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Possible Commission Tuesdays

Possible Commission Tuesdays

So, I'm a character artist in need of money. However, I'm not sure what MW's policies on (what I guess would be, in this case) solicitation. Could someone give me a clear idea as to whether or not it is okay to host commissions here? Basically, what I'd be doing is character sketches. Below are two samples of my work. Specifically, these two are racial sketches I did for a friend of mine who is developing his own custom race guide. I'm doing one, as well, but that's neither here nor there. hahaha The top is a Swashbuckler from a water-elemental race, and the bottom one is a Wizard from an air-elemental race.

Thoughts? Comments? Good idea? Bad idea? Allowed? Not allowed?


(sorry for using direct links. I tried to resize the buggers with bbcode, but it was a huge no-go.)

This is a question for the mods, ultimately. Though IIRC a different user wanted to use MWeaver's to run games for a fee, i.e. paid DM'ing, and that wasn't allowed.

Righto~! Thanks for that info. I'll patiently await the judgement of the MW gods. Though, is there, perhaps, a way to address them directly? I assume there is a list of the mods somewhere on the site, but I presume they don't like being picked at directly.

Originally Posted by Site Rules
Commercial Use

Myth-Weavers is not for commercial use, do not use the web site for selling or promoting a product or service for commercial gain unless it answers a specific question, is relevant to an existing, active discussion, or has specific Myth-Weavers Staff approval.
The default answer is no, but I would suggest sending a PM to Rodrigo if you want consideration.

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