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My planar cosmology

My planar cosmology

Hi guys,

Again for my Plane Shifters game, the players have now learned how the planes work having gotten a lesson from a helpful native. I made a little diagram to give to them, and thought I would share it with y'all along with a brief explanation...

The planes all exist relative to three axis: the moral (good/evil), the ethical (law/chaos), and the elemental (fire/earth/air/water), with one "prime" plane of each extreme orbiting along its associated axis. When these primes get too close to one another, they resist like magnets and spark a "transitive" plane in the process, which is my cosmology's version of the material plane. So there are dozens of material planes. They are short-lived (in the planar timescale) and they differ greatly from one another depending on which prime planes sparked them. As the planes continue to move, they become influenced by different planes and eventually dissipate, their energy reabsorbed.

Anyway, here's the diagram. Thanks for reading!

So one spawned by an 'Evil' plane would be more like a grimdark world of evil lords ruling evily, and so on? What if on that world 'good guys' start to win? (Can they?) Does it move closer to the 'good' planes? Do the material planes move at all? And, of course, can the material planes spark transitive planes off of eachother?

A very interesting conciet regardless, and I like the diagram.

Thanks Enilas.

Yes, exactly, a plane sparked off of the evil prime will be inherently evil itself. Critically, a transitive plane is only created when two prime planes spark against one another, so transitives will always be composed of influences from at least two prime planes.

The transitive planes do move, apparently at random. As they move, they change to align more closely with the planes they become nearer to. Whether this movement is caused by the actions of creatures on that transitive plane, or those actions are taking place as a result of that movement, is something I'm leaving as a philosophical argument (a la free will vs. destiny) within the cosmology.

The material/transitive planes themselves do not spark further material/transitive planes, as they lack the potency to do so.

So what would a material plane with an elemental component be like, then, in this conception of reality?

I imagine it would depend on the element... My guess is that the weather and ecology of the plane would be shaped by that... A fire plane, for example, may be hotter than average, or volcanic... While a water plane would be cooler, or at lest more temperate. Earth would be rocky, tough, durable... Whilst air would likely be a plane with more subtle differences...

I really enjoy your diagram and the general concept you have here. Very nicely done.


And yes, the elementally influenced transitive planes exhibit characteristics related to their element. So a fire plane might have significant volcanic activity; a water plane might be composed primarily of seas; life on an air plane might exist on spire-like crags that rise high above a desolate surface; an earth-influenced plane might be riddled with caves, with a relative minority of life existing on the surface.

As these planes move away from the elemental prime planes that spawn them, these features would become less stark.

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