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My 5e Setting: The Lost Prime

My 5e Setting: The Lost Prime

Building a Homebrew for games I run in the future. Handy Fluff Thread I can link. Feel free to Steal your favorite bits.

1. Cosmology & What Not

The Lost Prime exists in the Far Realm, snatched from the Great Wheel shortly after it's genesis by one the Great Beasts that roam the Far Realm.

The Veil is all that remains of the Lost Prime's connection to the Inner and Outer Planes. Pocket dimensions called The Remnants exist within The Veil. Surviving extraplanar creatures from the Multiverse take refuge in the Remnants, defending them violently.

More to come...

Reserved 4 Fluff n' Stuff....

That's about all I should need, very much a WiP but I welcome Comments & Criticisms at all stages. Bring it Interwebs! I've taken writing classes at the college level! People have called my ideas crap in to my face. Let loose the Storm!

I like this idea

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