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Time to bribe someone for banner art

Time to bribe someone for banner art

I've been putting off getting one for my story, but I've gotten a few good donations recently and an idea of what I want, so here goes:


A sized down version will need to fit comfortably on this site. (You'll need adblockdisabled to see their sizes) as well as a standard size for the top of my website.


What I want is a human hand (doesn't need to look too real since it's going to be half dissolved), near the left side of the banner reaching out as if to grab something just off screen.

I'm chewing over how I want the text to sit, but on the far right will of course read 'Price'... though I may blend that with the 'Everything has a price' tagline by having the rest of the sentence in a small fond at the bottom, before the title as a much larger word.

Something like

(hand) Everything has a
(the wrist and arm) PRICE

Or maybe the writing on bottom and arm above it. Either could work.

Font's also a thing, I'm thinking a sort of cursive/calligraphy. Something that keeps it a solid block to emphasize the particle breakdown as your eyes move toward the center of the banner.

Either way, the hand, and the title, will both take the position of prominence on their respective edges... while the middle will be blurred. Because now we're at the part that's hard to describe.

The whole thing needs to be done in what is essentially a rainbow blend and breaking down into a swirl of color particles in the center. The outer edges (fingers, letter E) solid, but getting more indistinct and "dissolved" toward the center. All primary and secondary colors in the mix. Just assume everything should look like poor resolution skittles.

If you've seen s-cry-ed, that's more or less what I'm looking for.


Around 4:33-4:37 is a good visual of what I'm thinking. Although blend the color of the early part to the dissolve/rebuild of the later part. Also a wider spread of colors that aren't quite that bleached out.

Background will be a pretty simple gray-scale. I'm thinking near-white a the top and near-black at the bottom, with the usual slow blended transition. No actual black or white on the screen at all (it's symbolic of the story itself).


So, yeah. That sound complicated enough? I swear, it doesn't look nearly that busy looking in my head. I just need an artist or three and price quotes (yes, by 'bribe', I did in fact mean 'this is a paying offer'). And on making an agreement, a paypal that I can send your money to.

Oh, and when I get the banner, I'd also like the files used in creating the art. I know just enough about layers to expect they'll be pretty heavily involved.

Baring artists, I'll also accept bits of advice on where to go to find said artistic types.

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