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Cleric Background

Cleric Background

So I'm pretty new to all this, last night I decided to throw together a background story for a Pathfinder Cleric of Sarenrae (Glory/Sun).

So I guess this is introducing Roderick Vandezon, please feel free to give thoughts and opinions. Like I said I am pretty new to this so if its bad just let me know

"More than a decade had passed since Roderick came to Absalom…

As a child he was torn from a humble life by the ferocity of the undead scourge. Hidden beneath the floorboards of the shack where he and his family once resided. Forced to listen as those abominations ripped the flesh and gnawed the bones of his kin, baptized in the blood that made its way through the cracks. It went on like this for hours…

Hope arrived, iron clad and swift as a shadow. Heavy footfalls bowed the boards above his head. Hymns echoed through the village accompanied by the rhythm of steel meeting bone. Crawling out of hiding he collapsed at the feet of the clerics and paladins that had saved him from his own personal hell. He was cleansed by the Inner Sea of the blood, dirt, and death that caked his skin and re-birthed into the warmth of the sun. He watched as his village was razed to the ground, and the ashes of his past blew in the wind.

Orphaned he was taken to the clergy of Sarenrae by his rescuers where he has faithfully served since. Now his time has come to spread the word of Sarenrae."

I think it serves as a workable base, but I think there's too big a gap between the razing of Roderick's village and the present day. What I would suggest is to fill in the blanks based on whatever game you apply to. Include things that would help reveal what kind of person Roderick has become: Bits of training that were meaningful to him, one or two people/NPCs who may have had a significant impact on him, or an example situation that shows how he deals with the world now that he's grown up.

Thanks for the reply's! I will definitely try to work something out to fill in the gaps in his story. Just wasn't sure how to approach it.

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