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Animal Based Custom Races: Under 15 Race Points

Animal Based Custom Races: Under 15 Race Points

Species: Laprine
Fey 2 RP
Size: Small
Movement: 30 Base Land 20 Burrow 3 RP
Feats: Weapon Finesse as a Racial Bonus 2 rp
Stats: +4 Dex -2 Con +2 Int, +2 Wis +2 Charisma 4 RP
Fey Damage Resistance (3 RP): DR 5 Cold Iron 3 RP
Low Light Vision
RP Value 14
Current Story:
Far from most races, and hailing from the plane of the Fey sometimes adventurers or settlers will find large farms around hills. Within close proximity of these large cultivated farms are normally Hills and Grassy gnolls where large doors, usually made of wood or stone that lead into the hill like a cellar though suited for small creatures such as Gnomes or Halflings.

Though their true residents are similar more to Gnomes, though they look like bipedal rabbits, large ears with normally light colored clothing. Though earthy browns, greens, and other such natural colors are not uncommon in their wardrobes. The creatures themselves appear as rabbits with their coats primarily consist of light tans , browns, and sometimes black. Rarely does an Albino be born, though when they do they are seen as potential spiritual leaders such as Clerics or Druids, though Shamans are not uncommon.

The males and females of the races have slight differences, though it is mostly with the height of the ears and how thick one may be around. While the women of the are more thin in the shoulders and slighter broader hips with longer ears, the males end up taller of the body while having a shorter set of ears.
Always open for suggestions and comments on it.

A PC race with a burrow speed? So much for dungeon walls.

And...natural damage reduction? That looks kind of powerful. Considering that these Laprines are apparently fey, wouldn't it be more logical to have the fey-damage-reduction equivalent, with cold iron? Silver's something for banishing evil (e.g. lycanthropy curse), not untamed nature...

Oh well. This is a pretty neat idea, if a bit too strong for most PC parties at low levels.
Looking at it actually makes me think of characters like Martian Manhunter or whatever; aliens from another world or dimension with powers superior to humans.
How would you visualize these Laprines being used in a campaign?


Given the title of this thread, are you interested in ideas for custom furry races from others?
I'm thinking of an idea if you are interested; a race based on frill-necked lizards, Chlamyds.
Their gimmick would be that they have a cultural thing going on where they paint their frills with lifelike art and arcane sigils in order to gain spell-like abilities.

I...don't know why I have it as Silver instead of Cold Iron. I should really change that now that you mentioned that. I believe that they are even the same 'price' in the book I used. I probably should also point out this is for Pathfinder and using the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide sort of building guide.

A PC race with a burrow speed? So much for dungeon walls.
I don't believe the Burrow Speed would be able to go through Walls, at least those made of stone. Unless it said otherwise, and if it was it would be a good bit broken, as to why it's a PC with a Burrow speed it's just different and not many other races have it so why not use something people don't.

I see them a bit like a large community in some rather foreign land or untamed trying to defend their way of life and farms and such from colonists who want to take it from themselves. As PCs I see them more as Rogues, Alchemists, maybe even Wizards.

For your Chlamyds? I think it'd be pretty easy to work on that if not for making the Spells likes balanced through their feats. Using it perhaps like the feats for the Kitsune.

Next up: We have a sort of Vulpine (Fox) based race!
Species: Vulcanus
Fey 2 RP - Low Light Vision
Size: Small
Movement 30 Base
Stats: Standard +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Wis
Flexible Bonus Feat
Scavanger: +2 racial bonus on Appraise and Perception checks to find hidden objects (including traps and secret doors), determine whether food is spoiled, or identify a potion by taste.
Stalker: Perception and Sneak are always Skills for this Race
Constant Spell Like Divination: Detect Secret Doors
Fleet Footed: Members of this race receive Run as a bonus feat and a +2 racial bonus on initiative check
Many believe the land of the Fey to be a solely wild place, what the world looked like before the creation of humans or elves. Most fey prefer their wild homes, living in secluded villages if not little caves they fashion from trees. The Vulcanus were not one of these creatures, one of the only races to actually build little towns in the realm of the Fey and enclaves on the Prime Material plane they have found it to be of their liking.

Though the Vulcanus are small, they are but a few inches taller than a halfling. The two races have a bit of a light hearted rivalry due to their skills in 'borrowing' as a Vulcanus sees nothing wrong with stealing unless introduced to the concept by a mortal race. They fully understand it irritates and annoys 'big folk' so mostly leave it as a challenge in their own village of 'who can get who's favorite trinket' before returning it the next night in a wood box.

Females of the race are slightly shorter, with the males are taller with a more pernounced red coat that comes in shades from red to a firey orange. While the females go from a light auburn to a darker tan color.

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