Sketch artist for campaign setting

Hey, so my wife is a photographer and we hate it when she gets hit up for free work, so I feel dirty putting this out there -

BUT, I'm shameless and not rich so I thought I'd try anyways.

I'm running a one shot Star Wars Saga Game and building up to what I hope will be a long running campaign set in an alternate Star Wars universe focused on the planet Naboo.

What I'd like to find is someone with the interest and time to make sketches of important NPCs and places in the game based on either actor/actress models or other existing structural models. I have an English degree and so maybe if you're a poor college student with lots of papers to write, I can help you proofread and build papers etc in return.

The only compensation I can offer is whatever exposure my game gets, my undying love and affection, and a guaranteed spot in my game if you want it.