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Lost Lands: The Northlands Saga

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Lost Lands: The Northlands Saga

Lost Lands: Northlands Saga - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Northlands Saga

A 5th Edition Adventure Path
A cohesive storyline, memorable NPCs, imaginative set-pieces, moral conflict, action, adventure, politics!
– The Northlands Saga is an epic viking themed campaign! –

Where raging storms sent by malevolent spirits of the Ginnungagap howl from the Far North and bury steadings and towns alike under several feet of snow, while unnamed things of tooth and shadow hunt those who dare to emerge and brave the cold. Where the blood of fighting men and women sings in harmony with the death cries of the spear-din, and the clash of wood and steel when the shield walls meet. Where enchantments older than the race of Men linger in barrow fields and primeval forests waiting to ensnare the unwary or the foolish. This is the realm of the Norns, where they measure and cut the threads of a man’s wyrd. This is the Northlands.

What is it?

The Northlands Saga isn’t just an epic adventure path for a GM to throw viking-inspired monsters and challenges at his players, it’s a full campaign setting providing a homeland and base of operations from which players can launch the careers and life paths of their created characters within a viking inspired setting.

Included in the library folder for this game you will find new PC races, sub-class options, and equipment, rules for players on how to handle things like fate and death speeches, setting information, viking gods, imformation on the history and timeline of the Northlands and six Tales of the Lost Lands stories set in the Northlands that give examples of the kinds of adventures and attitudes that the players are likely to find in the Northlands Saga setting.


The Northlands Saga Adventure Path assumes that the characters begin in service of some kind to Olaf Henrikson, the Jarl of Halfstead. If any of the adventurers are not a member of the household, then the character should be associated to it in some way, possibly as a seasonal hanger-on (which is especially appropriate to wanderers from outside the Northlands). The Northlands are not like other fantasy settings. Rulers and others in positions of authority simply do not hire adventurers to solve their problems; they either take care of things themselves or send members of their household to see to the situation.

Having the characters all in the service to the same Jarl allows for the party to have a solid foundation. Not only do they have similar goals and directives, but they also will likely know each other, if not since childhood, then at least from the mead hall of their jarl. Even outsiders would have had time to fraternize with the locals before the adventure begins. Being in the service of a jarl is not a lifelong commitment: the Northlands culture does not operate in that way.

... from there, this becomes your story.

Introduction (The Basics)

Rules System: D&D 5e
Theme: Viking, Norse, Scandinavian, Saga, Politics
Starting Level: 1st

“There are more things to be thought of by men than money alone.”
–Jarl Olaf Henrikson

Welcome my brothers and sisters to The Northlands Saga. This is an epic adventure path designed by Frog God Games. The Northlands Saga is an epic fantasy campaign that thrusts the player characters, like a sharpened spear, into life in the harsh Northlands. Ever-intensifying conflicts, powered by mighty magic and fervent faith, threaten the heroes’ freedom and lives, and even the world itself.

Before we get into the details of the campaign, I would like to lay out my expectations. In The Northlands Saga you have the chance to play an unusual sort of character. You will play as a member of a Jarl's household or at least someone in service to the Jarl. As such you will be assigned task by the Jarl. By completing these task, you earn your place among the Northlands and earn ever increasing favor with your Jarl. These task start out harmless enough but as your experience grows and your favor with the Northlands increases, so will the difficulty of the task. Your influence and reputation will even grow beyond that of the local Jarl as you travel the Northlands.

I have also went to great lengths to fill the library folder for this game with all the setting materials you will need to create and run a Northlands character and provided all the fluff necessary for you to bring that character to life in the Northlands. Applications for this game will take longer than usual due to the unique options and the amount of setting material that will need to be absorbed before the character can be created. Thus I am allowing for a full 30 day recruitment before finale selection.

Mechanically, this will be standard point-buy with 27 points. I strongly disfavor stat dumps, especially Charisma, without appropriate story justification. I also disfavor gimmicky characters. One Northlands Saga campaign trait must be selected at character creation. Considerably more effort should be on the personality, flavor and behavior of the character than on the mechanics themselves.

There are also house rules that are in effect for this campaign that change some of the 5e game mechanics. Make sure you read over those mechanics and understand them before applying as this game doesn't use the normal feat/asi progression.

The posting rate for this game will be an average of two to three times per week. Some days there will be more posts than others, but this campaign will be run at a leisurely pace. If you do not post once within 48 hours during combat, actions will be taken for you (usually the dodge or assist action). I reserve the right to eject from the campaign anyone who has not posted in a week without prior warning of absence.

I expect players to engross themselves in the roleplaying element and contribute interestingly to the story.

For this campaign I also favor longer posts with detail and emphasis on the growth of the characters over just posting to meet the requirement.

I also travel occasionally, but this rarely affects my posting. I will be taking applications until 4/04/2019. I will be selecting a total of six players. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

Applications to the Game

Available Books: All WotC Hardcovers (PHB, Sword Coast, Volo's, etc.). NO UA. (Don't Ask) No Ravinca. No Eberron, No Flying Races

Options out side this are covered in the library folder for this game.

If you still haven't read the information in the library folder for this game, STOP NOW, GO READ IT! You need this information to begin the application process.

Alignment Requirement:No Evil

Starting Equipment: You must buy all equipment, starting gold is below based on your class.

Barbarian (50gp)
Paladin (120gp)
Bard (120gp)
Ranger (120gp)
Cleric (120gp)
Rogue (100gp)
Druid (50gp)
Sorcerer (70gp)
Fighter (120gp)
Wizard (100gp)
Monk (12gp)
Warlock (100gp)

Ability Scores: Ability scores can be generated using the 27 point buy as featured in the PHB.

Hit Points: Maximum at 1st level, average each additional level.

Backgrounds: DO NOT choose a backround from a sourcebook. Instead do the following:
Choose two skills to be proficient with.
Choose a total of two languages OR tools to be proficient with.
Choose one The Northlands Saga campaign trait from the and record it and its feature.
You will write your backstory yourself so other background information is not needed from the books.

Character Submissions: I’ve got a little outline I’d like everyone to follow for submitting a character. You will also need to start a thread in the Applications Folder for your submission. If you have any questions about my rules for character building, any thoughts about character backgrounds, or to request that I review your character then you can do so by Clicking Here

Technical Stuff

Application Deadline: APRIL 4th, 2019 midnight (US Central Standard Time)

Post Requirements: Minimum posting rate of two to three times per week.

Party Size: Looking for 6 players.

Other Requirements:
- I want players who give detailed and interesting posts. Not one-liners and blocks of speech text. The rule of three applies here. What is your character thinking, doing and saying.

- Expect your actions to have consequences. Don't be stupid. Play smart. If I give you lots of hints that opening the box will unleash fiery death. Don't open the box and expect to live.

- I'm a story teller, the rule of cool applies. If it's cool, cinematic and epic, screw the rules- I'll probably allow it. If this grates against your rules lawyer soul...we are not meant to play together.

- Unless I tell you otherwise...assume you can play with the scenery to help craft the story.


Can I submit more than one character?
No. I'm going to go ahead and limit it to one character submission per person. That being said, feel free to change your character concept as much as you want between now and the close date!

Final Note from the DM

I know the above is a very, very lengthy process to go through to apply for a online pbp game. I also know that some of you will be turned off by it. Some of you will cringe, but others will pour their heart and soul into their character and create something absolutely beautiful. When I have used this process before in the past it has given me the best roleplayers I have ever seen in a game and also the most committed group of players that are still going strong after multiple years of play. If you are looking for a quick game of fun and just want to slash up some bad guys and do your thing then this campaign is not for you. If you are looking for more.... then look no further than "The Northlands Saga".

The most important thing you should do however is familiarize yourself with the setting and start thinking about what kind of hero you would like to be playing. (Hint: The setting information is in the library folder for this game. Yes, its true. That is where it is located. Find it, you really do need to read through it.)

The second most important thing is to read through the House Rules and make sure that you understand the rules changes.

Ask any questions that you have about the campaign or the recruitment process in the Questions and Answers thread.

Please do not hesitate to PM me, call me out on something, disagree with me, ask questions, bite your thumb at me, or anything else you need to do for me to get your application. I don't bite.

Game Description:

Deliver us, O Lord, from the fury of the Northmen . . .

Wyrd is fate, and fate is inexorable beneath the leaden winter skies of the Northlands. Where raging storms, some sent by malevolent spirits of the Ginnungagap, howl from the Far North and bury steadings and towns alike under several feet of snow while unnamed things of tooth and shadow hunt those who dare to emerge and brave the cold. Where the blood of fighting men and women sings in harmony with the death cries of the spear-din and the clash of wood and steel when the shield walls meet. Where enchantments older than the race of Men linger in barrow fields and primeval forests waiting to ensnare the unwary or the foolish. This is the realm of the Norns where they measure and cut the threads of a man’s wyrd.

This is the Northlands.

A Howl From The North

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Oh snap-a-rooni.

This looks awesome! I took a class on viking sagas in college and found their world fascinating, so I'm 110% in on this

Dude. This sounds absolutely freaking awesome. One immensely badass warrior woman coming right up!

(BTW, thanks for coming up with that application format-I do some writing when I'm not playing DnD, and I've found it very helpful for characters.)


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