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I have no idea what I'll be doing. Sign me up. I'm actually nearby I'm in Tacoma/Pierce County.

My user name is the same. Actually it doesn't have any capital casing so its just filtchedeggstremes.

This will be my third year of Nanowrimo. I hope to surpass my rather consistent count of around 10k words this year.
My tip to everyone is to ignore perfection. Your readers will not care if the weather patterns in the world don't make sense. There is no need to figure out realistic weather patterns of a flat world.

My tip to everyone is to write words. Lots of words.

That aside, it helps me to think about the scene I'm going to write that day while I'm unavoidably not writing, such as when I'm in the shower or making/eating breakfast. Not about how to word anything, though that sometimes happens, but rather the things that I want to happen for the duration of the scene.

For example, if it's a combat sequence, who are the participants? Is it long or short? Who wins? What happens to the loser? How badly is the winner injured, if at all? What weapons will be used and how bloody will it be? What are the stakes? Can I stage it someplace more interesting than the story up to that point suggests by adding details to the surroundings (and making notes to alter the previous scene)? How much will it screw things up if the hero is seriously injured/loses/dies, or will that make the next part even more awesome?

And so on.

Even if you're a pantser, I recommend seriously considering some basic outlining and character development prior to starting. It'll make things easier. Really. Try pre-writing each of your characters--run them through individual short scenes that take place prior to the start of the story. Develop their speech patterns and mannerisms. Come up with something interesting in their past you can reference later.

Come up with a list of names you want to use for your characters. Make it long enough to cover random family members, bar wenches, and city guards who wind up needing names.

More suggestions to come as we get nearer!

Will give it a go again this year. For me this time the hardest thing is coming up with a story I want to tell. Like last year, I have a germ of an idea that might work, but is there enough there? And does it have the unique perspective that I'm wanting or is it something that's been written a hundred times before? These are the questions that plague my thoughts...

NaNo name is hecklenjyde

Edit: I have in the last few days had my characters come to life like never before, and I'm now really excited by it! I want to start writing right now, but have instead settled on imagining scenarios and jotting them down. The character backstories are almost feeling like they're more interesting than the main idea I had, but I think I will save them for later, or use them as plot hooks in the story. Mwahahaha!

It's fan-fic, which will be about my third or fourth ever attempt at fanfic since I wrote some short Pride and Prejudice excerpts in 2001. Normally I steer well away from fanfic because few of them are any good (that I have read - too many terrible ones has put me off), but in this case I'm only borrowing from the setting and major events really. All the rest are my own characters. I hope it works!

So would writing an adventure path/module be considered legal in terms of this? :P

If not, perhaps we here at Myth-Weavers need a National Adventure/Quest Writing Month (NaQuWriMo)!

Whether it's fair for word count or not is a matter between you and your conscience. The Office of Letters and Light doesn't police what's submitted, because all they do is count the words without saving it anywhere.

I don't see why you can't write a module for this, so long as you feel like you're actually writing a story. The point is to get off your duff and do the thing, and if the thing for you is writing a module and this works for motivation, then go for it!

Originally Posted by Ravenborn View Post
So would writing an adventure path/module be considered legal in terms of this? :P

If not, perhaps we here at Myth-Weavers need a National Adventure/Quest Writing Month (NaQuWriMo)!
That would be fun!

Originally Posted by Ravenborn View Post
So would writing an adventure path/module be considered legal in terms of this? :P
all is fair in love war and NaNoWriMo....

for instance did you know that anyone could win this? (winning by reaching 50k words) they can do this by simply writing "this is the book" over and over again until 50k is reached. kinda repetitive but a winnable solution. you can even use the word "the" instead. poor keyboard's T H E keys might be exhausted from it....

another idea is to roll up a fighter and put him in the pits. roll the dice each fight till he dies or you reach your quota for the day (about 1,400 words). if he should parish roll up another. would get dull after awhile but at least it provides writing practice for more elaborate projects.

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