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Pathfinder: House Party Of Chaos

Chapter 11

More adventurers join the battle against Smoake The Dwarfbane. Non-Adventurers tried to douse the flames away from the Pentacles mansion. Smoake fights back with his fire breath. Every adventurer dodge Smoake fire breath. The eight teenagers safely hide and watch the climatic events fold.

"Eric. This is all your fault. Why did you convinced me to have a house party in the first place?" asked Kenny full of anger.

"Me? How the heck should I know that all of this was going to happen? I wasn't expecting a red dragon was going to wreck the party. And you're the one who went along with my suggestion so technically it was your fault." said Eric as he pointed Kenny fault of this whole situation.

"Eric right. Kenny this was mostly your fault. First off you disobey our parents rules not to have a party. Second the party was so chaotic you didn't know how to handle this type of situation and third our home is going to be in flames thanks to your negligence. So most of it was your fault overall." said Sarah as she summarized her brother fault.

"You're right Sarah. This whole thing was my fault. I feel that I need to do something to fix this whole mess." said Kenny blaming himself for his actions.

"What are you going to do?" replied to Bonnie.

"I"m going to defend my home." said Kenny heroically.

"We're here with you all the way." said Stan.

"The girls and I will get rid of the flames.

Everybody returned to the Pentacles mansion. Sarah and her three friends help the non-adventurers douse the flames with water. Kenny and the three boys found weapons on the ground and they join the battle. Kenny got a quarterstaff, Stan a greatsword, Eric a light crossbow and Kyle a Morningstar. They attack Smoake with their weapons and successfully hit. Smoake health is getting weak.

"This battle isn't worth fighting for." said Smoake as he flies away and make a hasty retreat.

"We did it. We defeated Smoake." one of the adventurers said as everyone cheered.

"The fire is all gone." Said Rochelle as they finally got rid of the fire. Everybody cheered.


Pathfinder: House Party Of Chaos

Chapter 12

After the climatic battle against Smoake The Dwarfbane. Everybody was leaving the area. Kenny, Sarah, Stan, Bonnie, Kyle, Rochelle, Eric and Nancy stand in front of the burnt Pentacles mansion.

"Sorry about your mansion burned down." said Kyle.

"Thanks Kyle. But my family is insured. But how am I going to explained it to my parents about the house being burned down by a red dragon?" replied Kenny as he thinking on how he going to explain the whole mess that transpired.

"Excuse me young man. I didn't mean to eavesdropped your conversation. But may be able to assisted your situation." said the older male human Wizard. He was tall, light skinned, long gray hair with gray mustache and beard. Wears a blue robe and blue hair holding a quarterstaff.

"Really? How? Also may I ask who are you mister?" asked Kenny.

"My name is Dumbledalf The Blue. I happen to participate on your house party earlier before all of this happen. And I must say of all my years of going to a house party this is the most craziest house party that I ever participate in. And yes back to my assistance. Well as you see I'm an epic Wizard and I can magically wish that your house is in original perfect condition." said Dumbledalf.

"Oh really? That's great. I just wish that my house is in perfect condition as it was before." said Kenny.

"I wish that the boy mansion is in perfect condition as it was before." said Dumbledalf as the wish was granted. The Pentacles mansion was in perfect condition. Everybody was amazed to see the mansion been cleaned and in original perfect condition.

"The wish have been granted." said Dumbledalf.

"Oh thank you so much. I really appreciate your help Dumbledalf." said Kenny.

"You're welcome. Someday we might cross path and see each other again." said Dumbledalf. Kenny thought of something.

"Hey before you go Dumbledalf. Can you give me a second wish?" asked Kenny.

"Sure. What do you want to wish for." asked Dumbledalf . Kenny whispered in Dumbledalf ear.

"Sure, I'll wish for that." said Dumbledalf. Two days later. Miranda and David arrive the front porch from their adventuring. David open the door and they went inside the house. Suddenly Kenny, Sarah and their friends yelled Surprise! Which they throw a surprise party for David and Miranda return of they adventure. Kenny and Sarah run and approach to their parents.

"Mom, dad you're home. How was your adventuring?" asked Kenny.

"It was great. We killed Nicolius The Arcane Dragon. It was a very difficult but we made it out alive." said David.

"I wasn't expecting a welcome home surprised party. Did you all plan this." asked Miranda.

"Mom, dad. I have confessed. It's a long story." said Kenny as he spill the beans confessing everything that happen while they were away.

"....I asked Dumbledalf The Blue to wish a surprise birthday for you two." said Kenny.

"We'll I'm glad you told the truth about everything that happen and you definitely handle it pretty well." said Miranda.

"So you're not angry at me for disobeying your rules?" asked Kenny.

"We'll the house is it order magically that is and you seem to handle it pretty well. So we won't punished you doing it." said Miranda.

"Thanks Mom and Dad. You're the best parents that any teen will ever have." said Kenny.

And so the Pentacles family and their children friends continued to celebrate their own party happily.


So what do you think about the whole story? Like it, hate it? Tell me what you thoughts and opinions of the story.

Hello everyone. My next story is going to be another Pathfinder story but this time it's going t be more action and excitement in it. The name of the story is going to be called Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia. This story will be about four heroes ging to fights devils that been invading the city. One of the protagonist happen to be a male human rogue who happen to be a complete jerk. So let see how this stry will turned out.

Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia

Chapter 1

In a magical world of Arcadia at the city of Herlon where diverse race of humans, elves, dwarves, halfings, half-orcs, gnomes, half-elves and other races live peacefully. However the city was invaded by devils from another place. Gary Grumps, an older dwarf who happen to be the mayor of Herlon hired fur heroes t kill the devils and bring peace and order to the beloved city of Herlon once again. The first her of the party enter the building was Mikey Dangerously. A young male human rogue who's tall, light build, light skin, dark black hair and wears light armor. He appears to be very miserable and unhappy about this mission. The second hero enter the building was Damok, Dragon Hunter. A young male human ranger who's talll, muscular build, tanned skinned, dark black hair, wearing light armor. He also wearing a dragon skull headpiece on his head appear to be a slain wyrmling black dragon. He's very serious and determined about this mission. The third hero enter the building was Adynn, Cleric Of Love. He's a young male elf cleric of Arshea. He's tall, light build, white hair and wears light armor. He's appears to be very happy with this mission. The furth and final hero enter the building was Darquan The Usurper. He's a young male human wizard. He's tall, dark-skinned, black hair and wear a black robe with no armor at all. He's appears to be very calm about this. Soon the fur heroes are in this room together to see what lies ahead next.

Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia

Chapter 2

The four heroes were at the office f where the Herlon mayor Gary Grumps works. Damok first introduced himself.

"Hey everyone my name is Damok, Dragon Hunter." said Damok.

"Hey Damok. It's a pleasure t meet you. My name is Adynn, Cleric of Love." said Adynn

It's a pleasure to be acquainted with you Adynn." said Damok.

"Greeting mortals. My name is Darquan The Usurper. It's a pleasure to meet both of you." saud Darquan.

"Hey Darquan. It's a pleasure to meet you to." said Damok.

"Ditto." said Adynn. Darquan approaches to Mikey Dangerously.

"And what's your name, sir?" asked Darquan politely.

"My name is Mikey Dangerously and I could careless who you and the other two losers are." said Mikey in a very rude manner.

"Uh oh, I could tell this one is not a people person." said Adynn sensing Mikey negative vibe.

"Mikey you should definately tone down the bad attitude." said Damok in a serious tone.

"Listen here idiot. The reason why I'm here is just to kill the devils in this crappy city and get paid. I'm not here to make friends with anyone in this team. And I'm not change my attitude. Not for you and everyone else." said Mikey in a serious tone as well.

"Are yu always this rude to everybody?" asked Darquan.

"All the time." said Mikey.

A young female dwarf receptionist approached to the team.

"Mr. Grumps want to see all of you know." said the female dward receptionist. The four heroes went to Mr. Grumps office. Mr. Grumps appears to e an elder male dwarf wh's short, bad with gray beard, muscular build.

"Gentlemen, it's wonderful to see you under these circumstances. My name is Gary Grumps, I'm the mayor of Herlon. Well let get down to business. Last week the city was invaded by devils from another plane. One of the paladins from the Temple of Torag reported reported that there was devil invaded in the city. Soon the devil infestation continued to grow tremendously. So I hired you four heroes to do your part. Kills the devils and all of you will be awarded with sum of gold." said Gary.

"How much gold are we talking about here?" asked Mikey curiously.

"I can't tell you how much gold at this moment but I will tell you the more devils you killed the more gold you earn. Kill the devils and cme back to report how much devils you killed. Good luck my four heroes. You're Herlon last hope." said Gary as the fur heroes left the office to start their adventure.


Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia

Chapter 3

The four heroes are outside of Gary Grumps building.

"So where to everyone?" asked Adynn.

"Well I suppose we should go to pay a visit to the temple of Torag and asked the paladin where he saw. I got a map of the city of Herlon. it might take as a while to get there on foot." said Damok.

"I agree. We should go there." said Darquan.

"Fine but as long they don't force their beliefs down my throat." said Mikey in a sullen mood.

So the four heroes walk to the Temple of Torag on foot. It took about twenty blocks to get to the temple. As soon as they arrived at the Temple of Torag. The temple is being invaded by a single devil known as lemure. A rolling wave of flesh gused forward. Amid the fatty surge wriggle half-formed limbs and dripping tumorous face. Damok pull out his longbow and shoot the lemure with his arrow. The lemure got hit it effectively and it's dead.

"Wow that was an easy shot." said Darquan impressively.

"A bit too easy if you ask me. That weakling didn't even stand a chance. You know, you should called yourself Damok, Devil Hunter instead of that lame Dragon Hunter title. We won't be fighting dragons around in this place." said Mikey.

"Thanks I guess. But I prefer Dragon Hunter because I specialized in hunting and killing dragons but I do hunt and kill other things and devils is one of them." said Damok. Soon after an older male human cleric of Torag went outside and approached the four heroes.

"Thank you for killinh this lemure. We appreciated your help. My name is Sean Halos. I'm a priest who run this temple. May I assisted you in any way? said Sean.

"Hey Sean. We're looking for a paladin in this temple. We have a few question to ask. He might know something about the devils taking over the city. said Damok.

"Oh yeah that Ray Remos. He told me about the devil invasion. He's in the temple please make yourself at home. Everybody is welcome." said Sean as he and the four heroes went inside the temple. There went so many people worshipping the temple.

"Ray. These people want to asked you some question about the devil encounter you have witness." said Sean as Ray was praying. He appear to e a human, young, muscular build, light skinned with red hair. He wear light armor.

"Hello my name is Ray Remos. I believe you're here about my enconuter that you ust witness. 1. Where did you see your first encounter of the devils arrival?" asked Damok.

"It was all started last week. I was witnessing the word of Torag to other people until I saw a portal out of nowhere and devils have enter to our city."

"What do they look like?" asked Adynn.

"There was a whole variations of devils. It happen so fast. I can't describe all of them. But I will tell you this> All of them are very ugly." replied Ray.

"You mention a portal while you were witnessing. Can you tell us where the exact location that you saw?" asled Mikey.

"Yes it was ten blocks from this temple in the north." said Ray

"Okay. If anyone else have any question please feel free to say it." asked Damok.

"I'm good." said Mikey.

"Ditt." said Adynn.

"I don't have any question." said Darquan.

"Wait who are you. I need to know your names." asked Ray.

"I'm Damok, Dragon Hunter." replied Damok.

"Adynn, Cleric of Love." replied Adynn.

"Darquan The Usurper." replied.

"Mikey Dangerously." replied Mikey.

"Nice to meet you everyone. If you ever want to worship Torag. You're feel to welcome here anytime." said Ray.

No thanks. We're cool. Let get the heck out of where." said Mikey as he rushing to leave the Temple of Torag in a hurry.


Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia

Chapter 4

As the four heroes left the Temple Of Torag. They were trying to plan they next destination.

"I thought we ere never going to leave that temple. People trying to pray and preach the word of their deity. It's drives me insane." said Mikey as he expressed his feeling of religion.

"It sounds like you have a very bad experience of religion in your past Mikey." said Adynn.

"Yes I do. I just don't really believe in a deity. No offense Adynn. I ust have a bad relationship with religion a long time ago." said Mikey.

"None taken. I can really your understand about your doubts for not believing in a higher power. I have doubts about it myself for so many years ago. I was a teenager back then. I didn't want to believe in a deity until my father brought me to Arshea. I listen to the words of Arseha and that how I become the cleric that I am today. said Adynn.

"So what does Arshea represent if you don't mind me asking?" asked Mikey curiousity.

"Arshea represent freedom, physical beauty, and sexuality." said Arshea.

"And are you happy with your beliefs? asked Mikey.

"Yes. Arshea changed my life." said Adynn.

"Well I used to worshipped Brigh a long time ago. I was really strong with my so-called faith. When I was a kid. Then my mother got really sick and I coninued to pray but nothing was happening. I keep on praying and my mother health got so much much worse then she passed away. I ust asked Brigh why did you took my mother away from me. Then I just realized that my deity never care about my mother health. So that why I left my religion and found some soul searching on my own. said Mikey.

"I'm so sorry to hear that Mikey. Perhaps it was her time and I'm sure you did the best you could to take care of your mother." said Adynn as he tried to cheer Mikey up. Suddenly Ray Remos ran after the heroes.

"Wait!" said Ray Remos as he approached the four heroes.

"Oh hi Ray. Is there something that you want." asked Damok.

"I just thought of something. If I can join your team I can be a great all for you. After all I knw this city very well plus I was here at all my life. So can I join team please." asked Ray Ramos. The huddled up and try to make the decision.

"I say we let Ray oin with us." said Adynn.

"DO we really need to let this nobody join our team? I mean a party of four is enough. A party of five can messed our mission up?" said Mikey as he opposed the idea.

I'm with Adynn on this run, he's might come in handy in battles. Plus he lives in this ciry so he might hoook us up with so much information of this city."

"Is your call Damok. Yoou make the final decision." said Adynn. The four heroes stop huddled up together.

"Ok after much consideration Ray. You can join with us. You'll be a great lly to our team." said Damok

"Oh thank you so much. I really appreciated the honor of joining your team." said Ray.

"So where to everyone?" asked Adynn. shop.

"If I may suggested. That we could go and visited Glub weapon shop. We need weapons that can easily effect the devils. Andto my knowledge Devils can stand holy and silver weapons. saud Ray.

"Then we're off to Glub weapon shop everyone." said Damok as the five heroes when to Glub weapon shop.


Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia

Chapter 5

The five heroes were on their way to Glub weapon shop. Ray detect some evil presences heading their way.

"I'm detect some evil presences not to far from here." said Ray.

"It's got to be devils. I know it" said Damok. The five heroes continued on their way. By the time they got to Glub weapon shop three lemures are attacking a tall male half-orc who's bald and muscular. He's wearing light armor and has a greatsword for a weapon. He's defending himself against the lemures.

"Oh no. Glub in trouble. We have to help him. said Ray as he sheathed his longsword and charged into battle. Ray attack the lemure with his longsword, smiting the lemure, screaming in great pain. The lemure fight back by scratching Ray armor with its claws. But it was ineffective. Mike get both of his shortswords and race into action to help Ray by finishing out of one of the lemures with his shortswords by slashing the head. One lemure is dead. Darquan summoned a celestial dire rat to aid in battle. The celestial dire rat was summoned by Darquan command.

"Ahhhh!!!!" Darquan yelled in pain.

Adynn summon the magiv stones floatfully in the air. He send the first stone to hit the second and the stone the lemure very hard. The lemure fell down to the down and its dead. Damok sheates his longsword and charged about the last lemure. He slash the lemure with his longsword. The lemure scream in and realiated by attack its claws to Damok armor. The attack was ineffective agaianst Damok light armor. Glub finished the final lemure with his greatsword by slicing the lemure in half, killing it. Everybody gathered around.

"Darquan are you ok?" asked Adynn with concerned.

"Yes the lemure got me good." said Darquan panting with exhaustion.

"Here let me heal you." Adynn cast Cure Light Wounds on Darquan. Darquan is fuly healed.

"Thanks Adynn." said Darquan full of appreciation.

"Glub are you ok?" asked Ray.

"Yes Ray. I'm fine. I'm so glad I'm fully prepare for this fight. These devils just came out of nowhere and it's continues to grow more rapidily. The best part is that my greatsword is made of sliver. Oh by the way. My name is Glub, I assume your the four heroes wanted to buy weapons, right?" asked Glub.

"Yes all of us need silber weapons." said Damok.

"Well you're definitely in the right place. Come in." said Glub as he and the five heroes went inside Glub weapon shop.


Pathfinder: Domination Of Arcadia

Chapter 6

The five heroes went inside of Glub's Weapon Shop. This place sells all type of weapons and armory. It has simple weapons, martial weapons, exotic weapons.

"Welcome to my weapon shop, adventurers. Feel free to browse around." said Glub.

"We'll need to sell all our weapons and buy silver weapons." said Damok as he took out his longsword and his remaining 38 arrows and put in the counter. Adynn took out his flail and put it counter.

"I might as well don't need these babies anymore." said Mikey as he kissed both of his shortswords and put it in the counter with the other weapons.

"What about you Darquan? Are you going to sell that walking stick of yours?" asked Mikey

"If your referring my quarterstaff as my walking stick. No, I'm keeping my quarterstaff. Beside my quarterstaff doesn't worth anything and it can't be sell for gold pieces. I'm planning to make this quarterstaff into a magical rod later on. Although I'm interested to buy a silver dagger." said Darquan.

"Well if that your plan go for it then." Mikey replied back with a little enthusiasm. Ray took out his longsword and put it in the counter with the other weapons. Glub calculated the price of the weapon they're selling it.

"Ok that half the whole price with all the weapons together and you'll received 30 gold pieces." said Glub as he give the money to Damok.

"That's it. That's all we get? Darquan are you sure that walking stick doesn't cost anything. I mean it has to worth some gold pieces at least." asked Mikey full of disappointment.

"I'm afraid the quarterstaff isn't worth anything sir but I do have a masterwork quarterstaff which cost 600 gold pieces if your friend interested." said Glub.

"No thanks. I'm only interested for the silver dagger. I really don't need a masterwork quarterstaff." said Darquan.

"Ok does anyone else need anything?" asked Glub.

"Yes I need two silver shortswords." Mikey replied back to Glub.

"A silver flail for me please." Adynn replied back to Glub

"I need 40 silver longbow arrows and a silver longsword." Damok replied back to Glub.

"I need a silver longsword as well." Ray replied back to Glub.

"Ok that's one silver dagger, two silver shortswords, one silver flali, 40 silver longbow arrows and two longswords. That will be a total of 396 gold pieces."

"I got this cover everybody. Here's 400 gold pieces." said Ray as he gives his 400 gold pieces to Glub.

"Here's your change. 4 gold pieces in return." said Glub as he return the 4 gold pieces to Ray.

"Dang dude! Is your family loaded Ray?" asked Mikey as he was surprised with Ray wealth.

"Yes my family is rich." said Ray.

"I'm going to start going to your temple more often." said Mikey as everybody laughed.

"I'll get the weapons. It's going to take a few minutes." said Glub as he went to the inventory to get the weapons.

"My family is very wealthy and famous in this city. They all worshipped Torag and they know so much about other planes and stuff." said Ray.

"Maybe they know something about the devil invasion in this city." said Damok.

"I suppose they have some information about it. I guess it wouldn't hurt to pay my family to visit and to meet all of you guys." said Ray. Glub return with the silver weapons.

"Here's all of your silver weapons, adventurers." said Glub as the five heroes got their weapons.

"Oh Ray and all your friends, I have some information which might help you. Just the day before the devil invasion I notice there was a hooded figure in a black robe which I saw at the street. I'm not sure if there a connection between the devil invasion but I just wanted to put it out there." said Glub.

"Thanks Glub. Thank you for telling us that information. Goodbye." said Ray.

"Farewell adventurer and thank you for killing those devils with me." said Glub as the five adventurers left the store.



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