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The Starfinder Society wants YOU!

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The Starfinder Society wants YOU!

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Welcome to Absalom Station recruit. The Starfinder Society has lovingly accepted you into the folds of its organization despite many of you potentially coming from less reputable backgrounds or previous employment. You all possess a particular set of skills be is muscle, brains or a knack for stumbling upon secrets many wish to hide. The society is made up of scholars, ex mercenaries, retired soldiers, scientists, mechanics and those who wield magics.

Character Creation: PHB only. No 3PP.
Theme: page 15, 28 PHB
Ability Scores: Point Buy as explained on page 18 of the PHB
Classes: All allowed. page 15 PHB
Equipment: 1,500 creds (yes this is correct)\
Spots: 5

This will be my first foray into Starfinder, having not played it at all, so we can all learn as we go. I believe I have covered everything within character creation, and have given extra cash upon startup to give everyone an edge. We will do milestone leveling according to the book. I will close applications at the end of the month if we get enough applications.

Game Description:

As the ship entered within range of the visual beacons surrounding Absalom Station, towing what looks to be a large asteroid, those in the central tower, controlling the unending flow of traffic send their FoF burst of data, their fingers sitting idle on the button that would target and paint the ship as an enemy.

"Tower control to unidentified vessel, please send your tag, flight plan and identification data"
said the Kasatha sitting at the terminal, its four arms simultaneously typing data into a side terminal allowing the release of a haul freighter that was running behind schedule, one finger sitting on the button to paint the vessel, and its last two controlling the docking clamps on the freighter.
Sitting next to this four armed operator, there were other aliens, of various sizes, shapes and shades. All there wearing the uniform and armband identifying them as staff of the Station. "Repeat, unidentified vessel, send your data burst or we will be forced to open fire".

Upon the docks, five new arrivals, disembarking from the vessels that transported them to the system wander through the hustle and bustle that is Dock 94 of the station. The sights and sounds hit them in waves, and they all sport a fresh new patch worn differently on each, but all the same. The symbol identifying them as recruits of the Starfinder Society.

Within the tower, a silence had settled on the room. A few people looked over at the terminal with the Kasatha, their eyes looking at the ping on his screen as it crept slow but steady towards the terminal. Suddenly the data burst was received, and an unheard sigh was expelled within the room. It had been several months since the station had been forced to paint a hostile target, and it had ended with a standoff and the launching of fighters to chase off pirates.

"Identity received Acreon, report to Dock 99 and await station staff. Decontamination is required if travelling outside of the Pact World, as is the deceleration of all flora and fauna outside of those already explained within the station charter that you are currently being sent" explained the four armed alien, reading the world he has repeated dozens of times during his shift. There was almost no passion behind his voice "Welcome to Absalom Station"

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Originally Posted by GrzegorzGD View Post
What about races from alien archives?
I own the book, but for my first game, PHB races only

I'm assuming your PHB only rule for races works for everything, right? So no material from Alien Archives or Pact Worlds for this game?

Okay so no aliens from any of the other books, I am okay with that. Would you allow a re-skin of an existing race? I have a intelligent plant Mystic Healer, grown by elves on the Moon. He is a Ysoki in all things, he just looks like a plant. I can put up a sheet, including a picture if you will be willing to give it a look.

so you just want to look like a plant? I have no issues with that as long as nothing mechanically has changed or will change

Originally Posted by Logan_Xavier View Post
so you just want to look like a plant? I have no issues with that as long as nothing mechanically has changed or will change
Yes that is all. App forthcoming.

Hi! I hope to join up too, I'm kinda like Shdwrnnr (Wow, that's a mouthful) here in that I wanna play a half-halfling of sorts who was found by some dwarven miners from the Dispora in a derelict science lab ship as a baby. Same thing, mechanically normal, just the inclusion of a kinda lion-like tail and over-sized rodent ears. Let me send ya an App and see if you like it!


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