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The Galtean Information Location Clan [FF D20]

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The Galtean Information Location Clan [FF D20]

The Galtean Information Location Clan - Forum
Final Fantasy D6

Alrighty the time as come at last to get a Final Fantasy D20 game going. Any questions should be either PMed to me or directed to the OOC Forum inside. The Application Guidelines are up, but I dont have the formatting I would prefer edited yet. That will be coming shortly.

Game Description:

There are many Clans all over Ivalice, big and small, focused and eclectic. This is especially true in big cities like the Royal City of Rabanastre. In comparison to many the GIL Clan is a relatively small operation. Based out of an old run down library in the older section of Rabanastre called Lowtown. As the Clan's full name would imply, the Galtean Information Location Clan, has generally focused on the buying and selling of information over the years. But over the course of the last year they have had a sudden boon in popularity after assisting in tracking down a lost artifact for a powerful merchant in the city. Due to the influx of gold and requests for their services they have begun expanding their influence and reach within the city. They still call the Lowtown Library their headquarters but it is looking quite nice these days and there is a branch office opening up a short walk away from the Aerodrome. But this expansion has left them in need of able bodies and those with varying specialties the Clan previously didn't need. Researchers and information junkies are still always welcome, Clan Head Neuvo is determined to not let the clan stray entirely from where it started. But they've begun to get requests to find out information that requires the skills of monster hunters, spies and all manner of other technicians and magical practitioners.

Thus it is that you found yourself answering the call, looking to join the up and coming GIL Clan, and make yourself a pretty bit of gil in the process. But first you're going to have to prove yourself, what makes you special? What can you offer the Guild with your services? What would make you a valuable member? Well hurry up! You dont have all day.

So this is going to be a Final Fantasy D20 game contrary to what the Game System says. It doesn't have this system but I feel like that's the closest without just doing Misc. Its a great system that anyone familiar with Pathfinder will feel right at home with. This game is going to be set in a semi-homebrewed Ivalice. We will not be directly referencing any of the events that take place in FFXII, Tactics or the various spin-offs expansions. We may reference older history and I reserve the right to steal from those games for events as needed. But generally its just going to be used as a reference point setting and a place I can steal location names from. Since a great deal of Ivalice as a world has not really been touched on there is plenty of room to explore outside of that as well. If this game lasts as long as I hope it will there will likely be a great deal of homebrew and off the cuff creation of locations and story as things progress.

Now what do you need to do if you would like to apply? Well that is easy, you just need to head over to the website linked above and brush up on the system then make a character and apply it in the Applications Sub-Forum. There are details there about exactly what I expect out of an application. Two things you should know is that I am running this because I actually wanted to play it with my boyfriend and two GMs dropped out. So one spot is already taken, thats nepotism at work guys, but I am looking for 3-5 additional players depending on how many applications I get. The second is that I dont love long recruitment periods, I think that too long after putting up a character means you start to drift from the initial excitement of making it. So Im going to set a hard limit of two weeks and reserve the right to close it before that. At the two week mark I will let anyone who has submitted something have a few days to finalize it then I will make my selections. Any questions can be posted in the OOC Thread.

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I'm more than exiting to try FFd20, I've been reading the website non-stop since a friend told me about it.
I'll post an application soon.

I’ll say I’m tentatively interested. This game sounds great, but I’m not sure I can take on another one.

Very interested, I'm currently running a game in the same setting using d&d 5e (homebrew races but regular classes).
I might join with a Garif Blue Mage or a Mog Knight

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