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The Vault Has Been Looted

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The Vault Has Been Looted

The Vault Has Been Looted - Forum
Dresden Files

As I've stated, I'm shamelessly stealing from Josh in this application process.

Step One: Please copy the Stage One Code and post following the guidelines listed:

Step Two: Character Applications should be posted here:

Please notify me when your character application has been completed, and I'll give it a once over before deciding on moving on to Step 2 of the application process

A Couple of Guidelines:
* No Denarians (or reformed Denarians please)
* To that end, no Evil characters
* Give me a hook, or hooks...somebody interesting

The Red Court is your knowledge. Harry Dresden wiped them out, and left massive power vacuums across the world. This means no Red Court Infected Mantles (unless you can think of something incredibly compelling, I'm a sucker for a good sales pitch)

I will be filling in more background as I get this up and running, but for now I have the starting location pegged as St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN.

Game Description:

The Vault has been looted...

Those words should send a shiver down anyone's spine who knows what they're talking about.

Hades left, for one night, with his wife. The Vault should've been safe. The Trials, the should have been safe. And some of it was, just not all. He came back and managed to close off the Way that was torn open (a feat he didn't think possible), before they could get to the Center of the Vault. But still, they managed to steal from him, from all of those who entrusted their items to his safe-keeping.

Hades swept his net out, and picked you up. You will find the lost and stolen items. You will return them to the Vault. You will bring the thieves back to him, and they will pay such that no one will dare to test his Will again.

****************************************************************************************** ************

Your character will be made with the Dresden Files Accelerated Rules per normal. I'm going to shamelessly steal borrow Josh's application process for this game, as I'm loving how it sets things up, and gives character before crunch.

Your character must have some reason that Hades could compel you to work for him. It could be that you're seeking his favor, or that you owe him (or owe someone who owes him), or any other reason that you can come up with as to why you're being placed in this group and tasked with recovering the stolen goods.

Ideally I'll have 3-4 players in this game.

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Another wonderful Dresden game, sadly I got busy with work with the last one and didn't have time to make a character, now perhaps I can get sometime to read the accelerated rules and make one here.

Can Josh shamelessly apply? With a certain aeromancer? Because Josh wants to apply.

Oooh, sorry, buddy, this isn't a game for people who talk about themselves in the third person. Better luck next year!

(Disclosure, Josh and I are buddies and I love him and am teasing a little while also making a post here so I get subscribed so I can maybe apply too!)

Good thing I'm actually Chee!

EDIT: First part of my app is done, bossman. You might want to customize your second half to fit your own theme, btb.

I've known Chee (Josh) for years. I dropped off the Myth Weavers planet for awhile, but it's good to see that he's still around.

And yeah, I meant to modify Stage you don't care about the Fountain of Life. :P

Okay this sounds pretty cool! I love the game concept.

I'm thinking of going with the "set a thief to catch a thief" concept, and having a Changeling scion of a trickster spirit like coyote or Anansi. Formerly a successful thief themselves, now pressed into Hades' service for a certain term of service to recover lost goods instead of stealing them.

A bit of a cliche maybe, but I think I can flesh it out a bit today and post something tonight. Always glad to see some DF!


I've wanted to play a Dresden Files game for a while, now. Read a bunch of the books, but none lately.

I was wondering about that fountain of life thing... didn't notice it until I finished my post... It's pretty ironic for my concept, but I had an
Destroy It!
answer ready...

Anyway, my application is complete.

The Fountain thing was an editing mistake that I made when I copied the application process from Josh. :P The Fountain, as far as the PC's know, hasn't been found in this game.


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