide you to various things that can give you knowledge.

The setting itself is going to be a mixture of lighthearted roleplaying in a modern day real world setting with some more serious adventuring in the spirit realm where anything and everything is possible.

You'll begin as generally normal teenage to young adult humans who live in a small Louisiana town called Mystic Bayou and once you get access and enter into the boundless supernatural realm, from here on out called the spirit realm, you gain powers and traits from spirit cards that transform you into your spirit form which is pretty much your full character app (You are human on the real side but you can transform into any accepted race and class within the D+D5e system and gain all those stats and abilities while in spirit realm and maybe just maybe some of those traits will bleed out into the real world to help you on certain things, [Darkvision, Cantrips, Skill Checks etc.] So your app is basically what you want to be in a spirit form and might help your real human form)

As for the story, You all live in Mystic Bayou who's only real claim to fame is a large Victorian mansion that sits upon a hill that overlooks the town. This mansion is called the Haunt Mansion and is owned and maintained by the Haunt Family. There have been many tales that the mansion is haunted by supernatural things and many decades ago it is said that there was a force known as the Haunted Force who protected Mystic Bayou from evil spirits and other paranormal activity using weird magic and spiritual summons and there are even tales that the ghosts that do haunt the mansion are friendly to mortals for the most part and there used to be great parties at the mansion called swinging wakes. However those days are long gone, there's no real sightings and the mansion itself is generally quiet. Those that care for it now are generally normal people with other jobs besides maintaining the mansion and they even have some teenage kids of their own who go to the local high school. It's gotten some hatred from the upper crust of the town because it's existence and stories seems to hold the town back from prospering and even the mayor of the town has gone as far as to red-tag it to prevent people from living in the mansion; fortunately, there's a foundation that providing a fund to the Haunt family to help keep the mansion maintained among other things. To most it's just a big mansion with a lot of history and stories including many ghost stories but the truth lies on the other side.

On the other side, the actions of the past Haunted Force stopped an evil Sorcerer named Atticus Thorn and his cult of the Order of the Shadows from causing havoc and chaos and sealed him away in the afterdark, a deep prison within the spirit realm, and defeated/vanquished most of their members and time did the rest making them a very small note in history and the allowed the town to flourish. However that doesn't mean they still don't exist. There is whispering in the spiritual realm that the remains of the Order of the Shadows are trying to bust Atticus Thorn out of his prison using the power of negative imagination and emotion and will create havoc in the mortal realm to generate those things. We can't have that go unchecked and I'm going to need your help to try and stop his followers from gathering the power needed to free him and can provide you with the tools you need to be able to do that task all you got to do really is be willing to help and keep the whole thing on the down low.

There will be more specific details and character guides inside along with a place where you can ask me questions and such and I do plan to be around to keep this game going as long as there are players willing to play.

So step on in please, there's plenty of room for everyone. No need to turn back now. We're just getting started.

What am I looking for: Mostly people who are willing to have some fun while still following the general rules of the site and game itself. I don't particularly want 'evil' characters as I got enough of those up my sleeve but we can talk if you got serious questions. I'm aiming for at least four players to start with but I can add more if there is any real interest but you got to promise me that you are gonna play and not disappear. If you have to disappear because of real world stuff just let me know and we'll work things out.

My experience: I've mostly played D+D5e on with only recently coming to Mythweavers and playing in a few games and this is my first time being a DM on Mythweavers. I've also played in other freeform RP forums and other sites and have GM a couple of topic roleplays on those sites. Mostly however I am an author who loves to write and create stories and this one has been bouncing around in my head for a few years now and I think I've finally found a place that can fully express it and who knows maybe what is written here can be adapted into material for a haunted mansion fanfic (with you all credit and permission of course) I'll see what I can do for maps and such when it comes to battles and things like that but please bare with me as I'm new to creating maps and other things.

Githzari? Never heard of... *gets something in his mail slot* eh *checks his mail and it's the newest edition of Unearth Arcana* oh what do we have here the newest addition to Unearth Arcana, *reads and notes it says stuff about Githzari* uh huh eh I'm gonna read this stuff over but since it's official playtest material, I'm gonna allow it straight up

When is the cuteoff date for this app actually? (the deadline so to speak/the time the game starts?)

There is no set deadline for apps or game start time, as I'm still somewhat setting up locations, and NPCs, plus working on a new player's guide for those who don't know how to play Fifth Edition but yet showed a huge interest and willingness to learn because of the theme.

As of right now I have two slots filled with accepted apps. I want at least four to have a decent blend of player characters before I start and I'm somewhat doing it as a first come first served basis so that once we have four players we can start. I want to have plenty of time in a prologue chapter so that when Halloween time rolls around (like two weeks before) I can start chapter 1 (which does an timeline event around Halloween.)

I can add as many who are really interested in playing and give me completed apps and sheets and if I have to I'll make mutiple tables/groups I will

Basically this game is for those who want to have fun playing at the Haunted Mansion on Halloween with no 5e experience required.

This game is still highly accepting apps, We have 3 players with opening for up to three more (we're gonna start when we get 4) So come on down people, the ghosts are getting restless and you know when they get restless strange things start to happen


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