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Survival Sandbox on the Dragonfall River (Classless PF)

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Survival Sandbox on the Dragonfall River (Classless PF)

Homebrew Classless PF Survival Sandbox - Forum


Far south of the Dhalrang mountains, running South as a tributary of the mighty Var river is the Dragonfall. A peaceful river that runs South for hundreds of miles into the sea. This river gives life to a large area of land that has been dubbed "The Badlands". This is not a name given for truly rough and desolate terrain like some other regions, no, it is one of warning for the dangerous inhabitants that claim dominion over the region. Old kingdoms have fallen to orc raids and giants storming castles, trolls rampaging through the countryside and worse. All sense of order and civility is lost south of the Var.

Yet, the newly come to power Duke Manfield is ambitious and his land butts up against the North bank of the Var. He sees opportunity in carving out a section of land for himself and expanding his terrain. So much so that he is offering 1,000 gold crowns to outfit any person who chooses to cross the Var and secure land along the Dragonfall River to the South. Land secured in his name of course. Rewards can be gained in service to the Duke he declares, if one offers service and loyalty.

Game Style

This is a game of survival in harsh terrain, cut off from supply lines and a support system or safe haven. It's a game where teamwork, and knowing your limits, paranoia and living rough are what will keep you alive. You will have the choice to serve the Duke and gain rewards for doing his bidding, or turning on him to start your own country if you so wish, if you can. You could turn bandit, and raid the river trade, or wage war on the heathen monsters that strike fear into your countrymen and return as heroes and conquerors. The choice is yours to discuss with your team.

Classless Pathfinder?!

Yes, classless pathfinder. I've converted a number of classes from PF and some options from 3.5 into an XP buy state. I reworked what attributes do so that you get iterative attacks based on Dex instead of BAB so that warriors might have more than 1 attack at the start of the game. I added an Endurance factor so you get winded when fighting, and this is tied to Constitution. I threw away the Vancian system, and the break between all magic classes, binding them into a Spell Point and Spell Seed setup instead that lets you form your own spells and cast them as you wish as long as you know how, make a Spellcraft roll to see if you succeed and pay the Spell Point (SP) cost. I've added a Martial Training section to allow Martial characters to buff themselves via various stances and offensive and defensive options.

All of this is covered in my hack sheet which is listed in the forum. My forum is a WIP atm, but will gain steam over the course of this week. I've got 4 of my regulars already slotted for this game, but will be looking for several more people. So if you would like to join Serakhawk, Landid, Lestrange and Natural19 in their journey to serve the Duke or go Bandit or turn into warlords in the Badlands, let me know. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask either. I, or one of my regulars mentioned above can help you in most things regarding my hack, they've been through using it before and have experience with it and how I run my games.

Update: I have enough now with Ipphli returning as another of my veterans to run a separate group with just my veterans and will recruit for 2 groups now. So essentially, more chances for new folks to get into a game.

Update 2:
Characters Due March 20th
Group allocation: March 24 (Characters voted in/out on this day if more than 12 applications)
Game Starting: March 25th

Thank you for taking the time to read my ad, and even if you don't find this interesting, I appreciate it. Have a great day!

Game Description:

Greetings, it's been a while due to life and family. However, I am looking to get a game started and rather than keep it secret on my discord server, I shall offer it here for a change. I've been busy doing system design and I'm putting a pin in that for a bit as interest was mentioned of me running my classless hack again on my server recently. Some might be familiar like my veterans that have played in previous games with it, but others likely aren't aware of what this is. So before I delve into the game info:

My classless hack of pathfinder is an XP buy for *everything* instead of just pick a class and level up gaining what the PF charts tell you. I give you XP to spend to buy attributes, I give you XP to buy Hit Dice, BAB, Saves, Skills, abilities like Weapon Specialization or an Animal Companion or Smite, and you design your own spells within a seed based system I've created. This requires a bit more forethought, planning, and self control in order to create a character than standard PF to avoid spreading your character too thin to survive, so if you are interested and require help, just ask myself or one of my veterans. I've restricted class options that I pulled from for my sanity, I do this on my own without a team I pay and converting every single thing within the PF source list would take a team of underlings to assist me. Therefore, those interested will need to pay attention to sources I allow.

Game Concept

Life thrives along the Dragonfall river far south of the Dhalrang Mountains. All manner of species thrive on both sides of the river, and it has become a region of interest in recent years for many of the nobles to the North. Attempts to colonize the region in any significant way has failed, miserably as the locals are not Human, and tend to see Human interlopers as food. The Dragonfall runs through the Southern end of the continent with the large swath of land being dubbed simply "The Badlands" by outsiders for the hostile environment dominated by Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and all manner of creatures. Even so, the Duke Chester Manfield has come to power at the ripe age of 15 after his fathers passing and has ordered the colonization of the river as a way to expand his power base and make a name for himself.

The call has gone out in which to gather any brave souls willing to risk the dangers of the Badlands and venture south to claim territory for the Duke. Any interested shall be given 1000 gold crowns to equip themselves for the voyage south in order to clear away all manner of undesirables and claim land for the Duke.

Play style

Sandbox tactical RPG focusing on teamwork and survival. You will be far from your country and therefore supply lines and power base of your lord. There's potential for you to work for your lord and gain rewards, or to go rogue, turn bandit by turning on him. You could go native, and carve out a kingdom of your own within the region if it suits you. I will utilize a number of maps procured via Maphammer's patreon to plan encounters, as well as some randomly generated dungeons in case folks decide to buck the plot and look for long lost treasure within a dungeon. I will however, plan on restricting movement to remain within the starting region unless I notify my players I am lifting this restriction. So while a sandbox game, the sandbox is not infinite.


I shall run this game here, on Myth-Weavers play by post style. I shall link maps via my google drive that I take via screenshots of Fantasy Grounds which I shall use to manage all tokens and maps and my NPC's. Hence my rolls will be done within FG and "Behind the DM screen" as it were. I offer folks the option to use the sidekick bot on my Discord server for dice rolls if they would prefer an alternative method of rolling from the website here, as long as it is done in the #Sandboxrolls channel specifically and copy/pasted into your post with timestamp.

Hacking PF on no sleep. Interested in a Classless version of Pathfinder with new magic system and action economy tied to Dex instead of BAB? PM for details.

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For anyone on the fence about checking this out, the system is fairly intuitive and easy to use once you dive into it. Both DM and Veterans have been amazing with providing fast answers both in the forums and Discord. The system really lets you take a big bite of all the crunchy goodness that goes into building your character and season it exactly to taste yet it's simple enough that even if crunchy character building is not your thing, it's quite easy to collect the features you want and just put it together.

If you really enjoy getting into all the fiddly details of your build, this hack is straight nerdgasm material! The volume of material and changes looks intimidating at first, but once you dive in, it's all things we're already familiar with, just put together in new ways.

I give this system 3 thumbs up (because an updated and point balanced race builder is included, so I can just buy an extra thumb!)

If I might see an example of a relatively-simple build, that would be very helpful for me.
Edit: Going to read the character-example post.

Yeah, currently it's a lengthy thought process run down. I was making a sheet and chrome crashed on me last night. F for that, I'll see if I have time to tackle a proper statblock with XP costs for the mini mage I described in a followup post today.

Lol, thanks Warlawk. Yeah, it's a hurdle to muscle through the hack, grasp it and adjust your mindset. Why I wanted to do the lengthy rundown of the thought process needed to just create a character concept before actually inputting data into a sheet. You need to adjust how you *think* about character creation because it's more open ended instead of "I grab a level of fighter, now I just need a feat and 3 skills allocated. DONE" Once you've adjusted though, I can build NPC's about 30% faster with my hack than with standard pf. It actually speeds things up once familiar.

Just a heads up: In case folks missed it, I had some former players come out of the woodwork recently which was awesome, and therefore I put those guys in their own group. Rather than say "Sorry new folks", I opted to open a 2nd group (Group B) which folks are applying for. So instead of 2 slots you are competing for, there are now 6. If anyone was on the fence thinking "Oh there's already a bunch applying and only 2 slots", that not longer applies.

I'll be taking off for about 30 hours soon, but if there are questions, the discord link in the OP or my forum you can post questions and my veterans can answer most things for you while I am gone.

Cheers, have a great weekend.

Hmm. Colour me interested. I'm considering some sort of healer, probably taking a lot of abilities from the Vitalist and augmenting them with early game special abilities like Channel Energy as the Vitalist isn't actually very good at early game healing.

OK, so have covered basics with everyone who has shown up in my forum, or my discord so far.

I have family fly into town this afternoon for the weekend so given it's a "holiday weekend" I'm going to say the cutoff for applications is Wed 20th so I have Thu/Fr to look over them, call group allocation by Sun the 24th as the 22nd and 23rd I will be likely utterly AFK due to an upcoming birthday event.

Game starts: Monday the 25th.

I believe I have exactly the amount of Apps that I need to run 2 groups of six atm, but some folks never finish, some folks drop out, and healthy competition is never a bad thing. In the event anyone else wanted to throw a hat in the ring for consideration get a concept to me by the 20th of March.

Sure thing bud, Just woke up and kicked you a role for permissions on my server. If you need assistance, just ask. Welcome.


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