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This week in video games...

Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
Next Tuesdays Battlechasers: Nightwar is getting released. Anyone else picking it up? Looking like some fun old school rpg fun times.
I had no idea about this, so now I'm excited. Thanks!

Didn't even know that it was a thing. I still have my battlechasers hardbacks...probably would just play for nostalgia sake.

An actual turn based RPG? Yea, I'm interested.
They don't really seem to make those anymore.

^ As the above mentioned. I can't stop loving that game. There are turnbased RPGs still coming out, it's just a matter of finding them.

Getting back into Stellaris. I took a break from it after the game came out and almost feel completely lost now. I've always liked Paradox strategy games, the idea behind them anyway, leading a nothing family in Anatolia to masters of the rebuilt and now Zoroastrian Roman Empire, but I've never been very good at them.

Starting to dig into the layers of strategy in Warhammer 2. The Vortex campaign really changes things around. When you advance that plotline it spawns enemies in your core, and xince you're constantly racing everyone else you can't put it off forever. In Warhammer 1 you could get away with having your armies at your borders all the time and be constantly expanding, but in 2 sometimes you just have to raze enemy settlements and move on.

It's a complexity that the first game didn't have and to be truthful, it's putting me on the back foot.

I have a question about that game that's rather simple but extremely vital. How are the Skaven done? Do they feel suitably unique and flavorful or are they done like just another cookie cutter total war faction with rat skins on top?

Each of the factions are unique in their own way. The Warhammer entries capitalize a lot on the variety of the factions, far more than the earlier entries; no two of them are at all alike.

For the Skaven, I haven't played them yet, but on the campaign map their settlements appear as ruins to everyone else and they rely a lot on ambushing. For their units they have a lot of weak and cheap units to throw at the enemy (and their deaths don't give morale penalties either) along with smaller contingents of highly dangerous units like warpfire throwers, rat ogres or doomwheels. They also have abilities that can summon clanrats anywhere on the map to disrupt formations. Never discount their wicked artillery either.

In a pitched battle, on the other hand, the Skaven won't last. I can't give more informed view on how their specifics have been achieved, but I think the general consensus has been extremely positive.

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