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This'll be my first year actually participating...I signed up once a few years ago but crapped out with studying for college finals.

I'm hoping to use NaNo this year to re-jumpstart this novel I've been working on. Been building the world for years and years and have known forever what the story will be, but finding the time and energy to just write the damn thing has been torture. One of the pitfalls of also having writing be the main gist of my day job too. No energy at the end of the day to do anything writing-related. I've started and restarted several times, usually scrapping everything I've written after I come back to it after months-long hiatuses.

But I know it's a great story and deserves to be told, and also I'm such a vain ass that whenever I pick up some crappily written book I get enraged "knowing" that I could do better! But just after my nap...

The real question is, do you have to take the feat to wield an oversized coffee mug? And does a mug in one hand and a pen in the other count as dual-wielding?

Anyone writing their novel with a pen is probably also playing the game using THAC0 and deserves a complimentary mug.

I always have a pen on hand, but not necessarily a computer. Besides, typing takes two hands. How would I hold the mug?

Day 1

Because I'm going to be busy for several days at the beginning of the month, I thought I'd kick off the 21 Days exercises now. I may not do them all, as this isn't my preferred planning mode, but I'll give a crack at most of them for Chowndie, since it needs the most re-work.

Day 1
Five Sentences

Begin with your main character. Write five simple sentences, no more than a dozen words each, describing five different aspects of this character's circumstances. It may be something about the character's work, or romantic life, or any number of things.

5 sentences, no more!

dauph's Day 1Thomas Ramsey, age 25, undetermined skin tone
1. Tom has a challenging, risky job and believes it's the only one he can do.
2. He adores his girlfriend, Eva, and would do almost anything for her.
3. His car has been outfitted well for his job.
4. His mother died a few years ago, leaving him with no family at all.
5. With just two more bounties, he'll have enough money saved to take six months off of work.

I'm doing these, albeit in a private google doc.

...I may have also saved these prompts from last year and am working ahead.

I'll be doing it again this year. I think I have a fair shot at some progress this time. I'll be doing a continuation of what I accomplished at camp in July.
Last November: 0 words.
First Camp: 0 words.
Last camp: 7000+

My user name is the same here.

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