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Then the world turned quietly upside down

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Then the world turned quietly upside down

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GURPS - Modern

The game is just beginning, threads will be started for each player as soon as their character is done. Powers will come rapidly, as soon as I see enough of the character in play to determine what the world would have in store for them. This game does not have a goal or plot to it, though there is a certain amount of a heavy hand of fate it exists not to force an outcome but to... well that would be telling.

Game Description:

The world is, or was, as you have known it. At least in terms of the day to day surface details. Science and Technology work as we have come to expect. Giant research labs investigate things like the possibility of cold fusion or cures for cancer, not creating super soldiers or bathing people in gamma radiation. Mystical traditions abound but most people assume they fall into categories between self delusion, con artists, and harmless therapy.

But something has changed. Something subtle, but with dramatic potential. Potential which will soon affect you personally.

Starting characters are 25 points, with up to 75 points in disads. Advancement will come rapidly, and as part of the plot, and not in ways you are likely to anticipate. Magery is possible as an advantage, but spells cannot be known at the beginning of the game, and you have no way of knowing what the mana level is- aside from the GM letting you know that for all of your lives up until now it has been at none, and if magery is useful to the powers you gain you are likely to get it with your powers.

Mysticism may hold some answers- if your character commits to a 5 point delusion that magic works and a 5 point unusual background (considered a package so it does not count against your disad limit) then I will go over what options exist there.

Characters do not need to start out together, or even in the same part of the world. Events will conspire to bring their lives to intersect, though in what way cannot be foreseen.

Originally Posted by silveroak View Post
This is correct. Keep in mind the following:
1) characters will grow rapidly in point value
2) 75 points in disads is a *limit*, not a requirement
3) The characters, given the arc, are not beginning as "highly competent"
4) points taken in disads can also be spent strengthening the character.

So if you take the full 75 points in disads you will as a result have 100 points to spend on attributes/advantages/skills for a net 25 positive.

anyone interested head over to the forum and post your character's name so we can get started creating it.
This actually makes sense even without the rapid point grouth because as humans we tend to become more skilled as we age, and more set in our ways. It's very parallel. The issue is some think that because there is an allowed limit that they have to use it to compete, such little understanding.

I am still seeking players, it won't necessarily be magic that you gain but it will be something supernatural...

I've never played a game using the GURPS system, but I'm interested in the premise. Is it okay for me to join? I've downloaded the GURPS Lite PDF you linked to learn a bit more, but I know it can be a hassle taking on novices so I understand if the answer is no.

I'm sure it will be ok, a lot of players like to help as well so you should be good. Just start making a character.

Possible to join in a game ??

Any age restrictions?

Am I understanding that you are looking for basically for common people getting mixed up in extraordinary situations ?

I usually dig games like this, but honestly, the 25 point characters are just a big turn off. It sounds like we just build the most basic of characters, then you determine how we advance, etc?

It sounds like making a zero level D&D character, then you'll level us up to level 10 and pick all of our classes, feats, etc., for us?

Hello, is this game still recruiting? If so, I'd love to join, please tell me what you need me to send you to do so. I'm GURPS proficient and big into roleplay.

The game forum looks dead, but if it just needs new blood, I’d be willing to give it a try. I love beginning characters who have no idea what they can really do until they discover themselves along the way. It’s my favorite thing to play, bar none.

@Whisper @hecklenjyde

Whatcha guys think?


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