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Re-Ride the Ethereal Wave to Elseport!

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Re-Ride the Ethereal Wave to Elseport!

Ether Drift - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Rules System: Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition
Style: Heavy Roleplay, Survival, Exploration, Treasure-hunting, Soul-searching, Sandbox-esque

Plot Hook: You were caught in an ethereal eddy. You fell up through a hole in the sky. You opened a door that pulled you to an unknown land. A place with turquoise oceans that wash upon alabaster beaches, where shimmering spires touch azure skies where auroras dance. That place is Elseport, the City the Shimmers - the Lighthouse of the Planes, on the Isle of Wanders in the realm of Tanarie.

Here, things are a bit weirder. A bit stranger than what you know. But if you're going to survive, you'll need to find a way to fit into this strange new world and maybe make a few friends to watch your back...

Ether Drift is a Dungeon & Dragons 5E adventure for 1st level adventurer's set in world that is strange, idyllic, and rife with dangers. At the Lighthouse of the Planes, players can explore the strange realm of Tanarie and maybe, if they can find the right doors, step out into the countless worlds of the innumerable planes. Survival is not guaranteed though, and some doors shouldn't not be opened.

Important Links
About the Game

Application Deadline: 03/22/2019

Posting Guidelines: 2 posts a week from everyone is ideal. I generally don't post on weekends, and live in the UK so am currently on BST (or GMT otherwise). Your posts should include an ongoing stat block, which is included in the Character Creation process. I don't make requirements for length of your posts, but remember that every post is your chance to effect or push forward the story of the game!

Number of wanted players: 3-5

Miscellanea: With any game, I encourage people to be courteous in their discourse and open about their needs or wants. We all have stories we want to tell, and I take a collaborative approach to that end. Goes without saying that as GM, I have final say on what goes for the adventure.

As one of the pillars of the adventure is survival, consumables will be closely tracked and the environments may very well be deadlier than what dwells there. House rules will make modifications to help reinforce this.

Currency is a bit different in Tanarie, as pieces of metal are less valuable there (this won't affect character creation). Barter is more popular on the streets of Elseport, and as it has access to the countless worlds, many new and interesting things may be found in its markets.

Any questions, please post below or over in the OOC thread on the forum.

About the GM

I've playing and running games on and off for twenty plus years now. I've ran plenty of 5E here on the 'weave over in the Adventurers league, played in a few too! I'm also a big World of Darkness and Fate Core fan.

Game Description:

The endless worlds of the innumerable universes hold many doors. These doors take many forms, but once opened they draw in all that is near till they close once again. Like driftwood, this detritus of the planes floats along ethereal currents until it washes onto alien shores. Sometimes this flotsam and jetsam are denizens from the countless worlds that finds themselves strangers in strange lands.

You are one such wayward traveler, washed up from turquoise oceans onto white-sand beaches beneath an azure sky. The the sky ripples with rainbow-colored auroras. Above on the bluff, casting its shadow upon you is a great city of gleaming spires. You march off the beach, other lost souls make their way along side you towards this magnificent city. As you near an archway that once passed will bring you to this strange place, a criers voice rings out, "Welcome all new arrivals to the Isle of Wanderers. Welcome all to the City that Shimmers, Lighthouse of the Planes: welcome to Elseport, and to Tanarie!"

An adventure of survival, exploration, treasure-hunting and soul-searching using Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition.

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Had a bit of an oddity where the ad didn't link to the right game, so here we go again!

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