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Hey, look! It's September. You know what comes after September? OCTOBER. And what's October? NANO PLANNING MONTH.

If you're confused:
The NaNo blog:

Who's got ideas?! I'll be writing the sequel to my novel Girls Can't Be Knights, called Backyard Dragons, and I'm also going to dust off a first draft that needs a lot of work (like, it needs to be tossed and rewritten level of work) as my secondary project. In a fit of insanity, I listed it in my latest book as going to be published next year, so I'm kind of motivated to get that one done.

This year I'm the co-ML for my region, so expect me to be super obnoxious as I repeat all the same irritatingly chipper things here that I blast at my USA::Washington::Olympia peeps. Because I'll also be going a convention on top of that, my goal this year is only 100k.

Say so if you want your widget listed, and remind me of your NaNo username if it's different than your Weave one.

Ignore this, I just needed a place to put it, because my region is involved in the West Coast Capital Challenge.

I'm going to try again this year. I didn't quite make my word count last year, but I put out a lot more than usual, and I'm pleased with that. This year, I've had a story evolving in my head that's just itching to get out, so I'm going to see what happens when I try to put it to paper. I'm in for the widgits again this year, Daup! (Lexen Verite)

I did about 45000 over both NaNo 2012 and a Camp in 13, but I doubt I'll come back to the same story (still half-unfinished). I have a lot of ideas knocking about, some TeamIco/Miyazaki-esque fantasy, as well as sci-fi/cyberpunky stuff. Also not sure if I'll write in English again this year, would be interesting to try Chinese; if so I'll probably end up doing a historical fiction/detective kind of deal, since I have some groundwork already laid there. I'm in a new region this year though aswell, so should be fun to meet some new folks there.

I suppose I should go outside my normal comfort zone as well. not even sure i'll have the time; but that's probably just an excuse on my part.

at first I was thinking sci fi but not I am thinking japan during the warring states era.

I'll remind Experiment #2 that this is coming up. She did NaNoWriMo for the first time last year (at 14). I forget what she managed to accomplish, but it was somewhere around 8k words.

This year I'm doing it...and hopefully the target I set will finish my draft novel. Feel free to widget me Dauph - same as username here.


Craponnastick! I have no idea if I'll be able to pull it off this year, but always worth a try!


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