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Earthdawn Campaign with Pathfinder 1e Rules

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Earthdawn Campaign with Pathfinder 1e Rules

Earthdawn Setting With Pathfinder 1e Rules - Forum

Fellow Weavers,

I'm new to these boards but I have a few years of experience online DMing. I'm itching to run an Earthdawn game, but I don't have time or energy to relearn the rules, or pick up the poorly-reviewed conversion. I'm just going to house rule a bunch of stuff to get a similar effect. It would be a fairly high-powered game (Gestalt, extra feats, etc.).

EDIT: I'm going to take Arklyttes's suggestion below and just list some crazy build rules (this will sound totally insane -- I run several games like this on the Paizo boards and I always get plenty of applications, so I guess I'll try it here).

It's your job to make something out of it that fits into Earthdawn lore.

This will be a relatively high-powered game. I think I want to do a rendition of the module Shattered Pattern about the Cult of the Great Hunter

Rule System: Pathfinder.
Source(s): Anything -- 3pp., whatever.
Stats: 51pt. buy. Min 1., Max nothing (you can buy 50 and dump other stats if you want).
Races: Any race and any template(s).
Class: Gestalt 6th level. 3 Mythic Tiers. Gestalt the Mythic Tiers as well.
Feats: 45 at first level. After that, each side of the gestalt progresses like a Fighter that was getting 1 feat per level (i.e., 2-4 feats per level). The 'bonus' feat slots don't have to be spent on combat feats. The Mythic Tiers get the same progression for mythic feats for each side of the mythic gestalt. Everyone gets the Fighter Stamina Feat and the Rogue Skill Unlock Feat for free.
Health: Wounds and Vigor system except you get to add your constitution bonus to the Vigor roll, as well as get double Vigor at 1st level. Maximum at every level.
Equipment: just pick stuff. All the magic items have to be named and have setting appropriate back stories.
Skills: Background skills.
Hero Points (to represent Karma)

Further Notes:

-We will use both the Automatic Bonus Progression system (beginning as if 3rd level), and this system from the Giant in the Playground Forums Given this, you shouldn't have more than 1-3 very special magical items with a story and background.

--I have home brewed rules for healing surges I'll post.

--In combat you will choose every round to use either the standard or unchained action economy.

I'm still looking at how to deal with magic -- I'm thinking maybe spell points and wild magic rules for raw casting, I need to consider it more, let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

Given that huge playground, give me a pitch for what Earthdawn character you're trying to model -- race and discipline -- so I can evaluate your build. The key here is a good modeling of something recognizably Earthdawn.

EDIT: Just to clarify what I'm look for -- I want with a character sheet with an introductory sentence like "I'm modeling a windling swordmaster/elementalist," or whatever the case may be.

EDIT: I'll probably also use subsystems from Horror and Occult Adventures to deal with Horrors.

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Interested. Probably female human beastmaster :-)

Yeah, I was thinking pterrans for T'skrang because they look similar, but I'm realizing its not super close. Looking at the ED rules description for the race, maybe a suped-up Kobold would be better, that would give the tail attack.

Okay, I took the suggestion above and posted some crazy build rules. Use that sandbox to pitch some characters to me that feel like high powered Earthdawn adepts, and let's see where things go.

Wow, them c-gen rules. Is there a folder in the forum for your game you'd like us to post these ideas to? Its gonna get pretty cluttered if we all post to this thread.

@Duskblade: No worries. I took it as a sincere compliment.

LOL! I'm pretty 'oldish' too, and I was a big fan of everything FASA back in the day. They and the folks at Palladium and R. Talsorian were probably the best world builders of their day...IMO their world's still hold up as some of the best around.
Originally Posted by Sensibleshoes View Post
I'll make one, I'm still getting the hang of this site.
If it helps, take a look at some of the other games being run in the site to give you a better idea of what's possible. Most any game listed it the ads would be a good place to start. I have several games running too...If you click on my profile you can take a look at some of mine as one example. Frankly, most everything I setup in my games I got by copying others then just tweaked it til it suited my style.

Also...*looks at creation rules and crackles maniacally, rubbing his hands with glee* This is gonna be FUN!!!

I think I set up a submissions folder and thread correctly looking at your model. I tend to do a lot of stuff in googleslides for battlemaps and stuff, so I'll have to figure out how to make that work for this platform. Interested to see what interest this does or doesn't get and what people come up with.

Just to clarify, did you truly mean 45(!!) feats for first level or 4 to 5?

Also, what limits are there in Templates? Are we allowed just one template? Can we take 'X' CR worth?

Also, by gestalt Mythic, does that mean we add mythic tiers to both sides of the gestalt?


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