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Originally Posted by Avaday Daydream View Post
Hmm...Thicken Skin is close, although it only lasts for 10 min./level. It might be better compared to Barkskin.
Other ways available to psions to increase your AC include Inertial Armor and Force Screen (clones of Mage Armor and Shield), Defensive Precognition (1 min/level), Mental Barrier (like 5e's Shield), Form of Doom, Oak Body, Metamorphosis (all transformations), Danger Sense (only against traps), Animal Affinity (by upping your Dexterity), Compression (reduces your size)...I think that's just about all of them in the SRD.
Right. Well, that's one question down anyway.

Any inklings on the other one then?

Pathfinder -

Clangorous armor/shield property - "The wearer decides the area for either effect, but must include the attacker in the area. Neither ability affects the wearer."

Can I hit my own shield repeatedly then and basically pop an equal number of thunderstones/sound burst equivalent to how well I roll (albeit at pretty immediate range since I have to include myself in their area of effect)?

Had a pretty funny visual in my head of making a Bashing/Clangorous Heavy metal shield in the shape of a bell that my character wears and it would have an arm bracer slip on mechanism and a holding grip etc.

Maybe have his offhand weapon be the actual bells clapper before he modified the bell into a shield. *chuckle* Not sure what effects to put on it, I want to just say 'sonic' but thats the vanilla... Any ideas?
Hmm, dang… The effect is 'when hit by an attack' so I have to take damage it seems. I cant just bring more cowbell to the combat so easily. Need to figure out a gimmick to pair this with so a summon or ally can cause this to go off in close proxity to the people I want thunderstone/sound bursted but the bell wielder will need resistance to whats hitting him...Hmmm...

Touch attacks are attacks.
Effects such as Cure spells technically require (touch) attacks if the target is unwilling.


So in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition. When you're attacking into a grapple, your meant to roll a die in order to decide who the attack actually hits, and if there are only two people grappling, then you have a 50/50 chance.

What happens if you roll a Natural 20 on the attack roll, however? Do you still have to roll to see who you hit, or does the fact that you are automatically hit mean you hit who you want to hit in the grapple, and not potentially an ally?

The 50/50 chance determines which grappler you automatically hit with your Nat 20.
Ranged attacks into a grapple are a dangerous proposition in 3.5.

Seriously? Urg... that's ridiculous...

If anyone disagrees, feel free to say. But this seems to be the general consensus...

As written, yeah 50/50. Rule of cool, I think most gms would give you a pass. Or at least let you split the damage between both parties if you didn't hit the one you intended. o.~ *chuckle*

Honestly whilst it might not have an official ruling... I would still say that a Nat 20 would let you hit who you want instead of being 50/50.

Originally Posted by JohnStone View Post
for Pathfinder Path of War. When it comes to selecting manuevers and initiator level i get confused. For multiclassing, if I take a second iniator class at 2nd level do I select manuevers and stances as if gaining 1st lvel iniator in that class (ie. 3 known/ready manuevers and 1 stance). on top of the ones I already know from previous class?
You would only learn maneuvers based on the class level you just took. It's important to remember that Initiator levels are class-specific, just like caster levels. Unlike caster levels, they increase at half rate when you take levels in other classes (even if it's another martial disciple class).

In an example of, say, a Warder 1/Stalker 1, each class has an initiator level of 1.5 (round down to 1 for everything relevant). If that character were to level up and become a Warder 2/Stalker 1, then it has an initiator level of 2.5 for Warder (round down to 2 for everything relevant) and 2 for Stalker.

The important thing to know about learning maneuvers and this is that your initiator level determines what maneuvers you can learn. Going on the Warder/Stalker example, if he reached level 4 and became a Warder 2/Stalker 2, he could select 2nd level maneuvers for Stalker, since his Stalker Initiator level is now 3, despite his actual Stalker level only being 2. However, he would not learn any new maneuvers for his Warder class at that time.

Originally Posted by Tempestfury View Post
Honestly whilst it might not have an official ruling... I would still say that a Nat 20 would let you hit who you want instead of being 50/50.
If it helps, only a ranged attack is resolved that way. A melee attack has no problems hitting the intended target.Citation

*Waits for the splat book contradiction*

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