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M&M3 - MCU - Thunderbolts - Let's Talk!

Instead of making them like mutants they are more like mutates which i believe are characters like spider-man. Thing done to them instead of just personal evolution. Sounds good.

I have a symbiote character working out

This sounds like a cool idea! How important to you is creating the player characters from existing marvel cinematic organizations? Are unique backstories acceptable ? Or should they all be grounded in backgrounds from existing Marvel films?

Originals are totally fine. I only set it in the MCU because its easy

I would make this dude as my Thunderbolt.

Georges Batroc

Military training, martial arts master, and still alive. Sounds like a winner to me.

What are you looking at as far as PL?

Originally Posted by TheMCBookworm View Post
What are you looking at as far as PL?
Dunno yet. I'll sleep on this one but it'll probably be PL 10-12ish. I wouldn't want to limit people to playing Thors all over the place. Very high PLs exclude some concepts outright.

If I remember correctly, the Thunderbolts were using cover ID's (like Screaming Mimi becoming Songbird) to seem like new heroes rather than old criminals. Will that be the idea here?


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