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Everglades Gone Dresden

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Everglades Gone Dresden

The Neverglades - Forum
Dresden Files

The Neverglades

A Dresden Files Story
The Story

The Premise

This story will revolve around the supernatural happenings in a small town in which the supernatural is quite common compared to the bigger cities. The residents have to come together and deal with problems on their own. Power hungry panther despots, semi-retired drug kingpins, and testy guardian spirits are only the tip of the iceberg. The overarching plot will be the search for the Fountain of Youth, with a heavy helping of local drama that will need resolving.

The town itself is called Okeeokalee Bay, just a small part of the Florida Everglades. More details can be found on the forum, as well as in the Paranet Papers.

It is important to state, this game will be powered by the Dresden Files Accelerated edition and not the DFRPG. However, this setting is straight out of the Paranet Papers, the third sourcebook for the DFRPG.

The Game

Who is running this show?

Head-GM: Me (Josh) (Chee)

I won't lie to you, I'm not the best GM. I'm still learning and that means I am going to make some mistakes. There is no 'if' there. I can be dense and slow, take lefts when I should be going right, and trip over my own feet. But when I do, I listen to complaints and suggestions. I'm open to change and can even smile through the pain.

I'm going to school, working a full-time job (and a second part time job), and have truly crappy luck (just ask anybody). There are going to be times where I am slow on the post rates, but I try to keep it to at least once every three days (I'm usually much better than that).

I've read the books, watched the show (yuck), and played DFRPG for quite a while now. I even got to make Dresden for the Paranet Papers, which was the pinnacle of my fanboy history with the Dresden Files. Totally love the story and universe and will happily talk about it for hours on in.

If you want to talk with me, you can hit me up via PM or you can track me down on Myth-weavers IRC, where I'm usually creeping around. Generally speaking, the IRC is the fastest way to get a hold of me.

What I'm looking for in the Players:

*Players must be willing to read my guidelines and other material and be willing to play by them
*Players must be willing to participate in team, world, and character building activities
*The ability to post at least once per three days.
*Must have the DFA pdf from the Kickstarter or from buying the book.

Dresden Files Accelerated is a system based around narration, the GM's and the Players'. The player must be willing to contribute to the ongoing story, not just sitting and reacting to it. Players are expected to be descriptive of their character's actions, thoughts, and presence. Single sentences just will not cut it.

Absence Policy: Real life happens. If something comes up and you can't post, tell me. I understand. If you are taking a vacation or are going to be away from the internet for a time, tell me. I won't hold it against you. If you disappear without a word and don't post within a week or two, your character gets retired and I boot you so that I can start looking for a replacement.


What I'm looking for in Characters:

*Interesting, Dynamic, Active people
*Can't Be Evil.
*Can't be full blown psychopaths or sociopaths
*Be three dimensional, aka not Mary Sues or cardboard cutouts.
*Can't be one of the original characters from the canon or a close copy.
*Be INTERESTING, for Pete's sake

To sum all that up, I want organic, original characters. Characters with dreams, goals, and interests. They should actively be trying to play an active part in the game's issues. Which means they should be at least trying to be a good guy. They are active in their own lives, not just sitting around waiting for stuff to happen to them. I want characters that will grow and change as the story progresses, and not just in a mechanical sense.

As the Fountain of Youth will be the main focus of the game's over arching plot, every character has to have a reason to be hunting for it. This will be one of the uniting forces that bring the party together and part of the reason to keep your character moving in the plot.

All the character creation details and specifics can be found on the Character Creation Guidelines on the game forum, found here: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthr...9#post14119569

It is highly recommended you read over the Themes/Threats, as well as the Important Characters to get a grasp on the setting.

How to Apply

The ad will run like this:

Step 1: Follow the link and look over the Character App Process: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=464204

Step 2: To start your application, post your App in the thread over here: https://www.myth-weavers.com/showthr...1#post14119621

Step 3: When you finish filling out the Form, state so here in the ad

Step 4: Once I look over your pitch, I will usually have a series of questions to hit you with. I'll post those here, in the ad.


To wrap things up...

*I'm looking for 3-6 players
*The Deadline for this ad will be a little over three weeks from today, the 17th of March

*All questions, commentary, ooc stuff, anything other than the Forms themselves will take place here, in the Ad*

Game Description:

Okeeokalee Bay is home to the legendary Fountain of Youth, a powerful source of life and magic energies. Its waters perform miracles, healing the sick and extending the lives of the residents of the Bay. However, all sorts of weird and crazy pour of the swamps around the Bay. Mutant animals, fae spirits, ghosts, and more. The locals have to be tough by necessity, and be willing to pull together in times of crisis. Do you have what it takes to make it in the Neverglades?

GM of all things Dresden, Fate, and Wearing the Cape!
"The noblest art is that of making others happy." P.T. Barnum

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Originally Posted by Shorikid View Post
Not sure if I will put anything together here. I can say Chee runs an awesome game, and if you are applying; read the application directions, the hints on aspects etc. All of it is good material to help with your character, and will improve your odds of acceptance.
Shorikid gave the warning that I wasn't going to give. The outsider thing is in the Fit the Setting section. Having grown up in the Bay would most definitively not make her an outsider. You would pretty much have to redo your background yes, totally scrap, probably not.


Yeah I read it and absorbed "fit the setting" far more then any "don't be a native to the Bay" from it.

Okay then let me rephrase something unanswered from before... can I have married into the Bay via my existing character husband/Trouble? She wouldn't have been in town just a week or nothing but I can probably come up with something not completely terrible (for me) from that angle.

@Josh My character, Andrew Spencer, is ready for initial review.

First of all, I'm really excited to see a Dresden game! Love the books and world and I really love the original DFRPG. I've never played the accelerated version, but I just bought the pdf and I think I've got enough of a grasp on it to get my character properly submitted.

I'm not sure how much we can ask you, @Josh, but I wanted to make sure it's okay to alter one of the mantles a little bit to fit my character concept. I'm making a real estate lawyer who was sent down to the Everglades to try and convince the backwards locals to sell their land and/or agree to some redevelopment. She just learned of the supernatural, like, a few days ago, but being quite task-oriented and type-A she's taken the revelation in stride.

So for Mantle, I actually think that the Reporter mantle, functionally, works more or less like I want it to, with a little refluffing. Press Credentials can instead be named something like Attorney Privelege, but mostly works in a similar way by making people less likely to make a big deal when I show up somewhere odd. Off The Air could just be called Off The Case or something.

Journalist Favors could be renamed Quid Pro Quo, Word on the Street could be Legal Connections, and Media Frenzy could be something like Tied Down By Red Tape.

I'd also like to buy just the stunt Chasing Rumors from the Clued in Mortal mantle; I plan on buying the rest of it pretty soon as Susan gets enough experience with the supernatural, but at the moment she's really at the stage of coming to terms with things and doing research to try and get her bearings in this strange new world, so I think it makes sense to start her off only partway there.

So anyway, is that all okay? Basically, am I doing this right? I'm 100% open to doing things differently, since I have lots of experience with Fate but no experience with mantles, and I hope that I'm not asking too many questions in my first post.


More questions. The setting mentions that cellular reception and (I'm assuming) Wi-Fi is spotty there, which totally makes sense. In drumming up andrew's contact/hook, I'm thinking one of two (or possibly both) ways.

1. One of his old instructors moved out here for family and now runs a small studio. Since Andrew has to be this way anyway (reason of fount, pulling obligation, or both), he intends to look in on him and probably be a guest assistant in the class (instructors always need volunteers to beat around a bit, eh?)

2. From the art aspect, Andrew has a client here who's bought some of his decks. The two of them have struck up a digital relationship and both are interested in meeting in person, now that Andrew's travels are bringing him near.

Considering option #2, I would need a Magic player so unless Miss Cammy or Dougie play it themselves, I'm considering going through one of their relatives. The Shilah look prime but I'm also considering a grand daughter of Miss Lizzy, which I think will be real interesting, considering she's a doomsday prepper and he's an agent of Abaddon.

I'm just full of questions.

Do you want ONLY ONE HOOK to the community, or can it be 2-3 as long as only one is "major"?

Thanks, @Ttory_Seller thank you! Now to decide between his ex being a Shilah or his sensei having a studio.

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