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Aucien Maryotl + Cohort

Aucien Maryotl + Cohort

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Aucien Maryotl

Name: Aucien Maryotl
Alignment: LN
Gender: Female
Race: Phrenic Human
Class: Factotum 8/Diviner 1/Unseen Seer 4//LA2/Warlock 11
Level: 13


Name: Vayl
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Race: Imp
Gender: Male
Class: Conduit of Lower Planes 3/Archivist 8//Imp 2/Artificer 9

Natural Form

Alternate Forms:

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Aucien Maryotl



Leadership Score 18
Cohort 11 level Vayl Imp


Break Down of Followers:

Dead Leaves
Level 4 - : Ebmeros: Lesser Tiefling Archivist (Clerk/salesperson in main store at Dead Leaves)
Level 2 - : Ellesa: Ghoul (Dead Leaves Assistant)
Level 1 - : Pygmy & Bash: 2 Kobold Skeleton Warriors (Dead Leaves Servants)

Level 2 : Arisani Syrano: Whisper gnome Rogue (Server/waitress/manager in rathskeller at Dead Leaves)
Level 1 : Madi Foxthistle: Pixie Bard (Server/Entertainer rathskeller at Dead Leaves)
Level 1 : Amaranth & Anemone: 2 Gloura (Twins) (Entertainers/Ambience rathskeller at Dead Leaves)
Level 2 : Crellis: Half-Minotaur Fighter (Rathskeller "Barkeep")

Dog Snot Crew
Level 3 - : Dog Snot: Goblin Rogue (Chief in charge of rogues/spies network**)
**Level 1: Brodric: Human Rogue
**Level 1: Cricket & Leesee: goblin rogues
**Level 1: Marisol: Human Bard (Performers around the city)
**Level 1: Creta Kano: Human Bard (Performers around the city)
**Level 1: Phaeravim Phillimint: Halfling Bard(Performers around the city)
**Level 1: Lyra Chaera: Elf Bard(Performers around the city)
**Level 1: Zan: Uldra Rogue
**Level 1: Borgan: Orc Fighter

6 Level 1 Wizards: 1 Elf, 1 Tiefling, 4 Human
5 Level 1 Archivists: 2 Elves & 3 Human


Shop (in Progress)

Dead Leaves

Emporium & Rathskeller
Dead Leaves is a shop owned by Aucien Maryotl. It is a tiny dimly lit stone building in an alley off of the market district. The floor is wood plank with a large cut stone fossil set at the threshold. The first floor houses the main store offering the primary services of the company including alchemical items, books, potions, scrolls and other magic items. These regular items are openly available, but poisons, drugs, forged documents and magic items relating to necromancy, and dark sorceries are also available if requested. Fortunetelling is also available for special requests. It has a couple backrooms, one functions as a workshop and library, the other is a small room where Aucien can meet with clients as a diviner. A side door leads down a staircase into a small one room tavern in the cellar underneath the store where a few libations, such as tea, wine, ale and cider are available. In addition to the main room underground there are also a few small storage rooms and another small private library. A 4th level Tiefling Archivist, named Ebmeros, is the clerk on the the main floor while the store is open 9-8. Several undead servants are also in the shop and assist Ebmeros as needed. The Rathskeller is under the service of a 2nd level whispergnome rogue, Arisani Syrano and a pixie bard name Madi Foxthistle along with twin Gloura, Amaranth and Anemone, and a Half Minotaur Fighter named Crellis. A small barred gate connects to a trap door that leads further down into the cisterns and tunnels under the city that allows for discreet visits from its patrons.
Humans and non-humans, living and dead alike are welcome customers.

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