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What's that Videogame?

I never played them back in the day, got a decent computer just after the series died and got into Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder instead. Did get part way through Pool of Radiance earlier this year, might pick it up and finish at some point.

Somewhat lacking in motivation and ideas at the moment, I just thought of four different games, only to realize that I myself have posted every single one of them. Anyone can go.

Another hint, then. In spite of being ridiculously hard, it is also super weird looking. The story takes place in the digestive system of a world eating monster called Parasitis. You have to fight for your life against a hail of bullets and a constant barrage of half digested monstrosities so that you may exit out the... well, let's just say you are evacuated.

One hit kills you, and in some cases, the amount of bullets bouncing across the screen look like stars in the sky. Like a fool, I traded this game in a long time ago, and have regretted it since. I want another copy of it, but in spite of not retaining much collector value, it's very rare and hard to find.

No one ever believes me when I describe how hard this game is. If I had a copy of it, I could just sit them down in front of the game and watch them melt like the guy from Indiana Jones when they try to get past the first level.

Still no guesses? Ok... hm. What's a good hint...

It's an NES title... came to the US in 1990, and is subtitled: The Deadly Inner War

Originally Posted by Kreytari View Post
An easy one to bump things along!
Not all that easy after all, perhaps?


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