Character Creation

Character Creation

Investigative Build Points: 3
General Points: 60
Swapping Point Ratio: 1 Investigative Point to 3 General Points.

▲ All characters must have a completed character sheet.

Personal goals should be the reason they have arrived in Mist Falls, and what they think they are trying to do. Note that this is not the truth to your mystery rather the reason you and your character keep going.

Sources of stability, note that your character will not be leaving Mist Falls for the remainder of the game; so steer clear of any particular locations related to your character ie: resting at home, or visiting my mother. However, your source of stability can be a particular person.

▲ If you are afraid of making a social butterfly character; do not be. Your mystery is built around you, and I will take into account what you are good at and what you are not.

▲ The items your characters are playing are dependant upon your character and what they would realistically carry. Please do not take this as an open invitation to gear yourself with weapons. It honestly doesn't help as much as you might think.

▲ Characters should have real photos to describe their characters.

▲ Characters should have full personality sections and background sections that while complete have huge gaps in them almost in the form of unknown plot hooks. If your character is chosen, we will go more into def of this.

▲ Please include a psyche profile as well with your character, as well as how comfortable you are with certain things. This should include topics you absolutely want to stay from so that I will not include them in your mystery.

▲ Fill out all information on the application given, although you are permitted to use your own format for making characters as long as the listed information on the application is there.