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Gothos: The Trials of Azureth

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Gothos: The Trials of Azureth

Gothos: The Trials of Azureth - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Welcome to the World of Gothos and the Town of Azureth !

The Appeal

This is a new world. No way to look up histories. No experts on the background of the place. All you know is where you grew up and what you may have been told about what's out there in the rest of the world. This game is stripped down a bit in terms of races and classes. No complex understanding of lots of books needed. It gets back to the core of a D&D experience where Fighters, Arcane Casters, Divine Players and Rogues collaborated to make the most effective party. Its both tactics and roleplay. Its both advancement through killing and progress through reaching goals. Its both character optimization and making money and owning things. It fits the aspirations of real fictional characters (pun intended). The story here is told by both GM and players alike. And its going to be a lot of fun.


Rules System: D&D 5e
Theme: Adventurers Starting Their Careers by helping a town on the verge of starvation.
Starting Level: 1st Level
The GM: Hi All, Trelane here. I joined Myth Weavers in 2017 and as of creating this game I have over 1500 posts. I’ve gotten a good flavour for play here and have decided to embark on my first GM role! I played D&D way back in the day when attacks were THAC0 (To Hit Armor Class 0), if that rings a bell for anyone. I’ve DM’d live games, although not extensively and never 5e. So for my first attempt, I’m going to keep the character classes somewhat restricted to what I am familiar with. I’ll do my best to be creative, fair and reliable.

World: The world of Gothos is a work in progress. It is loosely based on games I have played with others over the years, so I do have a complete world in mind. However, for this adventure we start out in one place, with some specific adventures. After we get through the first few levels, then the sandbox may open up a bit more. You as players have a place to play in developing the world.


You are a young adult in the Town of Azureth, located in the Human Kingdom in the World of Gothos. In the previous month, groups of goblins, hobgoblins and Bugbears have raided the northern farms supplying the town. Many farmers have been killed and crops destroyed. The town is in a desperate state of food shortage. General Stakely has sent in troops from the Human army to secure the area. They have driven off the enemy….for now….

You have been selected to be part of a hunting group with the mission of securing meat for the town. Your mission is to head to the Hunting Camp recently constructed near Pickering Forest, enter the forest, and bring back food before people start dying. In the forest there are many dangers besides the animals that lurk there. Some say that unexplored regions of the forest hold great treasures. Three hunting groups are being formed with 6 members each. Balanced skill sets are sought! It is August 1st and winter is coming…..

Character Creation

Post a new thread in the forum. Characters should be young adults.
Available Book: Only PHB will be used for developing races and classes and only the following races and classes are allowed (multi-classing is allowed):
Races: Humans (variant allowed), Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Halflings.
No Tieflings, Half-Orcs or Dragonborn
Classes: Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer, Rogue.
No barbarians, monks, bards or warlocks.
Alignment: No Evil
Starting Equipment: as per PHB
Ability Scores: 27 Point Buy
Hit Points: Maximum at 1st level. 2/3 of max, rounded up + con modifier after.
Backgrounds: Any of the backgrounds listed in the PHB.
Character Submissions: 1 Paragraph Background and link to character sheet.
When you create your application, tell me a little bit about you as a player. Rate the following six elements on a scale of 1 to 5 please, 1 being the lowest amount.

Storytelling: The overall story is important. What’s the world like and how do I fit in?
Tactics: I want players that optimize their fighting ability and skills so we get the best results.
Social Interactions: I like the idea of developing relationships with NPCs and using social skills as part of the game.
Roleplay: I want to see what characters are thinking, what makes each person tick, and flaws sometimes expressed. I want to interact with other players as characters develop relationships. I’m a bit of an actor!
Engagement: I want to play a part in defining the world of Gothos. I want to build the biggest castle the world has ever seen, or be the person to finally set up lasting trade of Human wine for Dwarven ale for the betterment of all of civilization. A high number here means you like a sandbox, meaning an open game. A low number means you prefer a railroad, meaning following a laid out storyline.
Advancement through Combat: High means kill kill kill for XP. Low means complete goals outside of combat for XP. (This game will have elements of both).

As a GM I’m flexible. There is no correct or incorrect ranking for any of these parameters. But it does impact how I will tend to run the game.

Application Deadline: March 25th

Post Requirements: Minimum posting rate of 4 times per week. I would prefer if players can normally post once per day. If players do not post within 2 days, the GM may take basic action on their behalf to keep the game moving. Keeping the game moving is more important than lots of embellishments in writing. If you are there, post. Sometimes posts can be short, and at other times go ahead and tell the story of your character in terms of their background, what goes on in their mind etc. You can let it unfold as the story develops.
If you cannot post regularly, please let us know.
Also, please have the bandwith to play and to pay attention to other players posts! There are some people playing 15 characters on Myth Weavers and I can tell some of them don’t pay attention to what’s going on. So please be respectful of the other players and if you decide to join, have the bandwidth to really follow the game.
Party Size: Target is 6
Number of Tables: 2-3 is the target, so a total of 12-18 players. This way, if players drop, others can fill in from the same world.

Special Rules and Comments

Sandbox Game: There are no cookie cutter rules here. Magic Items are generally hard to come by. There is no artificial rebalancing or restrictions on how much money you can make or what you can eventually do. But if you want to concentrate on how to make money, go for it. Eventually you can buy houses, boats, run businesses, hire workers, pay soldiers. Inquire about these things as we go. NPC’s will explain things to you. I do like 5e vs 3.5e in the sense that 3.5e got crazy on magic items and personal wealth and power. But this game is not as heavily restricted as I have seen many other 5e games. I do reserve the right to depart from the core rulebooks on character wealth by level available to you and to make the game more sandbox style.

Play Smart: No matter how low intelligence your character is, please do not do deliberately dumb things that put other players in danger. Play as best you can. The acting of low intelligence, boldness, character flaws etc can be intertwined into the narrative creatively without it costing someone’s life.

Healing: If you are seriously wounded, you may loose hit die unless cured, most often by spells such as cure wounds or potions. Example – if you have 30 hitpoints and loose 10 in a fight – that’s just stamina loss. You gain the hp back with short and long rests. If you drop to 0 and live, you will definitely come back with fewer max hit die until you get some serious healing. If an enemy gets a critical hit on you and drops you from 30 down to 5 hitpoints, you might also loose some hit die until you can get healed properly. In other words, you do need a cleric, paladin or someone that can heal. If you get seriously injured, you don’t just sleep 8 hours and wake up totally healed. I manage this by removing hit die. Meaning if you are 3rd level , you may get knocked down to only 1 or two max hit die till you get properly healed.

Spell Components: Just use a spell focus unless the spell components cost more than 1 gp per spell.

Spellbooks: See PHB rules for backup spell books. They are not easily destroyed but it is possible to lose one.

Technology: There is no such thing as gunpowder and therefore no firearms or cannons. The laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are different on Gothos than on Earth. That’s why magic is possible. The Gnomes understand these things best. The word “oxygen” is used once in the player’s handbook, but I crossed it out and replaced it with “air”. Don’t think your knowledge of the periodic table of the elements, the acceleration of gravity, the solubility of gasses in water or any other such scientific nonsense actually applies the same way here! You think lightning is made of electrons? What’s an electron ?!

The Gods: I’m not that familiar with the Pantheon. We can introduce it as we go as it comes up. There will be some divine issues worked into the campaigns for the sake of clerics. Help me develop that part of the story!

Monsters: Are only roughly what you may be able to look up. Look up a Hobgoblin for 5e. AC=18, HP=(2d8+2) right ? Maybe not! Maybe AC = 16 and HP = (3d8+1). He won’t be AC21 HP =100. I won’t turn a rabbit into a Tarrasque. But the Hobgoblin might not be exactly what you look up. Check for the description of him in the game as you go along. If he’s described as wearing a certain kind of armor, that will give you some hints. Some NPCs can help you with monster knowledge as can rolling well on knowledge skill checks.

Skills They are all going to play a role. Have high Charisma? Good you have a role to play in social settings ! Good at slight of hand ? You may have a use for that ! Want to try picking someone's pocket in the market ? - go ahead make my day Judge the situation. There are guards and there will almost always be more powerful characters. You could roll a 20 or a 1...want to risk it ? thats life ! Are you good at survival? Might come in handy if you get stuck in the woods during a snowstorm !

Most Important: Be nice to everyone, be a little loose in tolerating different players gaming styles, and have fun !

Game Description:

A D&D 5e game set in a new world, where players help to define the story, the history and the legends of life on this planet !

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Hi there. Very new here, (second post), but am doing a lot of lurking. Would this be a game a complete newbie would be able to apply for? I have experience in 5e, and have the phb. If yes, will work up an application!

Its OK for new players to apply, but the applications have to be in good format. I do check player history and posting stats, so an app from a new player would have to look really good. See the apps from accepted characters and the example one in the Prologue for guidance.

Table 1 is full with 6 players and off and running ! Table 2 still has some seats open. I think it is likely I will have just two tables, so as of now still a few slots left.

I'm definitely going to be applying for this! Can I ask, what will the tone of the game be? Will it be dark or light-hearted?

Originally Posted by Glyph View Post
I'm definitely going to be applying for this! Can I ask, what will the tone of the game be? Will it be dark or light-hearted?
There will be times when things are serious, other times when things are on the lighter scale.

I do like this formula for a large number of reasons, but put in 3 they are

- unpretentious, feet-on-the-ground game proposal
- DM evidently put effort into the opening (structure and content)
- damm, I need some straightforward D&D I can play with at most a few minutes/day

Player me: playing frequently for 15 years, most of it 3.5 - I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of RPG, from the baker's sex scandals to plane-shattering awakening of dark gods. Most of my forum games where on the Giant in The Playground forum, I'm getting used to 5.0 and will not mess up rules or rolls. Nowadays I'm in foreign lands and was unable to resurrect my old PbP group (RL friends who slew the princess and saved the dragon). My current job is merciless so I will not post every day. Posting 4-5x/week is doable if in 2-3x/week I can be quick (not sloppy) about my posts. I make in/out-game puns, jokes, and goofs on a regular basis.

PC wise: I can play almost anything, but considering the story you've shown us, I'm inclining towards a versatile Ranger. For the RP I was planning on having an internally conflicted character, such as a minor noble that feels bad about not starving so much, an acolyte in the edge of abandoning his faith, or a competent [whatever] full of doubts and fears. Courage the Cowardly dog would be a good example: he is very afraid of monsters but acts against them nonetheless (amidst screams of panic and tears of terror, that is)

How would you feel about a dex/melee ranger TERRIFIED by the forest? Also, he tries to lighten up circumstances with humor when not struggling to keep his wits in the face of HORRIFYING DEATH.

I like the Ranger who is a minor noble that feels bad about not starving so much. In terms of humor, occassional joking around is OK. But I'll warn that I don't like Deadpool, and am not looking for that kind of character.


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