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Character/Resource Creation Dump

Character/Resource Creation Dump

I've been trying to put a lot more into my characters backstories, their applications for games, and just the general stuff that I'll use in my games as a player or DM. I want to share some of that stuff here and get some feedback on it since I sometimes don't get into games like I wanted.

Any ways to improve are welcome!

The Duchy of Giruvegan

Strength Through Knowledge
General InformationRuler: Duchess Victoria Fiarenza
Population: 22,000
  • 64% human
  • 11% halfling
  • 8% half-elf
  • 7% gnome
  • 5% dwarf
  • 2% elf
  • 1% half-orc
  • 2% other races
Government: Constitutional Duchy with elected council of advisers.
Alignment: Neutral
Titles: "The City of Night", "City of Knowledge"
The Duchy of Giruvegan (pronounced GEAR-OO-VEGAIN) was founded around the ruins of an ancient college or university that no one knows the purpose or details about, they were lost in the time of strife. The settlement has come to represent knowledge over the centuries and those that live there are instilled from a young age about the value of learning, both practically (like sciences or arcane) or metaphysically (philosophy and theology).

The government of the city is run by a Duchess, though much of her control is shared with a council. The city goes primarily by two names: The City of Night and the City of Knowledge. The latter is rather obvious--though the City of Night is a name given to Giruvegan because of it's location between two mountain ranges. The sun rarely shines directly into the city. Most crops are farmed outside of the valley and shipped in land that is still under the control of the Duchy) and the wide river that runs through the center of town is also a large source of food.

In a rather confusing fashion, Giruvegan is the name of the city and also the countryside around it, though what the Duchy controls amounts to very little. Giruvegan has mostly amicable deals with the other political powers of the area and lends scholars and thinkers to them on occasional to help solve problems.

Connection to character: Molly's mother was a scientific adviser to the city.

NoteThis was a city I created for the game Adventure Academy. The formatting is free for anyone to use if they need it. I find it works well for cities, organizations, or anything else where you want a wiki style page.

Class & Level: Wizard - 1
Race: Human (Variant)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Sage -
Proficiency Bonus: +2
INIT: +2 HD: 1d6+1
AC: 12 HP: 7

Physical DescriptionMolly is a petite girl with thin, freckled arms who tends to avoid smiling because, as she puts it, "her teeth are too big". She's pale with thick, flowing hair the color of sunsets on lakes and big blue eyes. Her clothing tends to lean toward simple tunics and dark velvety robes. Her favorite cloak is one that belonged to her mother and still bears the faded Cabal emblem on the breast pocket.

Height: 5'2''
Weight: 105 lbs.
Age: 15

Character Concept OverviewMolly is basically the studious, slightly know-it-all type. She's book smart, but at the same time adept at reading people--a skill she picked up from years of watching the adults in her life put out various fires that came with being noble. An attempt on her family's lives when she was young cost her most of her hearing, as such a pair of magical earrings were constructed that allow her to hear as normal. Due to the hearing loss she has learned to sign and also read lips, this is shown through the Observant feat.

She comes from a foreign land (the furthest part of the map, a city named Giruvegan (which I will go over in the background).

STR: 8 [-1]
DEX: 14 [+2]
CON: 12 [+1]
INT: 17 [+3]
WIS: 14 [+2]
CHA: 10 [00]

Saves: Intelligence and Wisdom
Speed: 30 feet

Background: SageBackground Feature: Researcher - When you attempt to learn or recall a piece of lore, if you do not know that information, you often know where and from who you can obtain it. Usually, this information comes from a library, scriptorium, university, or sage or other learned person or creature. Your DM might rule that the knowledge you seek is secreted away in an almost inaccessible place, or that it simply cannot be found. Unearthing the deepest secrets of the multiverse can require an adventure or even a whole campaign.

PersonalityMolly is the typically found at the fringes of a room with a couple of aging grimoires hugged tight to her chest or penning something at the edge of her spell book ("it’s the one decorated with drawings of horses that are lacquered to its leather surface"). She tends less toward shy and more toward the idea that she isn’t liked, so there’s no need to force her way into conversations.

There is a kind of confidence to Molly when it comes to knowledge of the things that she should know. When she has something to say it tends to be long winded with as many semicolons and commas as one can properly chain together before coming to a close. Her interests lie in medicine and post mortem rituals on top of her focus on the arcane arts.

Her mother was this larger than life figure with signs of her existence still dotting the school (a donor plaque in the main hall and a third place ribbon for a chess tournament); there were never any signs of her mother having issues fitting in or making friends and, though Molly only seems to share her looks with her mother, she’s Hell bent on following in her footsteps to a degree—which shows in her desire to join the Cabal.

The city that Molly hails from, Giruvegan, has some distinct turns of phrase that aren’t widely used: Molly is likely to exclaim “La!” before a sentence and has spent her first year at school beating many other expressions out of her vocabulary. Occasionally she will slip.

"I've trouble with brevity and putting my thoughts together coherently. People tend not to like me; perhaps the two things are related."

Aspiration. "I will live up to my mother's name and finish the great works that death kept her from."

"On accident I've stolen the boy that Gwen likes, though it has happened completely by accident (not that she knows it's happened). I don't know that I'm actually equipped to say no, because I don't really want to."

"I don't understand the harshness of the outside world and I have never believed that anyone would have reason to do me harm, so I do not expect it."

BackstoryThe Fellweave Family
Lucretia Fellweave comes from a line of brilliant wizards that have always served the Duchy of Giruvegan in some form or another going back to the earliest years of history right after the times of war and strife. As a matter of name recognition, when she married her husband took her last name. Alternis Dassey was a merchant by trade, his father sold potions and sometimes dealt with Lucrecia’s family.

After they married it took them years to actually conceive. It was guessed that because of the magical experiments that Lucretia regularly conducted some toll had been taken on her body that might have left her barren. Still, twins were born to them: Molly and Holly Fellweave.

Early Ages
As is customary in Giruvegan, intelligence is celebrated and put at the forefront as far as importance is concerned. From a very young age the girls were exposed to magic and taught all manner of things. They were required to read a book a week and were kept busy with mathematics puzzles and problem solving.

When Molly was still very young, around four or five, an explosion at a gala nearly killed her and robbed her of most of her hearing. She spent a year nearly deaf and learning to sign though there was rarely anyone to talk to with sign language. Eventually her mother conjured a pair of earrings spelled with a way for her to hear normally. Over the years she learned to read lips anyway in case something catastrophic happened.

When it came time for the pair to choose their lot in life Holly was driven by charity and took the path of faith Molly stuck closer to her mother trying to see to it that she was involved in some way in the experiments. By the time they were both ten Molly decided that she wanted to go to the Academy where her mother had studied. Holly was already months from being sent to a nearby monastery of Vishnu.

Visiting the Academy
Two years before she would be off to attend the academy, Molly went to visit. Her sister had already been away for some time and she was eager to set out. Her mother, who was already sponsoring her couldn’t go, so her aunt took her. They toured the campus for a few days and on the way back to Giruvegan they heard tell of an incident at the Fellweave Estate. All who had been present, her mother, father and the servants were wiped out in the blink of an eye. The compound was outside of the city and it was said to be too dangerous to go back.

An eerie green mist blankets the area and only some of the time one can see through to see that the buildings there are still intact. Very few have been inside and come back out and those who have come out tell stories that make little sense. It’s assumed that something her mother found or was working on caused the incident.

Molly stayed with her Aunt from then until school started—she was reunited briefly with her sister at her parent’s funeral. She mourned for her family over the next couple of years, but a determination arose from the sadness. She would get her schooling, rising into the ranks of the Cabal the way her mother had. One day she would discover what her mother had been working on, continue their family legacy and find some way to undo death itself for her family.

Sponsor: Lucretia Fellweave
Molly's mother was a decorated student and a member of the Cabal Sorority, so it stands to reason that at least one of her daugthers would follow in her footsteps. Before her disappearance and assumed death, she had already began the process of working to get her daughter into the Academy. Molly and Holly's futures was a subject of great importance to her, as it should be. As such, she her sponsorship and recommendation written into her last will and testament.

Things Molly Knows About Her Sponsor
Lucretia was well liked and respected, even before she entered school. She was somewhat of a child prodigy, she graduated with honors and went on to be an Archmage and Adviser of the Council of Girvegan. Molly idolizes her mother and deals with her death by believing that she isn't dead for good.

Rival: Gwen Applebaum
Early in her first year, Molly took a student assistant position at the library--she liked being around the books and tutoring others was basically studying. Gwen is an older girl that, Molly would say, is more attractive and experienced and just everything she's not. Gwen was very sweet though, too sweet. She needed help with magic theory and Molly was the only one available to teach her. She helped Gwen to study for a few weeks before a dark haired boy in chainmail came around to meet her. He made a comment that he would have to get Molly's help, that Gwen couldn't stop talking about how awesome a tutor Molly was. So, Molly started helping him the next week, only she ended up kissing him. Or rather, she thinks she kissed him first--she doesn't remember who was kissing who, but their studying has devolved into kissing and Molly doesn't tell Gwen. The thing that makes Molly angrier is that any lie, any suspicion that Gwen should have is immediately tossed aside. "Molly couldn't be devious," everyone says. "Molly is a good girl," is all she's ever heard. She's not even sure why he's still kissing her or why he hasn't told--she just knows that she likes it and she's going to do what she wants. Gwen probably deserves it, no one could be that perfect.

Things Molly Knows About Her Rival
She's older, blonde and popular, though she doesn't really engage in making fun of others or any outward cruelty, Molly is sure that she's up to something and that she's deserved any wrongdoings that Molly has done to her.

Rumor"I've heard tell of an arcane weapon sealed away on academy grounds since the time of the end of the wars--back in mum's time it was believed to be one of the last powerful weapons of the Strife or one to keep the same thing from happening again."

NoteCreated again for Adventure Academy. My biggest concern with this sheet is that the central themes of the character don't tie it together well. I had a lot of time to mess about over her and I think that was to my detriment.

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