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Soldiers of Fortune - An Epic Metal Anime Fantasy Adventure Into Eldritch Hysteria

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Soldiers of Fortune - An Epic Metal Anime Fantasy Adventure Into Eldritch Hysteria

Soldiers of Fortune - Forum


An Epic Metal Anime Fantasy Adventure Into Eldritch Hysteria
"Out of everything I've lost, I miss my mind the most!" - Archmagus Ozbourne

The Setting

War rages across the once proud and peaceful world of Delos. The grand kingdom of Salamis, the heart of the world's technology boom, sets to unleash the new tools of war called Mechanika. Steampower and clockwork devices now fill the battlefield alongside firearms and explosives. The Cy'ril Empire and its forces, turn back to the dark arts of the old ways. Calling upon undead legions and demonic forces to combat their enemy. Civil war rips into the Elven Kingdoms of Vidiel. The southern houses having recently allied with the Nagah and their mystic Jutsu arts. The Dwarves of Mauhür prepare for a holy crusade into Nanman against the Wulfin tribes. Pirates rule the trade-routes of the island nation of Eban. No ships are safe in the waters of the island chains or the skies above.

The Ancient Shadow Dragon Razorback stirs under the shifting sands of the Doriman desert, while the sea begins to tremble from the motions of Kitana the Golden Wyrm. The nations of the dark east speak in hushed tones of an evil other-worldly force that has spawned in the frozen north and it's growing power. Has the Cy'ril Empire's sudden heavy interest in reawakening the Old Gods and ways, caught the attention of something even far more sinister from across the Far Planes? The world is sitting on a powder keg and the fuse is lit.

So with that super imposing outline of what's going on in the world, this isn't your daddy's fantasy D&D world setting. Unless the bards in your dad's D&D game melted faces with a totally metal power ballad on electrical guitar. Mages wielding revolvers and samurai carry energy imbued
jade-sabers capable of cutting through anything. Steam powered mech suits clash on the battle field and eldritch horrors lurk in the shadows.

Oh...Did I mention
steam-cycles? 'Cause they might be here too...assuming you got the coin to afford it there, slick.

Is there a lot going on? Of course there is. I have been working on this setting for a long time. Can it look a bit intimating? Maybe. Should you be intimidated? Nah. Consider how most of modern society ignores massive conflicts going on in the world until they actually start affecting their actual daily lives. Also if you can handle settings like Golarion, Eberron, or dare I say Faerûn, I'm a light weight still in comparison.

Am I overly ambition and potentially out of my frackin' mind? Most likely! I've been slowing building on this world since high school, and frankly I've been out of school longer than I was in it now. But if heavy metal, anime, steampunk, and horror all blended together, peak your interest, this just might be the game for you.


What I'm Looking For In The Players
*Maturity. I expect the game to potentially hit on some mature themes. The site rules will clearly limit the degree on which things can be discussed. However it's a fantasy game, so things like slavery, sex, drug use, racial bigotry, religious conflict, assault on minors, etc. all can come up. These things do exist within the realm of comics/manga, video games, television, etc. As such. they may be implied within the game. If anyone has a personal problem with a topic. Let me know. Things can be glossed over, faded to black, etc, where appropriate.

*Patience. Its not my first rodeo by far when it comes to running a game, but this is my first game in awhile. I am by no means perfect. I expect to be a dummy from time to time when it comes to things just because I can't remember every detail of every book, class, spell, at every waking moment. It's the internet and things can be reference a lot easier, but mistakes will still likely occur. The main point however is we all have fun though and get to make a good story together.I am a firm believer in both Rule 0, and the Rule of Cool.

*Teamwork. This applies both in-game and out. You'll be playing as a team of adventures. You'll have to have one another's backs. Going solo it isn't going to cut it very well. It'll probably get you killed. I know this can be tempting in PbP where you might otherwise be stuck waiting on the rest of the party. There might be some narratives that going solo works but generally as a whole it'll likely be discouraged. Out of character I expect everyone to be understanding of each other and their feelings. Sometimes disagreements happen. Let's all act like sensible adults.

What I'm Looking For In The Characters
*PCs will be starting out as independent sellswords looking for work at the local Adventurers Hall in the capital city Tarsis in the country of Salamis. Because what's a sellsword, if they arent selling their sword, or gun, or spells...You get the idea. Feel free to reference the Wiki for some information on things. Not everything is filled in, but I can clear up any blanks in the process as needed.

Wizards, Magus, Arcanists, and any other spellbook restricted arcane-type casters, will be part of the Watchtower. This is a continent spanning organization that rules and controls the general magic that the public sees and interacts with. They also maintain their own police-like force, called Astors. They enforce the laws of the Watchtower and seek out rogue casters. Be they wizards that have decided to fight the system, or spontaneous-type casters that the Watchtower sees as "problematic". Basically if you require a spellbook, and therefore the Watchtower can restrict you, you are okay. If you are one of those damn arcane types that just is naturally born with a power...well they can't control you and have their knickers in a twist about the whole thing.

Like the real world, religion is complicated. For all you divine-casting inclined people, I suggest checking the wiki on the major religion(s) of Delos, as it's too large to fit into a game ad. As with everything else, ask if you need something.

We're going to just hit this one, because it comes up a bunch in games. There's one in every crowd....I see you over there. Can you be evil? If you can function in a party without trying to steal from everyone and murder them in their sleep. Sure. Straight up junk like your chaotic evil Tiefling that eats babies and fornicates with the local sheep population isnt going to get picked. Don't bother. Yes, Yes, I get its very METAL, and that fits some of the theme here, but that's what NPCs are for. Now, if you can play SMART evil go for it. Just don't cry if the party turns on you later when they find out you murdered Mrs Nizbit, the kind little old lady NPC in the last town over and stole her prize winning cookie recipe. I'm going to favor good or neutral characters though, so if I pick a black hat I'm only likely to take one.

Theres also a bit about evil/good alignments with the house rules. Make sure to check it.

So given the existence of the PFSRD being easily available I am fairly open-minded to *most* concepts. However I do remind players that not all concepts are plausible for the region or area the game might be starting in. Clearly things however may change as the game progresses.

I'm sorry ahead of time, you can't play undead creatures or living golems. They don't fit the setting! Given Cy'ril's current meddling with the undead arts, most places (outside of Cy'ril) would likely attempt to kill you (again) on sight. Sadly, as well given some of the restrictions that can come about on undead races or templates, say vampires. It can become restrictive for the group and necessary tasks. Now it's great if everyone agrees on it ahead of time. But with PbP's slower movement already and an open application process I'm also not going to open up that can of worms. ... worms... hehe... like the ones that wiggle in a dead zombie as he shambles....oh..sorry...

Hmm? Oh! Psionics! Well.. I don't have a issue with it, but play at your own risk. Just like any other spontaneous caster in the world, the Watchtowers will likely start to come after you if they find out you exist, or become viewed as a threat.

I know some of these stipulations might frustrate or annoy some people but I did give you guns, motorcycles and
rock n' roll. That's kinda a fair trade right?

*Murderhobos, Munchkins, Lone Wolves, Rules Lawyers - Need Not Apply

The TL: DR Condensed and Simplified Easier to Read (Forward by the Author Has Been Redacted) Abridged Edition - 1st Printing

  • System - Pathfinder -

  • Classes - Core / Base / Alternate / Hybrid / Psionics / Occult (Unchained Version will override any existing class, arch-types can still apply were applicable) -
    "But AD,..I have this REALLY COOL CONCEPT I SWEAR" And I'm sure it really is! But I forewarn you I will likely not allow it unless I get a very good reason for it. I am allowing a lot as it is already, and while I do not want to stifle creativity, I do need to draw a line somewhere for my own sanity. As such I will most likely stick with the existing material that I am most familiar with.
    Non-Official Paizo/3rd Party (even if listed on the PFSRD) must be approved prior to submission.

  • Starting Level - 4

  • Stats - 25 Point Buy

  • Starting HP - Full HD (Average or rolls will be on level 5 onward)

  • Starting Wealth - 7,000 Gold (No more than one magic item equal to or exceeding half of your starting gold)

  • Evil concepts will be considered - Limit 1 per group at maximum, IF AT ALL. Submit at your own risk!

  • Traits/Drawbacks -
    "But AD, Why not?" Because young Midoriya, I give stuff like this out in-game in addition to things like XP and loot, so I don't generally allow it at creation. Good RP and having your character attempting to do stuff out of their comfort zone to help the party can go a long way.

  • No Undead or Living Constructs Races

  • There are a few house rules that will exist concerning alignment and various related matters. They will be listed in the game forum.

  • Certain spells may be banned in the game at start depending on your class choice. This is a flavor decision for the setting. This doesn't mean the spell doesn't exist, or you will not be able to get your hands on it. Just that it might be "illegal", and you'll be in trouble if caught.

  • The game will be accepting between 4 - 6 players. The application progress will have several steps. Please see the forum for details.

  • I will have a Discord in use for players to converse OOC or discuss in-game matters, majority of posted play however will be restricted to the forums. Characters sheets will of course be hosted here on site.

  • The Soldiers of Fortune Wiki will be available and under construction

  • Feel free to otherwise direct questions here or the forums OOC threads.

Applications cut off - March 17th, 23:59pm (EDT) (-4 GMT)

Game Description:

Soldiers of Fortune

If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I should be a damn demi-god by now.

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I’m not sure if this is my kind of game, but I find myself re-reading your launch post and thinking about it because you make it sound so awesome!

Just advising that cut off for applications will be on March 17th, 23:59pm. That should allow anyone that hasn't posted about a week to get the basis of a concept up.

Image is coverart/wallpaper for the game - Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a turn based RPG based on the comic series of the same name, Battle Chasers by Joe Madureira. The comic had a short run in the late 90s. The series is defined as" arcanepunk".

I'll be honest and say that I'm incredibly interested in this, but I'm very new to TTRPGS, and DEFINITELY PbP.

I really wish i had the time to try and apply for this, because it sounded awesome in the planning thread and it looks even better here. But i've got too many irons in the fire as it is! Good luck and good gaming!

You are always welcome to follow the game. Come chat in the discord. Comments from the peanut gallery on whats happening in game can always lead to new and exciting ideas. Also in the odd chance I need to replace someone, if someone is familiar with whats going on, the transition is much smoother.

This sure looks awfully familiar .

Dunno if I’ll be throwing my hat this time around as this coincides with my busy work period, but it’s always good to have old peeps returning.

Most likely the last bump I'll do before the cut off -

Please remember the application process is multi-stepped. So you do not need a *finished* application by the end of the weekend. If you are interested, make sure to at least have a concept submitted by the deadline. I will not be accepting new applications after that period.

Applications cut off - March 17th, 23:59pm (EDT)


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