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Just a place for us to discuss. I personally am not against other people joining in, but of course this isn't just for me. I can't privatize this discussion but we can always use the private text thingy.

So, I am super undecided at the moment, I have an itch to make a character and a lot of partial ideas floating in my head. Some have been there for a while, some... probably most are influenced by other characters.

Anyway, throwing up ideas and discussion:

- A lazy halfing summoner
seems very nice
who likes to make friends (Lightly based off of an old character of Rum's)
- A mama bear dwarf cleric (Lightly inspired by a character to a game that did not really get off) Not likely with the direction we are going
fighter, what have you
A hunter who has similar behaviors of an African Wild Dog (Lightly based off of a wild dog character I have made before, but likely not going to be a actual dog person.

Enkhoffer ideas/input:
There are a couple concepts I've been considering myself... and despite my predilection for front-line warriors, they're all casters. A dragon-blooded sorcerer, an artificer and construct-maker type, maybe even a necromancer...

Speaking with Enk inspired me to think about a possible happy goth idea. Maybe some sort of death cult of some sort?

Enkhoffer ideas/input:
Ive tried my hand with a Necrologist Spiritualist (who actually has an undead phantom).
Hed had a close brush with death at the hands of a shadow demon, and had become obsessed with his own mortality and the temporary nature of his flesh. Hes disgusted with rot and decay, and he wants to hold on to his senses and earthly delights - so he doesnt want to become a lich or vampire or any other kind of undead. He specialized in spirits and possession magic, and searched for a way to let his spirit hop from body to body, enjoying life forever and never wasting away.

But I think I can do the same thing in a slightly different direction with something else Ive wanted to play with, by making him a cleric of the Horseman Charon.

I am not sure if the death cult thing still stands with the Necrologist idea... but who knows?

In the end, I thought it would be fun to be able to play with Enk and Rum. I am in a few games with Rum already, but haven't had the pleasure of currently being in a game where I am playing a character with Enk.

Rumrunner ideas/input:
All your character ideas sound supper familiar... I'm not sure what I'd like to play, I like the butler idea we had before, that could go well with the lazy summoner. I'm not sure what you mean by a mamabear dwarf exactly, like I understand the concept but I'd need more details. The african wild dog idea I feel would go well with a stoic type, maybe a wizard or a sorcerer.

*Lazy Summoner - Protective Butler or Maid, this could be interesting as your summoned creature would also be a servant, guard or something, so it's basically a retinue. Could be an exiled noble or disinherited daughter.

*Mama Dwarf - Childish Halfling, this could be various different build types, mama bear could be a warrior or cleric or a literal bear as a druid. Halfling girl would be a monk or maybe a wizard? any class could really work, lots of options here.

*African Dog - I see a few options here, we could go with a pack mentality, though there's the option of a cat and dog dichotomy with a lazy cat mentality, maybe as a wizard.

Also, what edition do you want to play. I'd prefer 5e, though pathfinder is also good.

I am fine with either 5e or pathfinder as well. I do enjoy pathfinder, but all but one of my games are pathfinder, so I am more then open to some 5e.

The butler idea could be fun.

Whelp wanted to throw this up so we can all chat.

Oh, opps. Didn't think this qualified as that. Thanks.

All the ideas I had I imagined in Pathfinder, but could supposedly work in 5e. Dark clerics always had easiest access to necromancy and undead-making in DnD... and Charon could be transferred over as well.

I’ve wanted to do something with the horseman for a long time, I am fascinated with his patience and the aspect of inevitability he embodies - all people, but especially powerful heroes, do everything they can to avoid other forms of death... they train so they are not killed in battle, they seek magic remedies for illnesses and disease, ans they load up on supplies so as not to starve... old age is considered the best death to suffer, and so everything comes to Charon in the end.

A four horseman theme could be pretty cool/fun. The followers of the four horsemen or something.

A gestalt game would be pretty cool. We would just need us 3, a 4th wouldn't be a bad idea. Especially if we are leaning towards the four horsemen idea.

So, I saw a few things from Devil May Cry 5..... and well.... something along that feel would be awesome. Just putting that out there.

So while four horsemen sound great, I'm not the biggest fan of pathfinder's interpretation of them. I would prefer an interpretation of famine where the masses starve because of the greed of the rich. Basically a mercantile perspective of famine where food is too expensive for the masses to procure, which is closer to the text in Revelations.

Options here for me would be to pose as a worshipper of Waukeen but I guess Abadar could work if pathfinder... the goal if keeping with the Golarion setting would be to usurp the current horseman of famine. Though that seems kinda lofty so a lore tweek to make the horseman of famine more in line with the actual text of Revelations might be easier, but I'm fine with either. In the end, my character would pass themselves off as a merchant and follower of a god of commerce and trade. I'm fine with this being gestalt or not, I'm not sure if Gestalt works with 5e.

I haven't tried 5e gestalt... it doesn't strike me as that problematic, but then it's not the system I'm the most familiar with.

I don't have a problem with refluffing the hungry horseman - PFs interpretation of the current one is called Trelmarixian - as I agree with you that something closer to the classical image would be fun.
The other three horsemen are fairly traditional.

So the domain of the Horseman of Famine, rather than the current one which is cancers and other afflictions where the body eats itself, would be something along the lines of starvation and want because of exploitation by someone stronger?

I'm tots cool with a refluff to lean more towards the Revelation text, I haven't really looked at the horsemen yet, but since we seem to be leaning a bit more towards that way I will. So, if Enk is interested in Charon (death) and Rum is interested in Famine, that leaves pestilence and war. Out of the two, I would lean more towards war.

Looking at Szuriel and Apollyon, they both sound pretty cool. Although a ram's head is odd for a pestilence, but whatever.

I think with war, I would lean towards a dark Valkyrie kind of feel. Could be a mercenary (could be a hired hand for the famine merchant) and/or arm's dealer (to keep with a merchant feel).

Hmmm... I could go for a goth poet kind of feel still, if I want. Would they have a code? Or would they lean more towards win anyway you can?

Although, I could probably take my lazy character idea and use it for the pestilence follower.

So, Enk, you are thinking your follower would be a cleric?

Any idea about what the famine person would be class wise?

Simply war would be any good melee fighter, I am sure there is another way to go about it, but it's certainly not a bad idea to go with.
If I go with the whole code idea, anti-paladin would probably work pretty well.
Heh, we could all have cleric if we go gestalt.
Fighter is of course an option along with barbarian and even bloodrager. Although, I am leaning more towards an armored up tank of destruction, it would be kind of interesting to play the barbar archetype that wears as little as possible. I think I will stick with armor though. I could still do barbar that way too if I want, with armored hulk.
Warpriest, duh.
There are so many choices really.

I do really like the dark Valkyrie idea, I can't help myself.

I'm thinking pestilence would be good as a magic user and still like the summoner idea.

Well, I guess that narrows down my ideas a bit. Let's see...

*Follower of war:
-- Dark Valkyrie feel (with or without code, though if I go for the Valkyrie thing, they will likely have some kind of code.)

-- Win no matter what

*Follower of Pestilence:
-- Lazy summoner

Maybe I will see about working on the three and see if one comes to me easier.


Maybe if we can get a fourth, it might help lol. You guys have anyone in mind?


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