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This week in video games...

Asians visibly age less than most people do, they say. Good for him.

Originally Posted by Greyfeld View Post
Is anybody else playing something, or getting ready to play something, that they're really enjoying and/or excited about?
I've been enjoying a lot of World of Warcraft recently. Though, I've also been in the mood for a turn-based, D&D style RPG. I recently found Knights of the Chalice. That looks promising.

I've always found it sort of strange that, since 3e (with it's grid-based combat), there hasn't, as far as I know, been a D&D-based computer game that actually uses a grid and turn-based combat system. I know that's not exactly the most popular genre these days, but it still seems like an obvious choice. All the D&D games seem to translate it into a (pseudo) real-time combat system. Temple of Elemental Evil came closest, and I loved that engine (despite the game being pretty buggy). Wish someone would do something like it.

Yup, the real shocker was no attempt to turn 4e into a CRPG, other than the Facebook game (which did a surprisingly good job). I suspect ToEE did a lot to poison that well, it was a great idea, horribly executed. A rather large portion of it's problems seem to have stemmed from the horrible pathfinding, which I suspect was at least in part due to the way the game interacted with the gorgeous isometric maps. There's a lot of fan fixes for the bland NPC's or the loot bug or the like, but nobody really addresses the underlying issues because they'd have to redesign the whole game.

I have always wanted a D&D grid-based tactics game. There's a fan attempt to turn Red Hand of Doom into one, but I've never touched it due to a variety of factors.

There's that Pathfinder Kingmaker CRPG coming out...eventually, but that's still not grid- or turn-based. Which feels really weird, since making a Fire Emblem or XCOM like game built around a game already designed for 5ft squares seems like it would be a no-brainer, rather than redesigning the game to fit real-time free direction movement.

Originally Posted by Veradux View Post
I have always wanted a D&D grid-based tactics game.
Temple of Elemental evil has that, including everything from movement 5ft steps, standard actions etc. Too bad the story is so god awfully thin and the game itself is buggy as hell that it makes it take a lot of fortitude to suffer it through.

If they could have Temple of Elemental evil's combat system in a game with story quality of Baldur's Gate, we'd be in DnD video game heaven.

Been spending a lot more time than I expected with Okami HD. Part of it is that I never got that far as a kid with the PS2 version, but it's also just a really relaxing game, Okami-Amaterasu is a really charming protagonist and the focus of the game, making the land bloom and turn beautiful, is a nice change of pace from all my bloody war games. Although I'm becoming uncomfortably aware of Hideki Kamiya's rather poor handling of beauty tropes.

I actually replayed it recently, and it really wasn't terrible. I don't know how much the fan/unofficial patches helped, but the pathfinding wasn't that bad. In fact overall it wasn't as bad as I'd remembered. The game certainly still had issues (tons of inane, hard to follow, minor quests) and annoying bugs/features, but it's definitely my favorite computer-ized version of the D&D rules in any CRPG. Neverwinter and its ilk were great games, but I give the ToEE implementation the win. Too bad its bad outweighed its good.

Really? You could never charge anything, because your characters couldn't move in a straight line for more than five feet. You could send your entire group down a perfectly straight hallway, only to discover that one person decided to take the long way around. No, the REALLY long way, through unexplored territory and halfway across the level. The pathfinding was beyond awful in my experience.

I have ToEE through GoG, and I didn't find the pathfinding too terrible. It did occasionally require extra attention in some areas, but as long as you're not trying to move more than 100' at a time you're generally okay.

There were some bugs with spells stacking when they shouldn't have, plus a few other things. Overall it was an enjoyable game, with the option to challenge yourself by picking some of the weaker classes instead of rolling with a powerhouse team.

Some of those quests were awful hard to find/finish, and I never did get around to all of them because I have enough other games (and the dreaded Real Life) to occupy my time. At some point I'll probably revisit the Temple and see about playing a party of Air cultists; I think there might've been a quest I missed in there.

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