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Exalted 3e: The Shattered Isles

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Exalted 3e: The Shattered Isles

The Third Age: Shattered Isles - Forum

The Shattered Isles

It is said this is the Age of Heroes. A hundred years have passed since Disappearance of the Scarlet Empress and the Great Anathema returned. Across Creation Anathema Kings of every stripe have risen one once more, claiming lands and cities across Creation. Some have proven benevolent and wise, others cruel and unyielding. Wild Gods run amok pursuing ends that few among mortals can even begin to understand, while darker things lurk and scheme in the shadows. Against them all, rising anew from the ashes of the Hundred Banners Wars, the Ten Thousand Dragons fight as one like never before and those who thought the Realm was done now quake with fear as the legions march toward them while the Wyld Hunt rides upon the wind to tear apart those that would usurp the Perfected Hierarchy.

This is not the Creation you know, for much has changed and as yet stands unwritten. Following the Disappearance the Realm all but dissolved as the Great Houses blighted the Blessed Isle with civil war. As Dynasts abandoned their posts and legions withdrew, called home to fight and die, their absence saw the chaos spread across Creation. Into this came opportunists of all stripes seeking to reshape the world in their image. Chief among them were the newly Exalted Solars, long suffering Lunars, dread Abyssals, all smelled opportunity and moved to take it for themselves. Yet for every villain there arises a hero, and so did many move to stop these usurpers. Not since days following the Great Contagion have so many great deeds been done in such a short span of time, or to such little purpose. When the history books are finally written they will speak of this time as the Hundred Banners War. A vast multifaceted conflict spanning Creation with countless sides claiming victory and defeat. Yet the scrolls of history may also err, for Creation is truly vast and the troubles of one city often have little bearing on those in the next.

This brings us to the West. While more settled and developed then you may have heard, it remains the least populous and farthest scattered of all the Directions. Spared much of the chaos from the Hundred Banners War it has even grown, with parties like the Guild seeking islands of peace in a sea of turbulent times. Yet like anywhere it cannot claim to have weathered the past century unchanged. In the absence of the Realm other powers rose to prominence and now they oppose the Realm's return. Today the West lies balanced between the Three Powers. The newest is the Celestial Alliance under its Anathema King, hailing from the former Skullstone Archipelago. The largest are the scattered clans of the Lunar Pirate Kings that reave and conquer as they will. While the mightiest but still most distant is the renewed Realm Navy, having captured the Caul and now eyeing the isles of the Great Line that were once theirs.

While caught in middle the mortals of Wavecrest, the Neck, and Coral maintain a tenuous independence. Every island a world onto itself with its own history and culture. Some seek shelter from the Three Powers by joining one, others turn to the Gods, while some pray for mighty heroes to rise up to protect them. Sometimes those prayers are even answered. Yet the future of the West remains written on water, uncertain to even the wisest of sages.

That's where you come in.

Game Description:

Welcome to Exalted: The Shattered Isles!

This will be a 3rd Edition game set in the West roughly a hundred years into "the future" of Creation, but which is mostly just there to create a blank slate. Both for you the players to paint in as you like, and also so that I the ST can paper over my relatively weak Creation Lore. This will be the first time I have ST'd Exalted and I have never actually played the previous editions so please be gentle, but I hope to make up for any oversight with sheer enthusiasm. Okay the pleasantries out of the way lets get down to nitty gritty.

Game Information

Players: Seeking 4-6 players to take on the role of relatively young Exalts. A perfect Circle is not required, though I will take skill sets into account it will be secondary to overall character mix and quality. I prefer roleplay to rollplay quite strongly and the more you give me to work with the more I can give you in return. Ideally this game will be driven as much by character drama as any plot driven action. Mostly standard creation (Found Here) with the potential for additional XP.
Theme: While the description above and most of what I have written so far deals with politics and history the overall direction of the game will depend strongly on you the players. Beyond initial events things can be quite sandboxy and while I have a broader plot in mind where we go will depend on your choices first and foremost.
Posting Rate: The goal will be for everyone to post once a day most days but several times a week is what I will expect. In combat posting will be once per day or you risk losing your turn.
Deadlines: I am shooting for a Game Start the week of Nov. 5th, possibly sooner if we get a good group of people with reasonably complete applications

I will be applying. I have nearly zero EX experience, but it's been really pulling at me, and I want to give it a go again if I can.

Since I would want it easy, I'd play a Dawn Solar. If I can, I'll have him have some underwater capabilities, and he'd be using a spear / trident. He won't be an Aquaman rip-off though, I promise.

Let's see if I can actually play this time! Last time I tried to get into Exalted the game fell apart about 3 posts in

Originally Posted by DustyOldCrow View Post
Did somebody say EXALTED 3E?

This is not the Exalted thread you are looking for.


Welp, this is what I get for becoming distracted from the games section of the forum for a bit.. Concepts incoming!

Alright so we have a good crew of applicants but if anyone else is still wanting to put an app in you have until this Friday Nov. 2 to do so and get something reasonably complete for me to consider.

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