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Mythweavers wont let me view sheets

Mythweavers wont let me view sheets

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every time i go to view my sheets it just brings up the log in page even though im already logged in and when i press to log in again it just redirects me back to the log in page over and over. whenever i go to anywhere else on the site it shows me as logged in. this is infuriating and has been going on for 3 days now please someone help

How are you navigating there? Is it possible you're accidentally navigating to the old Sheets system? Or getting to a non-HTTPS version of the sheets page?

Try this hyperlink and see if you get the same behavior. Other boilerplate suggestions are to clear your cache.

Otherwise, here's another thread with the same issue (looks like Rodrigo had to fix it on his end).

Log out, clear cookies, log back in, try again.

Please don't let stuff go on for 3 days. The sooner it's reported, the sooner we can help fix it.

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