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What's that Videogame?

All right then. The game is Little Big Adventure, released as Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure in North America, Asia, and Oceania.

Anyone can go!

I cast Raise Dead on this thread! Now to find a good game to . . .wait, oh no, oh god undead thread, UNDEAD THREAD!!!!

Name that game before it eats my brai-~SnarfleslurpCHOMP!~

@leons1701, you've got it right. This game
I think the screenshot is technically from a later port/DLC version
* was literally my first exposure to the Dreamcast - from a friend who to this day still calls games he's impressed by "Dreamcast-Grade."

Kinda wish they had this game when I was learning to type in the long long ago. Don't think an apple IIE could have handled it tho

You're up!

Apple IIE? Try a TRS-80, all the cons of the Apple and few of its advantages.


You're sort of on track. Let's see what this prompts.


OK, these two shots should give it away to anyone that knows the game at all.

Well, some kind of Marvel mash-up. That's Juggernaut in the first shot with...I'm not sure if that's Wolverine or not; the image isn't the greatest. And Spidey again in the second shot facing some clown robot thing.

No clue.

I would say the old exmen game from the sega genesis, but i dont remeber spidey in that... or maximum carnage, but the xmen werent in that! Hmm... thats a dilly of a pickle.


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