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Are you reaaady to rumble? (maximum xcrawl beggar's bowl)

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Are you reaaady to rumble? (maximum xcrawl beggar's bowl)

Maximum XCrawl: Beggar's Bowl - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Game Description:

A dungeons & dragon's game set in the beautiful 'Maximum X-Crawl' universe. For those who don't know what that is, think Urban Arcana where dungeon exploration is a sport that's America's pass time, throw in a whole bunch of Bright, some Shadowrun megacorporations and dystopianism for seasoning, and of course a nice big whallop of WWE.

You won't be playing adventurers in the tradition sense, greenhorns. You'll be playing X-crawlers, a mixture of traditional adventurers, pro athletes, 'Professional Wrestling' style Superstars, and would-be celebrities. Why would anyone risk their lives in manufactured dungeons for the viewing pleasure of audiences at home, otherwise? To get famous, because anyone with a brain knows the only way to get ahead in life (in the world of X-crawl) is to get famous.

There will be considerable home brew and modifications, as I take the pathfinder/D&D 3.5-isms of Maximum X-Crawl as it is in the book, and update it into a workable format for D&D 5E.

ARE YOU READY, Crawl-Fans?

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hey players we're still looking for new vic... er I mean still looking for glory seeking crawlers so come on down and come join the fun,

Xcrawl is a beautifully detailed setting and beyond getting to explore it you grt fo deal with what it feels like to be a pro adventurer. Don't you want to be a paladin that drives the crowd with his catch phrase you can't c me, because curses just don't stick? The barbarian who is a stone cold stunner? The movie star, pro athelete, fan favorite fighter? That zany wizard with a sock on his wand hand who claims it is the sock using the spells?

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