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Wanted: Five Teenagers with Attitude

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Wanted: Five Teenagers with Attitude

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

System: M&M3
PL: 4 - 8 - 15
PP: 30 - 70 - 120
Expected posting rate: 3 times a week. Faster is better but I won't push it unless everyone is on a roll.
Players needed: Exactly 5. Not even gonna talk about 6!


Apply Here
Talk Here
My two other games so you can see I'm bad at ads but my games last forever and stay active:HH:T --- HH:YJ

I am mostly going to watch the OOC thread and the applications forum. I will rarely check this ad. Thanks for your interest!

Game Description:

This is literally a Power Rangers game. Let's do it! It's... MORPHIN' TIME!

"Why are entire years strewn on the cutting room floor of memory when single frames of one magic night, forever flicker in close-up on the 3D Imax of my mind" RIP Jonathan Larson 19601996
Are you wanting players to pick a color theme too?

Not everyone gets to be the Red Ranger.

Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post
Are you wanting players to pick a color theme too?

Not everyone gets to be the Red Ranger.
I brought this up in OOC. You can suggest a color you want but you should be flexible. I don't want to turn away a good player because I already have a Black Ranger...

Originally Posted by GM Saint View Post
System: M&M3
PL: 4 - 8 - 15
PP: 30 - 70 - 120

Stage 1: The base character is made under PL 4 rules and has 40pp. All of this PP has to be spent on the more mundane aspects of the character.
Which one is the right amount of points for the pL 4 sheet?

Sorry, I originally had it as 40-60 but I changed it to 30-70 to put emphasis on being morphed since it's harder to dump 40pp into a mundane form. I guess I didn't correct it everywhere.

It is 30 unmorphed and with an extra 70 morphed.

So, normally, a PL 4 character has 60 PP, PL 8 has 120 and PL 15 has 225. I'm guessing that having the reduced points is intentional, since building a mundane PL4 character with 40pp that upgrades to PL 8 with 70pp of extra powers is interesting, and should force players to focus their powers more narrowly, so I'm totally on board with that.

But the Zord is built entirely separately to the Power Ranger, does that mean that those 120 points have to build the entire Zord at PL15? Or is it 120 plus the 100 points that the character already has, and the Zord works like a metamorph on the base ranger?

Originally Posted by Psyconure View Post
Extra 70? So 70 pp of Powers added to the 30 pp of basic stats for a total of 100
He always gives less PP than the base for that PL. So a PL8 character has 120pp and he cuts it to 100 to force people to make decisions and not just max out every stat and go crazy. 120 for a PL15 seems like a math error to me... unless the Growth ranks are free? We don't have to buy a Fort or Will defense or any mental stats at all and we don't need any skills in our Zord except, perhaps, some ranged/close attack. We'll have a lot of natural immunities baked in.

Feels to me like the Zord is just a weapon so it doesn't need a lot of PP to fill out it's traits.

It seems to me that most of us are going to look very similar on paper with the fluff making the big differences. I'm fine with that! The five original rangers would all look almost identical in mechanics until they got in their Zords.

I’d almost be happy with switching to an entirely different game system for the zords. Something more rules light. A lot of what they do is just SFX of being big giant robots.


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