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1CopperOwl's Little Roost

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Zarlin "Tatters"

"I see right through you."

-Dar "Cuffar" Masked and Disguised.
Character InformationName: Dar "Cuffar" Twu'vied
Race: Menta Cyclopean
Template: Primoridal Giant (Pg 81, SoX)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Class: Cleric (Cloistered)
Alignment: Neutral Good
"I have always considered myself a rather curious type of person to be honest. I love history and in fact I have managed to visit some of the battlefields from the Crooked Rock War of 121 LX. Beyond that I enjoy working my trade as a herbalist and serve as a priest for our dear goddess Lurreen. I hate fish, the smell, taste, even the texture is just wrong in some way.

I like people .... mostly, but can you find a fault in that. Everyone is bound to run into someone they dislike I just happen to ignore them better then most. In particular you see there is this guard that ever day tries to get me to remove my mask just because of curiosity. As I have told this young lad for the last month; I don't mind that fact he wants to know, I mind that he can't understand that one can not always know."

- Dar "Cuffar" to some market watchmen.

-Dar "Cuffar" UnMasked and UnDisguised.
Statblock Dar "Cuffar" Twu'vied
M NG Menta Cyclopean Cleric , Level 1, Init -2, HP 6/6, Speed 30ft
AC 10, Touch 8, Flat-footed 10, Fort 2, Ref -2, Will 4, Base Attack Bonus +0
Reach Weapon Long Staff -3 (1d8-3, 20x2)
Leather Armor (+2 Armor, -2 Dex)
Abilities Str 9, Dex 7, Con 10, Int 19, Wis 15, Cha 15
Condition None

Spells Prepared:
0- Detect Magic, Create Water, Guidance
1- Bless, Obscuring Mist, Sanctuary (Domain)


History/RP Example

Je T'aime (A little music to accompany the writing)

"I have been called many things while wearing this mask. Healer, friend, neither really matter much to me since I already knew that those things already rested within your hearts."

Dar sighed as he looks at the assembled peasants bearing torches and pitchforks. "But to be called a monster is the cruelest thing I have been ever called, since in part it is true. Yet for me to discover that such hatred lied within you saddens more than you will ever know."

Removing his brightly painted wooden mask he revealed his singular eye. "Yet the fact that you would condemn me after saving so many of you from the fever is by far the most foolish thing I have ever seen with this one lone eye."

Gesturing to the crowd with both his arms outstretched to the heavens he yelled tears streaming from his eye. "Your God. NO! Our god has guided me ever day since I fell into that abbey thirteen years ago; covered in blood and gore when some hill giant used me as their own little hound. Forcing me to use my sight to hunt down the wandering caravans that struggled to survive in this horrid land."

"So there you stand prepared to strike me down after a decade of service. Healing your sick. Toiling along side you in the fields. my own legs crippled from running though the wild fires just last year to save your child Armeino."
He said pointing at a young man who also served as the towns Head Forester.

"I forgive the children for they can only learn from your poor example you have provided them today. I forgive my fellow brothers and sister resting on the hill for they have not the power to protect me from your wrath." Dar said as he took a staff bearing a bronze sigil of the Goddess Lureen.

"But you who stand befor me daring to threaten me be warned. I am no longer your friend, I cannot stand the fact you allow fear to overcome your reason. If I had only just arrived then I could understand .. but this." He placed his mask back over his head, sliding the straps around his ears.

"Is unforgivable. I leave not in fear but sorrow that I lost so many friendships this night. I cruse your bigotry and hope no other poor soul will be betrayed like I was. For I am ashamed to have once called you my family."

Throwing his hood over his head he strode threw the crowd, his mask hiding the tears still coming down his face as he, unafraid, left the village of Roswell. Standing on top of one of the many hills surrounding the place he once called home he tossed his staff high in the air, caught it, and turned south.

A slight smile gracing his rather wet face.

"It was time to find Dilane anyways."

Prologue ... ish

Hi, hoped you enjoyed the little bio. Here is the rest of the background for you the DM to use as he wishes. I have done this in a informative format since we are only level one and I thought this might be a useful tool for you to use for hooks or the like.

Alrighty frist off Dilane is a women from one of the many caravans that was captured by said hill giants. She and him talked for a couple days as the giants slowly ate their way though the captured traders. Dar has tried every time to at least save a couple of the poor souls he has caused this calamity to but this time it was himself to be saved. The young women was actually a thief on the run from a village a couple weeks south of Roswell and happen to have managed to hide her tools from the giants. Dar you see was chained head to foot in a mixture of large locks and chains that Dilane made rather short work of thanks to the simplicity of their design. And the fact she could stick her head in and see what she was doing.

That same night she freed him, a massive storm rage across the rocky moors giving him and the few survivors a chance to escape while the giants rested. The only obstacle was that one of the giants would rest in front of mouth of the cave the group resided in. Dar with what little strength he had left directed the group to run once he caused the giant to move. He told them that he would follow once they had all left. Yet Dilane knew this to be a lie since during their few discussions about their lives e had told her of the guilt he had felt causing the death to so many poor people.

So when Dar attacked the giant by stabbing a pair of burning logs into both of his eyes, Dilane attempted to blind the other in a similar fashion using a pair of small rusted dirks that had been left to rest in the refuse pile in the back of the cave. The frist one awoke screaming in pain and blunder into the roaring fire that Dar was tasked with keeping lit throughout the long winter night. The other startled awake was stabbed only in one of his eyes and swatted Dilane away rather contemptuously, knocking her about with the gentle blow. Since who wants to waste fresh food. The giant seeing his brother rolling in the fire simple laughed until he noticed that all but on of the slave were freed and their little hound was no longer chained but in fact beating his brother with a flaming (to a giants perspective) stick.

Dilane at this time is slowly recovering her breath when she sees Dar angerly trashing the blinded giant with a blazing log. Yelling out to him to run she rushed him while the partly blinded giant starts to get up, looking for the chains that had once bound Dar. Dragging him away with a spurt of strength and unbalancing the two of them, they rolled out into the blizzard while screaming could still be heard from inside. Pulling him along, Dar now in a rather dazed state never noticed when Dilane had stopped pulling him but instead was being dragged along with him. Being tangled up the rements of his rather ruined cloak that had once belonged to some mayor that had drifted to close to the giants territory. He picked her up and saw through the snow a dim light far off in this distance.

Well it was the above mentioned abbey who though surprised aided the two. Dilane work and after waiting for a week for Dar to wake left due to some message she had received just that day. She left a note for Dar to find her if he ever wanted to she her again since she believed that he would be anger with her for forcing him to abandon his death at the hands of the giants. Dar work a week there after but was two week to ever get up for another year. After that he slowly regained strength and was encourage by the priests to disguise himself since the knew the towns fold may not act with such charity(not the right word but I cant think of what I mean to use) as they had. So after several years he finally was healthy but now he felt too at home at this new place since it was the first place he had ever felt safe and wanted. Till the above happened.

-Goddess Lurreen

-Holy Symbol
“The Mistress of the Hearth”
Neutral Good

The Guardian of the home and teacher of the young, Lurreen is a protective deity that strives to protect those trying to survive out in the wild. Those who dare to live in the small community, braving the wilderness in the hopes of improving their lot in life place their partonage at her feet. She teaches that knowledge and community are the only things one needs to go forward in life and that those who are willing should always offer a hand to those who misfortune has fallen upon. Since one day its bound to fall on you.

Portfolio: Community, Aiding the Unfortunate, Protecting ones fellow.
Domains: Healing, Good, Knowledge, Protection.
Favored Weapon: Long Staff

Priest Training: There is no strict practice of how a priest is trained, usually its a one on one. With a priest training a novice while doing the day to day duties, aiding the community. Sometimes a conclave of her priest will gather in larger settlements and act as a hub for their fellows and creating a abbey from which they can perform their duties.

Quests: If a hamlet or other settlement is under threat Lurreen will send out her followers to aid them. Often a call is sent out by the priesthood for aid from the surrounding villages in order to combat whatever threat has arisen. Other times wandering priest will get visions of places they are needed and simply walk to where they are needed.

Prayers and Rites: Prayers are often short and call on the duty of the people to aid their fellows. There are several small rites for the passing of seasons and of marriage but beyond that its usually dictated by what the local costumes are.

Shrines: Anything from a hovel serving as a herbalists home to a small abbey on top a hill are what constitute for a temple to Lurreen. The one thing that is a constant though are two things. A collection of books that contain the history of the surrounding lands and other such things that would benift the community. Also though a large hearth in the center of the building which acts as the heart of the temple.

Zar'veck of the Sands

"It Took me decades to accept the changes my gift wrought on my body
Try a little harder when trying to give me something as minor as a scar from that little blade of yours."

Name: Zar'veck Karsiet
Race: Tiefling (+1 LA)
Template: Spellwarped (+3 LA)
Gender: Male
Class: Warlock 5 // Rogue 3 / Warblade 1 / Cleric 1
Traits: [/fieldset] [/table]
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