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LEGO Ideas - Dungeon Master

Hehe. That's hilarious.

I was once sitting in a game and one of the guys with a laptop popped an earpiece in for a second. I looked at him with an odd stare -we were literally playing a social game...and he was alienating himself- and he stopped, spun his screen around, and said "Just need to get this started, then I'll be good."

He was watching 300. While we played. On mute (after he was 'done' with whatever it was he needed audio for).

While we D&D'd. Blew my mind.

As a dice tower-builder and typically the resident note-taker, I could see LEGOs being a huuuuuuge distraction at the table.

Originally Posted by Basil_Bottletop View Post
I could see LEGOs being a huuuuuuge distraction at the table.
Before you is a 50 ft chasm. Looking down, you do not see the bottom, shrouded in mist. You can still hear the horde of orcs behind you, trying to break down the single door that stands between you and death. How do you proceed?

I could uh...

I could... build a....

I could build a a...

I could build a spaceship!

Originally Posted by Basil_Bottletop View Post
As a dice tower-builder and typically the resident note-taker, I could see LEGOs being a huuuuuuge distraction at the table.
Not just huge... humongous. But fun... somehow. Gave up on GMing the session that evening.
But a little dice-story: There was once a time, a little GM needed a bigger table. So he went to the next DIY market and got the stuff for a nice, big gaming table. Took him a whole day to build and he was proud of it.
Then the cursed player came. He had one of these big, metal d20s. He was about to "roll" it - that kind of rolling where you let the dice fall a little bit.
And in a moment of panic, little GM acted like Gandalf to Bilbo:
GM: "Don't you dare to damage my table!!!"
Player: "But I need to..."
GM: "!"
That d20 was later called "Dice of Doom".

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
I could build a spaceship!
Or you use one of the old, green dragons and do it like Pokemon: "Lego Dragon! I choose you! Odem-attack!"

Alright, I ran this idea past a former (and soon-to-be current) GM who also happens to have a collection of built Star Wars/LotR LEGO sets on his bookshelf...

I've been unanonmously outvoted by the entire room. They all think this is a wonderful idea because most of the rooms used would be static or could be retrofitted quickly. I'm still leery, but gladly accept my LEGO overlords.

I think it's a good idea, but with the scale available, it would be better to use microfigs instead of minifigs. They take up only one stud each and can stand next to each other since they don't have arms. Yeah, minifigs are customizable and can carry accessories, but you want positioning in a dungeon map. Plus you could offer a whole bag of micros for the same cost of a handful of minis. Overall the idea is stellar.

Originally Posted by AtLastForgot View Post
On the plus side, you spend all night playing with Legos with your friends. That's a dang fine consolation prize.
This. I love my RPGs, but LEGO wins - no contest.

I played in a game years and years ago where the GM had the entire dungeon built of Legos and he'd pull off the cardboard cover when you entered a new room. Was rather fun as a one shot type of thing, but the way he did it was not sustainable for a campaign.

Is this phase of the project done? I wanted to support it, but found no support-button. Or do I need a Lego account?

It has now passed 10,000 supporters. That was fast. So yeah, no need to click support any more at this stage.


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